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21 Figure Skating

This is a dangerous sport, way more than most of the sports higher on the list. I'm a figure skater, and I work as an ice rink guard so I see LOTS of falls and injuries, people knocking each other down (unintentionally usually), people getting skate blades jabbed into them because they fall unexpectedly in front of other skaters, banged heads are highly common. Recently an instructor ended up having to have surgery for head trauma because some kid plowed into her causing her to hit her head. This is the only sport I know of in which a person can break bones from just standing still! I suffered simultaneous spiral fractures in my tibia and fibula requiring surgeries and a metal plate to hold my tibia together, and have permanent damage, when all I was doing was standing still talking to someone... My foot turned on the slippery ice and I fell on top of my leg. One time I leaned a little going into a spin and banged my cheek bone so hard that everyone in the rink heard it and thought I ...more

This should be far above hockey and football, I mean you have to be crazy to think that this sport isn't dangerous. The jumps, when performed correctly, look effortless and easy, but when you land them wrong or have an off day like in all sports it can be devastating. My friend broke her ankle and almost had to stop skating, because when she landed a double axel, her foot twisted to nearly a 90 degree angle which caused her to then sit down it. You are rotating so fast that if you make one mistake in the air or on a landing of jump, who could really cause some damage. When you go into spins sometimes your muscles give out because they are so tight from everything else that just the action of bringing you leg around from the side to the front pulls them. And the times that I have been cut with the blade by performing and practicing catch-foot spirals and spins are countless. I have also had cuts on my knee, shin and upper leg from the blade when I fall, or land weirdly. I have even cut ...more


I've been a figure skater since I was four and a cheerleader since I was six years old. I will compare and contrast them now.

Cheerleading we lift girls high in the air on a mat with NO PADDING. In figure skating pairs girls get lifted up by ONE single man on HARD ICE with NO PADDING.

In cheerleading flyers have to stand on a person's hand while twisting into hyper mobile body pretzel positions! In figure skating EVERYONE, not just the ting skinny girls, have to pull crazy hyper pretzel positions WHILE GLIDING FAST across ice. Mind you, if a cheerleader falls someone will (hopefully) catch them onto a soft may. In skating, nobody will catch you, you will almost certainly break a bone.

In cheerleading, you have to jump super high doing crazy flexibility motions while in sync with everyone else on the mat... With shoes. In figure skating, well, you don't have to be in sync MOST of the time, but you have to jump with NO springy floors to ...more

My girlfriend wants to become a professional figure skater, and not a day goes by that I'm not worried.

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22 Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is quite dangerous if you know how to land but at the same time its quite fun;I've been cliff diving before and it was amazing. People should just be aware of their surroundings... Rocks, shallow waters you get the point

Diving in General is dangerous if you do it wrong you can get seriously hurt!

Jumping from a high cliff can give you a thrill... Or a heart attack.

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23 Skateboarding Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

Okay, skateboarding while it is a dangerous sport and people can be hurt from it. Most people who aren't skateboarders or interested in it are completely ignorant about it. Professions do what they think they can do. Yes look Nitro Circus they jumped off the Grand Canyon and "had enough time to use his parachute". Even if you DO fall off the stairs because you don't know what you are doing you won't die like some people have commented. A cut or two? Or maybe even a slight chance of a sprained list sure but dying? That is one of the stupidest things I've ever read, this isn't all that dangerous, the worst is breaking a bone, Football and a ton of other sports are a lot more dangerous than this.

Most dangerous in my opinion. Your on a peice of wood with sandpaper and wheels. Doing tricks off ledges sometimes higher then 15 feet. In dangerous places. Such as a 20 stair that leads to a street. And that's thought of a kinda dangerous situation in skating..

...No way. Skateboarding is ranked 23? Skateboarding is definitely more dangerous than cheerleading and soccer and many more in the top 15 list. There's no one to catch you when you slipped and fall off a 20 stair. Yea cheerleading and soccer and many other sports are dangerous, but skateboarding is no joke. You're riding on a wood with wheels. It's way way way harder than you think. Even a beginner can get fatal injuries by learning a grind or slide on ledge. I think parkour and skateboarding is alike, and they should be on the top 15 list.

How is cheer leading and gymnastics higher than this?

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24 Snowboarding

I snowboard, within the first month of ever riding I broke my wrist and my tailbone. How is this not a very dangerous sport? It should be in the top ten for sure. On my schools snowboarding team, out of 30 boarders, 15 had concussions in just a three month time period. 10 were hospitalized for serious injuries and 17 were injured but never went to the hospital. I had two friends who died from snowboarding. They were both only 16. How isn't this an extremely dangerous sport?

This should be ahead of cheerleading. Seriously. This should at least vein the top three. This is my opinion for the top 5: Dance, 4: figure skating, 3: skiing, 2: gymnastics, 1: snowboarding. Seriously, why is cheerleading ahead of snowboarding and gymnastics? In snowboarding, you catch a lot of air. And you are taking risks, and if one thing goes wrong, you could end up in a hospital. And if you are injured very badly, you could end up dying. I feel bad who lost friends and loved ones in snowboarding. Snowboarding should be WAY higher!

Played football and basketball, football is definitely more dangerous that cheerleading come on now. However while snowboarding I have had 10 times more injuries than when playing football.

Mark Mcmorris, Shaun White, need I say many pros who almost died or did. Big air, half pipe, doesn't matter. You screw up you're getting hurt and bad. Brain damage. Death. It's extremely dangerous.

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25 Horse Racing

Guys, horse racing is within horseback riding. So you are still at the top either way. If you ride horses, then you do the most dangerous sport in the world. Same difference. - diehardbarrelbabe

At any moment while the horse is running the horse can trip and fall not just on you but it could cause out her horses to fall also

I would like to say it's not the same as horse riding. You are racing not jumping. This should be higher because you are working the horses WAY TOO HARD! They are running to fast and their leg could give out and the 1,200 pound horse could land on your head paralyzingly you, giving you a cuncusion or even killing you!

All this horse stuff shul all beat the top all the people that barely know what a horse is your just crazy

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26 Free Diving

My dad is a free diver and he loves the sport. It takes a lot of training and patience my dad has taken courses in Florida and trains at least 4 times a week. The farthest he drove down was 190 feet a lot of people aren't aware of this sport. Not so long ago one of my dad's friends had a blackout when he was diving and died it is extremely important that you never go free diving alone always had a buddy with you

There are only about 5, 000 free divers around the world. It's a unique sport. An estimated 100 people die from free diving every year. This is compared to an estimated 20 deaths per year from horses, which is a far more popular sport.

With free diving, you are working against yourself.

Many dangerous element including limited air, extreme underwater depths, currents, poisonous snakes, sharks, getting stuck, blackouts, disorientation, if spear fishing then we encounter excited sharks, barracuda, other predators and entanglement. Did I mention all on one breath?

2% of all freedivers die, each year. Not great, and to make matters worse, the majority are in America and are male.

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27 Dance

Dancing. Is a sport and can be very very dangerous if you do ACRO then you know what I mean acro dancers are more flexible then cheerleaders because do you see chearleaders DO chest stands on have their feet far over your head on the floor or a back bend but holding or to their ankles in a back role no also if you do POINTE you're standing on your tippy toes with out help and turning and all kinds of stuff even though it some times hurts really bad! And sometimes even wake up with blisters on your toes well it really hurts and it takes a lot of work! And you can break any thing also DANCERS st competitions do BACK TUCKS on HARD WOOD FLOOR even aerials on HARD WOOD FLOOR yeah and for all you cheerleaders it hurts a lot more falling on hard wood floor than mats...

I'm a cheerleading and I bet you I am more flexible than most dancers I can do a bridge and hold my ankles but when I do that I can put my head right through my legs it is hard to explain but flexibility has nothing to do with if you are in dance or cheer it is if you were born flexible or not

Dance is an extreme sport! My friend broke her leg during dance class and was forced to keep dancing. And for all you who say dance isn't a sport and that it is easy, you are so wrong! I'd like to see you try:
Back handsprings
Leg extensions
Back flips
10 fouttes in a row
Switch leaps

Dance is so dangerous. If you don't know how to use your body right or don't land a jump right, that can simply land you in the hospital. The second you do a hitch-kick and you land it wrong you can tear your ACL. If you don't bend your knees when you come out of a jump your ankles are history. If you don't warmup your back and try and do anything you can pinch a nerve or rupture a disc. People think dance is nothing, but one wrong move and you're out for 6 weeks. If you want to say that dance is nothing but prancing around the stage go ahead, AFTER YOU TAKE A BALLET CLASS. Try living any dancer's life injury wise and you'll be happy you're playing soccer or football.

I'm a dancer and I've broke my leg before it should be in the top ten

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28 Luge

Wow, Luge is after walking? This is one of the most dangerous sports ever! If you flip over have fun scraping your face off, and god knows what else. You go incredibly fast and you have little hand holds to grab onto, if you slip there goes your fingers! If you do flip and go sailing through the air, no one knows if you'll land without busting your head wide open or worse death! How is walking more dangerous?!?!

People die like in 2010 Olympics

So many people die in luge

I do luge its not that dangerous the Death in whistler was plain stupidity by the sled driver he entered thunderbird (the 16th corner in whistler) I have crashed 10 times and worst thing I got was a concussion I train on both Germany and canadian tracks. BUT ITS ONLY DANGEROUS IF YOU ARE BEING STUPID AND NOT KNOWING WHAT YOUR DOING! But soccer on the list is stupid.

29 Taekwondo

I am a taekwondo junior black belt. I have hurt my leg quite a lot of times and had gone to see the doctor thrice. I have never regretted joining taekwondo because I like it even if it is a dangerous sport. You can easily sprain or twist your leg. Sometimes you can get hit at your head and thigh. I have injured by mouth. Sprained my hand once. It still continues to hurt at times even though I hurt it 5 months ago.

I did Tae Kwon Do for 8 years and I'm a blackbelt. I've seen so many injuries. My friend broke her arm when she landed wrong on a flying side kick, but she had to keep going. My mom owned the Tae Kwon Do place and she twisted her knee. She had to get surgery on it and to this day it hurts her. I've sprained my ankle, I almost got a concussion and much more. I'm also a cheerleader, and I think it's VERY dangerous. I think Cheer and Tae Kwon Do should be ranked pretty high

Taekwondo is dangerous. Especially if you are a demonstration performing because these days, they include acrobatics and jumps from 8 to 10 feet high. You can easily break a leg. I personally had several sprains from Taekwondo while practicing for nationals.

I'm only a blue belt and I've been hurt many times. A lot of btuises and 1 concusion. Paddingbdoesnt help a whole. I've seen way worse injuries for junior boy blackbelts also. One broke there nose another dislocated there shoulder.

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30 Speed Skiing

I've been a ski racer for more than 10 years - and I'm only 17! Over the years I've seen far to many devastating injuries as a result of high-speed skiing. Think about it: you're throwing yourself down icy slopes as fast as gravity will allow, and then putting tall plastic poles and a blizzard in the way.

160 mph and no metal to protect you like in a car!

Trees, bears... All at 150 mph. Skiing is already enough for hurting yourself! I knew someone who got injured very badly during speed skiing, and had to go to the hospital.

No. 1, it's extremely dangerous

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31 Cycling

I believe the stats indicate more people die in cycling related contests than any other sport in the world. However, if you compare the ratio of participants, something like bull fighting can be ranked higher, as there are far fewer events and bull fighters than cyclists. When will safety become important enough in pro cycling to made strides in improving this statistic? Auto racers in F1 can smash into a wall head-on at 150mph and walk away, yet a cyclist can go down at 33mph and die. 'enough said. It's time to make helmets capable of preventing a concussion the norm, as well as protective gear similar to that used in motocross. Sure, times will decrease, but everybody will be equal (and safer).

Cycling is great and really dangerous. Imagine riding near the front of a 180 man pack and suddenly the guy ahead of you falls or the guy next to you swerves into you you can die of falling alone forget 100 people smashing into the back of you

I think this is a very dangerous sport. some of the best racers are going 30-40mph. if they accidentally hit the back tire of another racer then they're going to go flying, hit the pavement, and get run over by all the people behind them causing an even bigger crash where everyone else get hurt. Sometimes people on the sidelines will grab players causing them to crash. Go on to YouTube and search tour de France crashes. You will a lot of people getting injured just because of the one or two people who started a crash.

I ride bmx - SoloPotato

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32 Water Polo

you haven't played such a demanding sport
until you have played water polo.
you sit and tread water for four eight minute quarters.
I'd like to see you guys try
to get half your body out of the water,
by just using you legs.
and... So much goes on under the water.
hitting, pinching, grabbing, kicking, twisting of the wrists and suit.
I mean it really sucks.
people don't think its that bad.
because I bet half of you don't even know what it is.
like if all you football players complain about how hard you work,
I wanna see you last one water polo game let alone a practice.

I am a lifeguard at a large pool that often hosts water polo games. Yes, I guard for water polo (and I also play). Never in any other sport have I had to see so many spinal injuries. The real problem with injuries such as these in polo as opposed to another sport is that A. ) If someone has a spinal injury they SINK FAST. They won't just die from a broken back, they will die from drowning, and if the person you're trying to rescue is large and heavy, (as a lot of polo players are), getting them off the bottom of a 9 foot pool is not fun.B. ) The material underneath them is NOT SOLID. In the time it takes us to get in the pool and get the victim into in-line stabilization, the injury could have worsened considerably if the water is choppy.C. ) Have any of you on this site EVER had to perform deep water back boarding? The few of you who have understand how difficult this can be and what a pain it is.

Aside from this, water polo involves shoulder dislocations, torn rotater cuffs, ...more - kwillmoney

Water polo is harder than football.
it involves constant swimming and treading
you have to propel half your body out of the water
and you get pummeled underneath the water, since the ref can't see and all low blows are legal

What is this 33

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33 Racing

Look, Auto racing isn't like a lot of other sports on the list. First of all, there's really no minor injuries. You might get a burn, or bash some knuckles turning a wrench, but once you're actually in the driver's seat, you're relatively safe.

Unless you happen to have an accident, in which case not only you, but the other racers, and even the people who just came here to watch have a good chance of dying. In the US alone, at least 20

How many people here have been in an automobile accident? I have. Front on small overlap collision with a car 600lbs heavier, no airbag, and a combined closing speed of 70mph. I walked away rather unscathed with just messed up back and neck muscles. That's just sedately driving around on the streets.

Now imagine Racing.

What most people can't understand about racing is that while it is a sport, the physical aspect is equally as important as mental. You need superb visual acuity, spatial awareness, mental endurance, body ...more

I know lots of people consider motorsports not a real sport, because you are just turning a wheel or ride a bike. The physical aspect is more hidden than in other sports but it's definitely there. These guys have to be super fit in order to endure a race. For example a Formula 1 race takes up to two hours, two hours where you have to perform at the absolute limit. I mean they have to hold their bodies up to 6g. Normal people wouldn't last two laps around a circuit. And the mental part? Would you head straight for a wall with over 300 kph? Most people are afraid to go over 200. But that's car racing, motorbike racing is at least in my opinion even more dangerous. They have a little bit of protection against the tarmac but have you ever seen a high side? They are flying through the air with over 100 kph and land on solid ground. The sole reason the injury rates aren't that high are the limited spots in a race. In the average season about 24 riders take part, and at least 2 or so will ...more

Of course it's a sport; it's in the sports pages, not real estate pages. The brainless "not a sport" claim is actually to purport that it's not an athletic endeavor. And it is a brainless claim, to say that maintaining forceful yet precise and lightning-fast control of the car for over an hour when g-forces are peeling the muscles off your bones at all times and the engine is roasting you, doesn't take superb fitness. Anyway, the American College of Sports Medicine studied this argument and put it to bed, saying that top race drivers are in fact "elite athletes."

Racing should be 5th

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34 Skiing

Many people do not see the physical aspect of skiing. This isn't some sport any person can do. You can pick up a football and learn how to throw it. You can learn how to kick a ball. Your playing against some other person head on with the whole truth if you are better or not. Skiing takes years of practice, hundreds of grueling hours of the same thing over and over again to become the best at sport you used to love, but has now become a full time Job. You can say that some people just have talent or have always been able to do something, but in truth-- They've worked harder than everyone around them. You don't see Cheerleading up there in the Olympics, or the X games. Skiing is like gymnastics. Its a sport that you need start young, and never stop. The sport has so many different disciplines that your can't narrow down the things some of them do. Alpine racers do five events that test there skills of technique and guts. Slalom skiing is super technical where the slightest mistake can ...more

Okay, don't try to tell me "oh I ski, or I snowboard" no, you've done it before. Your not a true skier/ snowboarding and you will NOT understand the dangers of it if your doing it solely on a social level. Its a lifestyle, and a dangerous one. How many other sports have first aid emergency stations at their field, court, or wherever you compete. I understand that cheerleading is hard, but guess what... The hard part about it is the flips. The GYMNASTICS part of it. So I'm really sick of hearing it from cheerleaders. Guess what, we do flips... Of jumps. With our feet stuck in boots and bindings attached to our board or skis. Which we have to land in piles of snow and sometimes ice. More injuries are acquired from these sports than any other. All you have is you, and no one to help you. You buy a board or skis, right on the box or anything for the bindings or whatever. "skiing/ snowboarding is a dangerous sport that can result in serious injury and even death" were ...more

Skiing, it is the best sport in the universe. Trust me, I would know. I've been skiing since I was 1 years old and race and do freestyle competions competetively since I was 6, ( like you see in the Olympics. ) over the years nothing has brought me closer to the outdoors, other people, and other things. I met my best friend skiing and I've been meeting so many other amazing people. Also, skiing is the only sport that you can do in over 20 ways! To prove it here are some examples (slalom, giant slalom, downhill, super g, cross country, moguls, half pipe, slopestyle, backcountry, aerials, big air, ski cross, water skiing, carpet skiing, parachute skiing, super combined, powder skiing, urban skiing, free skiing, and grass skiing. ) and those are just some to get you started. Even if your not a competitive skier like I am, it is also super fun to go on a nice trip with your family, even if it is for a weekend. And you don't have to be good at it to like it. Skiing has changed me, and I ...more

Definitely in the top 5.

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35 Aussie Rules Football

The national sport of Aus has to be one of the hardest, roughest sports around- you have 36 muscle bound men tackling you from every angle, driving you into the ground, at break neck speeds (a guy became a quadriplegic about a month agi). They constantly throw themselves in front of a swinging foot, put their head over the ball knowing that at any second they could get knocked out, ride on top of a pack of people over 2 metres in the air only to have gravity pull them back down with a thud and a concussion. They do all this and more with absolutely no padding, outdoors, no matter the weather conditions. These are men who are not willing to lose their integrity by diving for a free. I appreciate that many of the above sports are dangerous- but soccer?! It is only there because of its popularity- it requires skill, no doubt, but it isn't nearly as dangerous as half the sports below it!
Try a game of AFL- and you will understand the dangers and risks been taken!

No Protective gear at all just big guys tackling each other - louiethefly

This game requires you to be able to take knocks or you will end up on the sideline for half the season. I have played soccer, rugby, cricket and hockey and AFL is by far the most dangerous sport I have experienced. The reason being is that you can be tackled from any direction with no padding on. Last time I played I had about 8 bruises turn up all over my body. Needless to say I only play soccer these days which is still dangerous but not even close to AFL.

Who thinks soccer is more dangerous than this game.

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36 Jousting

I've been doing historical sword fighting and jousting for about 4 years now, the tendons in my elbows no longer sit in the joints right, I've broken all but one of my fingers, and there is a saying, its not a matter of if you take a big injury, its when, where and if it will be the one to end your fight career.

Now, everybody jousts, right? And for those cheerleaders who have to catch someone after throwing them up in the air, a jouster would just throw himself right under her and let her smash him to the ground--just another day at the office!

I think because you may get sliced or injured falling off the horse

37 FreeStyle BMX

Ok I can understand skateboarding and motocross being more dangerous but fishing? You gotta be kidding me.. BMX requires a lot of skill and is very risk taking. I've landed head first PLENTY of times off the quarter and ended up with a concussion. The worst EVER was when I ended up in a 3 week coma. Go on YouTube and look at what professionals do and you tell me that's not as dangerous as fishing - Sportkid123

I ride Bmx been in an air ambulance smashing my back and I had amnesia in the space of two months biking is hard work and dedication stay strong andy murray

HAHAH! It's Stephen Murray.. I wouldn't go as to say skateboarding and BMX are technically as dangerous as a lot of sports out there. I mean you get beat up and break bones and like many riders, "Usually trail riders", have been paralyzed or knocked into a coma.. Etc.. I would agree fishing is more dangerous. Look up some of the fish out there in the rivers and Oceans.

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38 Polo

I've been watching polo for about 8 years and can't tell you how many times I've seen players get hurt - yeah broken bones like football but try having an opponent at 1,000 pounds landing on you! Not the same equipment as football/hockey (helmet and knee pads only) and having horses tripping and then rolling over onto players is not unusual. I've also heard too many actually getting killed while playing (one horse spooked and quickly jerked it's head back hitting the players head killing him instantly).

Polo should defiantly be higher on the list.

Should be way up the top dangerous as hell

Yeah pretty bad cause it's polo

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39 Mountain Biking

Mountain biking should be way higher on this list. Loads of people have ben killed or seriously injured coming off a jump. I myself did a small jump and the wheel twisted on landing and I came off the bike and landed on it. My back hurts for weeks!

Have you not seen Redbull Rampage? What is more dangerous than this.

Not just specifically mountain biking but DOWNHILL/FREERIDE. The most intense sport I do and definitely the most exhilarating. Snowboarding does not produce the same amount of adrenaline (yes not just groomers but the terrain park) one slip up and very easy to get injured. Even more dangerous than motor cross in my opinion. DH is a growing sport and you will definitely hear about it in the future.

More dangerous that football

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40 Pole Vault

That's stupid pole vault should be way higher then this. There was a kid that killed himself pole vaulting a few years back. He wrote a note and everything talking about how he was gonna do it, come on if you can plan killing yourself in a sport, it has to be dangerous. Not to mention the highest death ratio out of all spots. Going 15+ feet in the air upside down hoping your pole doesn't break, whip back and smack with 160 pounds of recoil force (depending on what weight you jump on). Oh and let's hope all that goes well and you lad on the mat and not the concrete from that high up. One thing goes wrong and you can get seriously messed up or die. Basketball should be on the top softie sports list then you might get a place for all those sissy faked injuries from prancing up and down the court. Please basketball shouldn't even be on this list. Pole vault is one of the most dangerous sports ever.

I'm a Pole Vaulter at my local high school, and I believe that Pole Vaulting is dangerous. You're trusting a 12 foot to 14 foot pole to not break, to get you on the mat safely, and even then you can still get injured. One time I broke a pole while doing a pole drill, landed straight on my head. Luckily didn't get a concussion, but still, Pole Vaulting should be at the top ten, not because of it's deaths but the sport and how likely you are to get hurt.

I do realize that cheerleading is a dangerous sport but... Broken bones and black eyes? Let's be honest... With this sport we're dealing with death and other catastrophic injuries. There's a reason why some of the most dangerous sports are low on the list... There's not enough people who do these sports because, well, risking your life every practice just doesn't suit everyone

Pole vaulting is under estimated way to much! it is by far one of the most dangerous sports.

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