Free Climbing


Free climbing should easily be #1, most people won't climb a tree to the top let alone a vertical rock. Angles 90 degrees or more, no ropes... Thousands of feet up. How is horseback riding anything compared to this.. You see this should be judged off of the consequence of making a mistake. You make a mistake horseback riding or cheerleading then yes you can get hurt I'm not saying there is no danger, but you make a mistake free climbing and your paralyzed from the neck down, consider yourself lucky.

I agree free climbing is difficult, but with horseback riding you are not in total control. You can also get paralyzed if you have a bad enough fall. You have to remember that when riding horses, the horse has a mind of its own!

This is easily the safest sport because look at me I have never gotten any broken bones and I have been climbing for 7 years.

Many people have died from broken gear and belaying accidents. But that's falling 100 feet and no one can save you. You'll automatically die.

Horseback riding is more dangerous than rock climbing? No way. A ground fall above about 60 feet is fatal every time and 60 feet is nothing in the climbing world. Someone falls off el cap at 800 feet they are dead. You don't get that danger in horseback riding.

I have previous indoor and outdoor free solo climbing experience, without a rope, scaling walls up to 20 metres high, and I know, one tiny error, one tiny mistake and you go splat.

Imagine you are 800 feet in the air on a mountain with no belay and your grip is giving out you my friend are screwed

These idiots are trying to die! That's why they picked this sport! Lets face it, going down has to be better!

Really? Free climbing is at 26 and cheerleading is at 2!
If you fall cheer leading you might hurt yourself, fall from over 1000ft (see yosemite free climbing) and your body won't be recognisable.

This is rock climbing without a harness. what could possibly be more dangerous?

Free climbing is definitely par #1 with BASE jumping.

Get one move wrong then your dead that's reality

Only when I grow wing's, an 8' ladder gives me a rush. I can't even look at the pictures.

I think that this is a very very dangerous sport if you toch the wrong rock you could fall and DIE. Also if you do not have the right rope it could snap or rip

The sports on this list are child's play compared to free climbing. Free climbing requires strength, agility endurance and by the way, one slip and you are DEAD. gimme a break...Cheerleading? Now flying with a wing suit would be a close second. Hmmm...don't see that on the list either.

Climbing cliffs without any help or equipment...yea this sport is the most dangerous HANDS DOWN

Climbing is by far one of the most dangerous sports. It's just you, your belayer and the rock. Climbing is life or death, unlike cheerleading or horseback riding. Climbers are under appreciated, I would know, I am one! It takes mad skill and bravery to climb...and even with that you still aren't completley safe.