Pretty sure that statistically this is the most deadly sport. Note that markers for Everest climbers include bodies of previous failed climbers. Close might be other competitions against nature/physics like base jumping or cave diving.

In any case there's no way any sort of game (football, rugby) or fighting sport with rules/referee (boxing, MMA) will be as dangerous. And whoever is voting up cheerleading and gymnastics is just being silly.

Climb a snowy and very high mountain and you will see, I'm just saying the truth here, falling is 100 percent guaranteed that you will not survive frostbites and avalanches - ronluna

Horse riding is dangerous when the horse is crazy, runs, flips you over, cheerleading is dangerous when you are thrown up to 10ft and carry lots of people on your shoulders, but this one needs lots of oxygen and you got tired avalanches and frostbites awaits you. - ronluna

Football and normal sports more dangerous than mountaineering. This is a joke right. Every time you go climbing a high altitude mountain you have to accept the fact you may REALLY die. I don't think I have to worry about that when I am a pro soccer player. Or riding a horse.

Whether "high altitude" mountaineering should be separate from regular mountaineering is debatable... What's not debatable is just how dangerous an attempt on the world's largest mountains can be, even Everest (one of the tamer 8000m peaks) kills over 4% of attemptee's (something that can't be said for ANY of the sports listed above), while more dangerous peaks kill around 6x that.

Indeed the most dangerous sport of all time. Avalanches, Frostbites, Altitude sickness that makes you dizzy, when you fall down, you're dead with no chance of survival, and if you climb up to the summit and go down to the foot alive you're lucky that u've survived the most dangerous sport of all time, and you'll have a second thought to do that again. - ronluna

Get this to the top now, by far the most dangerous sport out there, the % of people who die whilst climbing is huge compared to the odd footballer every year.

Can you climb a huge mountain like mt. Everest easily? It takes long days and nights, survival kits and gadgets to do that risky sport. - ronluna

Every year people die from mountaineering. Last time I checked is that cheerleading isn't that dangerous.

One thing that I have learned about mountain climbing is that there are many ways to die doing it.

Mountaineering is one of the most risky sports I have ever tried

Lots of people have died through mountaineering.

Many people actually die from this.

You CLIMB MOUNTAINS. Imagine climbing Mt. Everest. Football is nothing compared to CLIMBING MOUNTAINS! - Pony

OK why are base jumping and mountaniring here and gymnastics and cheerleading at the top?

I have to agree that Bull Riding, Horseback Riding, and Gymnastics are all very dangerous, but this is the only sport where, if you fail, you are GUARANTEED to die. I mean, I could probably get off a gymnastics mat with a broken bone or two, but a fall off a mountain? Nuh-uh. I don't think so.
Just saying, I might not have a very good perspective. I do swimming, and the worst thing that can happen there is that you hit your head agains a wall, whack your hand against a lane line, getting kicked in the ace, or get a cut. I've been doing swimming since I was four and I have never boroken a bone. So, just saying. If you wanta safe but difficult sport, swimming all the way

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