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Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick.


Lacrosse should be #1. How is cheerleading very dangerous I mean all you do is move your hands and do hand stands and crap. In lacrosse you have a rubber ball flying at you that is moving anywhere from 90mph-111mph. Also don't make a guy mad in lacrosse cause they have huge metal sticks that can hurt if you make people mad. Who would want a huge metal stick and huge guys smoking then shooting a ball at U.Sorry cheerleading but you deserve #100.

Okay listen, let's back it up and think about the concept of lacrosse. In lacrosse you have a whole bunch of huge crazy guys running around with 6ft metal sticks trying to hit you in the stomach. You have no shin padding ( which are very vulnerable), no neck padding. All the pads are as light as possible. Lacrosse also involves a large rubber ball being flung at 90 miles per hour at you. Another point: the reason lacrosse has less deaths and injuries is because it has less people playing. Cheerleading has a gazillion girls playing and it's all year round so you guys need to stop putting up all these hissy fits; I don't horseback riding but I definitely agree that's it's one of the most dangerous sports, probably more so than lacrosse. Another thing is that, surprisingly, nobodys recorded the amount of deaths strangely enough.

Bottom line: lacrosse is hazardous and very very dangerous - WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs

Lax is a tough and very active sport, to win you need to be able to take hits as well as throw them and typically on offense you'll see a 6ft defense man with a 6ft metal or wooden d-pole running by them sucks because if you don't get the shot off or pass off in time you'll get bundee'd either by the defense man or his stick. The padding you wear weighs 5 pounds maybe if you include the helmet. And on defense stepping in front of a shot that moves at 80mph and taking it to the head, chest, arm, or leg sucks! It can break a bone depending on where it lands. Soccer should quiet down, I know kids who have died of cardiac arrest in lax too. They are middies and they run back and forth from defense to offense throwing hits taking shots and playing their hearts out. Lax should be at least number 2 and it will eventually become #1 with the small amount of people playing compared to the millions of people playing soccer who only have to run back and forth kicking a ball and taking dives.

Cheerleading number 1?! Laugh out loud! Base jumping and caving should be number 1 and 2 no question. Lacrosse is probably where it should be at number 3. Our coach tore his rotator cuff playing college lax (which is pretty bad... It ruined his career permanently). 2 friends have broken their legs playing lacrosse in ground ball scuffles just this last season, and our goalie ended up coughing up blood after a taking hard hit. Personally, I haven't had it too bad, but I have taken a 90 mph solid rubber ball to the... Well balls. I was on the sidelines moaning and puking for a good hour. Also I've temporarily lost feeling in my arms after being checked, I've been knocked out, and taken some VERY uncomfortable checks to the stomach. In 2004 a player for Cornell was killed after being hit by a shot.

I'm a defender and on multiple occasions I have been knocked out, and you guys want to talk about playing on sprains or with broken bones, well we do that constantly. We get beat with weapons, and then with a couple hundred pounds of flesh, and get no credit for being tough. Look at the facts there are so many uncounted injuries, like when someone doesn't leave the field but rolled their ankle. The list should be horseback riding, bull riding, motocross, and a tie between lacrosse, box lacrosse, hockey, and rugby. Those are some of the toughest sports out there. Look to all of you cheerleaders, I get it you guys are tough but lacrosse has you getting hit just as hard as you guys when someone falls but we were running around for about an hour or two before all tired. I know you guys are tired too but go run in Florida heat in full padding for a couple hours while someone is beating you with a stick and your getting body checked, and you guys want to talk about muscle, well you clearly ...more

I am a lacrosse goalie, and let me just start off by saying it is terrifying. I am only at high school level lacrosse right now, but that doesn't make it any easier. Even that low there are still people taking shots that can average over 80mph. Don't bother trying to tell me that "hockey is just as dangerous" because although it is dangerous, lacrosse is much more so. Have you seen how many pads a hockey goalie wears? You can't even see a single inch of skin on the player. It's quite the opposite for lacrosse. As soon as you hit that high school level, goalies no longer need to even wear arm pads. It makes it easier to move, but now all you have is a helmet, chest protector and gloves(with a mouthpiece and cup"). That's only high school, as of now, The fastest recorded shot is over 115mph. That's insane. So don't ever try to argue that hockey, or football, or especially soccer is more dangerous. I agree that bull riding and horseback riding is dangerous, but those aren't really ...more

I've played football, lacrosse, hockey (only for 2 seasons), rugby in college, and am now a WEC sparring partner/ TKD competitor. I'll start by saying this, any sport that promotes risk of spinal/neck, head, or chest injuries has the potential to be "lethal". Though this is very uncommon. In the 7 years I played lacrosse, I have seen two injures that required life flight due to broken sternums, one broken neck, and one PUNCTURED lung. Very frightening. Aside from that, I caught wind of a player from our rival military school die a few days after taking a shot to the chest. The young man complained of being short of breath after practice and collapsed at home, passing away from some sort of cardiac trauma and swelling of the chest cavity from what I would assume to be a 75-85mph shot. I have received numerous broken ribs, fingers, severe trauma to my bladder, and once chipped my pelvis in lacrosse (typically mid fielder injuries laugh out loud). Hockey, no injury. Football, ...more

I play lacrosse and I've never felt truly safe. I play defense and backup goalie, so I know the numerous dangers of lacrosse. Id like to point out that for cheerleading the one girl or guy used the wrong threw she actually used "through". Also no one is going to die in cheerleading its just a bunch of cheerleaders glorifying their activity(notice how the title is " most dangerous sports") and horseback riding is also an activity,
granted people die in horseback riding its still not a sport. Show me one account of someone dieing in cheerleader. And also "gymnastics" a lot of girls are on this site voting because lacrosse is the only thing that makes sense until bullriding. I don't think anything girls do could be considered dangerous( aside from using the hair drier in the bathtub out of sheer stupidity).

Lacrosse is extremely dangerous. My teams goalie got hit in the head 4 times in one game by a head on shot. After a game, I went to a restaurant and got sympathetic looks by the waitresses because of the number of bruises already forming. Plus, we play hard. If you're not ready for it, a metal stick can crush you and pin you to the ground. In one tournament, I got struck blocking a shot (I'm a defender) in the head. I stayed on cause my team needed me. Also, the championship of that tournament, 3 of our players had to come off the field: one with a ball to the skull, one with a broken wrist and fingers, and me with a sprained ankle. Flips and tucks are cool, but we are athletes. We risk our lives every game and practice. So tighten your bows and go cartwheel or something. I am a woman. You are girls.

It is not an easy sport though' because it takes a lot of time to be satisfied with the performance of a player. If you look at the perspective of lacrosse, I have to say its totally dangerous. I am lacrosse player also, therefore I do know what is the consequences of this sport. Either you injured or learned a lot from it. I, myself suffered from injury as well, it took a weeks before I went back to the game. Moreover, its like putting your life into risks, facing all of your fears. Nevertheless, it is helpful to me. However, even if its dangerous I personally would say it's a Great Sport! No doubt! :) I loved it!

I love this sport. It is amazing but it is really really dangerous. I broke my arm, leg, and a couple other bones. For I say this sport is a bone-breaking sport. You get hit with a fast ball. I play defense. Wanna try? then you better be pretty strong to play this. And if you're not, DO NOT SIGN UP! YOU WILL BE HURT! This is my opinion. I'm sorry if you don't think this is dangerous because you don't know what you're talking about. Watch it on youtube and see for yourself!

Lacrosse should be #1 because the goalies are putting there lives on the line because they have hard rubber balls being flung at them at them at 100 mph midfielders are running full speed with defenders doing whatever they can to keep them away from the goal by whacking them with 6ft metal rods in the gut with no gut protection my friend almost got killed by a cheap shot in the gut

The only reason I keep playing Is because I'm the one who does the hitting

Lacrosse all the way man I get at least 5 bruises a game and very tiring because I run double middie lines. You have people with metal stick slashing at your head ankles hands shins EVERYWHERE! If you don't get enough water you could pass out get dehydrated and literally throw up all your insides for getting hit in the stomach with the ball. Lacrosse should and definitely be the number 1 most dangerous sport! And should be the number 1 sport instead of the grass fairy sport

I play lax it hurts like hell but so fun. After tournaments my arms are bleeding and my legs are cut up from getting slashed up, also my neck is bruised up, and my whole body is just wrecked. Play lax!

Lacrosse is one of the most fast-paced yet brutal sports to exist. While it can be dangerous it's the most fun I've had playing a sport. I started last year and got a concussion a few games into the season. It was a pretty serious hit and if I get another one like it doctors say I can't play anymore. But that didn't deter me because if you've ever played lacrosse you know how much fun it is. The grin it puts on your face to rip a goal and the energy you feel is amazing

Lacrosse is dangerous in different ways than other sports. Stick checking, body checking and shot impact is the most common contact in lacrosse. I believe that lacrosse is a very dangerous sport because like hockey, boxing, football and rugby contact is intentional! With cheerleading and gymnastics I understand that they get broken bones by falling but hitting is a required defense in order to play the game and lacrosse is very fast paced.

Lacrosse is recently more dangerous than football at least because you can be in the game and have your arm cut open (like a big one, but not huge) and all they do is take you off for a few and stitch you up on the side lines, I know a couple of people that play lacrosse and football and say that lacrosse is tons more dangerous than football. Plus I have talked to many FOOTBALL players that say the would rather play football because they don't feel like getting hit hundreds of times by a metal stick while running down a field for a long period of Time. And I have played lacrosse of 5years now and have played football for 7years and I barely think of getting hurt n football compared to lacroose I play attack and middy in lacrosse and get hurt tons by the damm retards that think its OK to swing as hard as they can and break a METAL lacrosse stick on me

I have played tons of sports for an extensive period of time and lacrosse is by far the most intense sport I have played. In soccer you run and everything and you sure do need endurance and speed, but you also do in lacrosse. In football, there isn't nearly as much running but there is tons of hits which there is also in lacrosse. Lacrosse in my opinion is the most skill required sport in the book. It's like adding a new limb to your body combined with running, hitting, and the plain knowlege of the game and how offense/defense works.

More and more kids are playing lacrosse. These kids are coming from sports like football and don't even respect the fundamentals. I just finished 8th grade, and our team had a terrible season. Even though we're very skilled. Our goalie broke his collarbone in game 1 and our top defender broke his arm the following Wednesday. I suffered a minor concussion towards the end of the season as well. Lacrosse is a violent sport, which is why the refs make way too conservative calls now.

Just like one of the guys said on here, huge guys, getting hit by 6ft sticks in the stomach, chest, head, legs, and neck is pretty bad. But the worst part is a 90 mph ball going straight at you. My friend just shattered his left jaw blocking a shot, no offense cheerleaders, but quit complaining, there's really no reason to complain about breaking a finger nail every time you do a hand stand.

Honestly although hitting in lacrosse is different in football, it is in its own way deadly. Lacrosse is relvatiy a small sport, and it is not big like football or cheerleading. That is why I think people forget, that the number of people getting hurt in lacrosse should be higher, because there are fewer players as a whole than in football or even cheerleading. In the end, when was the last time a football college player died on the field, in 2008 a Cornell defenseman died on the field. Lacrosse is pretty gritty, that is why I have tons of respect because it not only takes brawn but brains to play.

I'm a goalie and there is nothing worse than having to stand up to a solid ball flying at you at 80+ MPH. Lacrosse doesn't get a lot of injuries but when you do get them they're bad and it is definitely dangerous with all the checking and body checks and cheap shots people take.

I've been playing lacrosse for a couple years now, each year we have had to call 5 times each year. All for broken necks or somebody got knocked out. MOST of the guys on my team (including me) have all broken some time of a bone and played through it. Our very game was made by the natives and they used it for war, usually not to kill their rival, but occasionally the game became lethal.

Lax is really fun, but getting hit with a shot going seventy miles per hour or getting slammed with 6 foot sticks is very painful

Lacrosse is so dangerous. I remember watching some videos on youtube and they were so deadly. Also one of my teachers at school does it and broke someones collar bone by accident. He said it is one of the most dangerous sports you can do and if you want a sport where you can get hurt and you want to hurt other people then lacrosse is definitely for you.