Most Dangerous Sports

Sports were you are very likely to get hurt (or killed) while playing!

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41 Supercross

Supercross is race you idiots freestyle motocross is when you do tricks any. Don't call it something you don't even know

This is bull, super cross is definitely a lot more dangerous than pointe dancing at least!

This should be way higher on the list

I love this

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42 Longboarding

How is this not in the top ten, it is brutal if you fail at 40 mph, let alone with cars coming the other way, I nearly died falling off without a helmet narrowly missing a lamp post with my head, and I know I'm an idiot for not wearing any gear

So I was riding down this big hill things were going fine until I got to the side walk until my board started to wobble and I fell broke my arm and some of rib cage and that was a year ago so its dangerous

Riding down mountains on a plank of wood with cars coming the other way, perfectly safe until you fall off. Which is common.

My brothers friend was out longboarding with some other friends. He was going just perfect but then he did something that made him fall of,scrape his leg really bad,scrape his hand, and got a twisted or broken ankle.this has got to be worse than cheerleating!

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43 Bull Running

That awkward moment when Cross Country and Kayaking are higher ranked than this

Rosa parks should ate care that

Bull running is dangerous ok? Wouldn't you be the least bit scared if a bull instead of a foot ball came running at you, breaking at least five of your bones instead of bwaking your whittle pinky finger?

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44 Kayaking

This is by far one of the most dangerous sports. The amount of times I've gotten pinned under water under trees with the full force of the river pushing down on my boat. And people do crazy waterfalls and drops that take 1 stroke out of line and you wil die. If you come out of your boat in a rapid you often have to go down the rocky rapid with no protective gear. I've broken bones and boats. Even sea kayaking can be dangerous. I've been turned over in a reef when a wave crashed on me and got pushed underwater with my head scraping the reef for 20 seconds. Kayaking should be way, way up this ridiculous list.

Seriously, there is no whitewater sport on here? Paddling death defying and dangerous class 5 rapids completely outweighs the danger of catching balls with sticks or tossing idiotic girls in the air

I would rank this as number 1 without a doubt, defying mother earth in one of the heaviest and most uncontrolable enviroments and forces, there is one simple fact here, you miss your line and it can get severe consequenses, if you don't have the correct angle after a drop you can get stuck under massive amounts of water. I have myself had a couple of close calls incidents and one way to close call with a friend getting pinned in a hole for a minute, she gave up trying to fight and thought her life was over but then as soon as she stopped fighting she got flushed out. This is a reality for us people who do whitewater kayaking, and we know very well that the risk of not coming back is great, no sane person decides to sit in a boat that's the same sice as your person and rush down a waterfall. The only reason the ranking is so low is because of there aren't that many people who actually are stupid enough to be engaged in this sport or even know what it is.

If you're off your line by an inch, you could die. One bad thing leads to another and there you are with a broken back, shoulder dislocation, collapsed lung, etc in the middle of nowhere. Depending on the situation you could be there for a day before your crew calls over a rescue helicopter.

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45 Karate

I agree, Karate is by far the best and most well-rounded striking art. It teaches how to punch, how to perform open hand strikes, how to kick, how to use your elbows and knees, and finally, in some cases, it also teaches you some throwing and joint lock techniques. Karate is the perfect basis for anyone out there who wants to start a martial art, and while not nearly as complex as Jujitsu (Japanese), it's much more physically demanding. I would suggest anyone to start Karate as soon as possible since the younger you are, the stronger your body will be, Jujitsu can be taught a lot easier to anyone within any age group but is much more technical; Therefore I would advice anyone who seeks to become a well-rounded martial artist, to start with something simpler yet more intense like Karate etc. , before continuing with something more complicated yet more subtle such as Jujitsu.

Karate can be really dangerous its pretty much street fighting but sometimes you now what your opponent's going to do. My teacher once went in with a light punch-slap thing and completely dislocated his pinkie. I mean it was just dangling there bone was pretty much detached.

I'm pretty sure that karate is more dangerous than four square.

You get kick in the face break your bones and it's weird

46 Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is not dangerous at all unless you're not doing the right thing or if your dropping your bar.

It's really only dangerous if you drop it on your foot! OUCH!

So much room for error, dangerous stuff. Torn my rear del just doing dips before.

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47 Free Running

Free running should be higher because on slip and you can get a concussion or worse

I have got a free runner in the maze before the scorch trials is a shat movie

Yep look at steven tyler what is that a soccer mom looking goonie monster

You can fall or slip and go head first into a wall

48 Downhill Biking

Completely agree with this, many people break their backs and necks when they fall off. Not only that but there has been times when a rider who has fell off has continued to roll done the face of a mountain. This sport should be so much higher in the list!

I broke my neck downhilling this should be top 5 at least there are so many people that do what I did and don't come back from wheelchairs, comas, and even death. This sport should at least have more respect.

Easily one of the most dangerous sports due to when you fall there is no soft snow, no cushion, no net if you're on bridges. Most likely you will be injured twice in a 1 month span.

This should be near the top people die or go to hospital all the time in this sport.

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49 Dodgeball

When we played me and one other girl got hit in the face my glasses fell off and left red side of my luckily they did break in that same game a boy in my clAss do w for the ball and sprained his right wrist which he is right handed but we is lucky he left handed also now I know why my old coach rarely let us do it

Even more dangerous if you're having wrenches thrown at your face/groin/pretty much any part of the body! :P - petrucci75hammet

I'm super good at doge ball and the only person hurt I've seen was he jumped and and landed on a ball. He was fine in an hour

I hate Dodgeball

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50 Field Hockey

I don't understand how hockey is 59th! It should be in the top 10 if not top 5! There are so many sports that I've never even heard of that are supposedly 'more dangerous'. I've seen my fair share of injuries in my life but nothing compares to some of the injuries I've witnessed for field hockey! I once got hit in the foot while walking past a boys team that was training - the guy mistrapped, ball hit my foot and I was on crutches for a month because I couldn't put pressure on my foot because it ha bruised my bone... Another time during my game a girl from my team got hit in the forehead with the ball and the blood was everywhere! It was running down her face and all over her stick... Before training one day my team mates brother was playing a game and the ball hit his thumb and he needed to go to hospital for 3 days to have surgery and graft some bone from his shin onto his thumb... My coach was telling me about a girl in her team that was defending a goal and got hit in the face ...more

I play hockey at district level. It is brutal if you don't protect your feet it is ok to smash the opposition in the feet which leads to broken toes. imagine having a solid ball collide into your head or body when it is going at over 110km/h that is normal in hockey. You need lightning fast reactions otherwise you will be unconscious in under 5 minutes in a hockey match. Our coach tells us in hockey not care who's in our way when scoring just smash it. The top hockey players don't care if you get hurt in their minds you just got in the way of the ball. if you still don't believe me look at penalty corners in YouTube. I am first runner in defensive penalty corners which means I am the idiot who when the injector (person hitting the ball to the person ready to smash the ball at the top of the circle) I run out of the goal at the person hitting it at the top of the circle. I know I am not going to get there before the ball. Therefore I have to put my stick down and hope my hockey stick ...more

Cooommmeee onnn people, at the very least we should be ranked above free running and weight lifting! Like what? Those that say this isn't a contact sport are sorely mistaken, it's not uncommon for people to ram right into you to get a ball, or trip you with their stick. Refs don't call too many stuff, as long as you aren't laying on the ground and can't move, the game goes on. We aren't wimps like some soccer players, we get injured, we keep playing. A good drive can go a 100 mph and even a not very good one go really fast too, it's called a power shot for a reason. You ger one of those and you land in the ER. For example this past season half my team was out for injuries. One girl got hit in the jaw, another broke her toe, another had her knee tendons or something get messed up, another's hand was broken, and another girl got a concussion from defending. Most of these injuries weren't even called, you either keep playing or walk off. I feel like the only time when you can beat the ...more

Lacrosse it 11 and soccer is 15, and hockey is basically both of them combined. 20 players running around with carbon fibre sticks hitting a rock solid ball that can actually kill you if it hit you in the right spot. Then two goal keepers decked out with enough pads so that they can take a 110 kmh drag flick to the chest without flinching and then taking out players in one-on-ones by sliding at their legs. Seriously how is it not in the top 20.

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51 Cross Country Running

People puke, and some pass out, from not running smart. Other people are aggressive, and threaten to hurt the people thy beat them. And yes, you can so easily get tripped up or spiked.

Some people say cross country is just running, its not. I would like to see those people come to one, just one practice with me and see how hard it is. I have had hurt knees and ankles and fallen. I was in a boot for weeks because of running injuries.

You could get spiked with 1/2 inch metal spears. Spit on. Elbowed. Out of the 30 girls on my team, 3 were in boots just this year! Others have been in boots previous years.

I am in a boot for a year and can't walk I have to use a wheelchair just to get around because I shattered my heel running. running should definitely be top 20

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52 Ice Skating

Should be higher!

What if u do a summers adult in the air

Cause yards fall on your arss

Your traveling at 60+ km jumping spinning landing on one foot smiling having knifes on your feet defining gravity HOW IS THIS NOT IN RHE TOP 10😬

53 Softball

I am a Soft ball/ Fast ball (My reasons will also work for Baseball and 2 pitch) player, and I often play third base. where, the right handed batters (note, there's a lot of right handed people) most often hit the ball at HIGH speeds. 70 and over? This goes for any spot on the infield... Especially third, since you are about as close to the batter as the pitcher is. our protection? Nothing. Despite a slider, slider shorts and if you choose. A face Mask, which is very hard to see out of. I've been playing for 4 years (Pewee) and on my last tournament 2 girls got injured, in the first inning.

One, a ball to the throat, the other got her hand and wrist jammed between the ball and her glove. Not to mention the first base man is having a ball thrown to them at every play (Almost) out field have a lot of running to do, whether it's in to back up a play or out to catch a fly ball, believe me. It hurts. The sun was in a bad spot where it was directly in my eyes, and I got a ball to the ...more

I play softball. I am a catcher. I have been hit countless times and the bruises aren't pretty. Once I got a hand sized bruise just from getting a foul tip to my leg. Of you get hit, you are sure to get a bruise. If you get a bad hop it will most likely hit you. To make things worse, once you are in fast pitch 14u you can wear metal cleats which does not feel great being cleated. Once I was catching a I put my glove up and my hand next to it to trap the ball after I caught it and the ball hit my nail, bent it back and it started bleeding. I actually had to pull my nail back to its right position. I do agree that cheerleading is dangerous however I don't feel it should be number one. I feel gymnastics should be number one because I like to do gymnastics as well as softball and I have several gymnast friends who have problems. My friend broke her arm and has knee and back problems and my other friend broke her finger and is very clumsy. Softball should definitely be in the top 20 and ...more

Softball is very dangerous. I got hit slightly above the eye off of a composite bat in practice and I was swollen to about the size of a baseball (maybe a little more) and I had a black eye for about 2 weeks. The doctor said if I got hit at least a half an inch lower than I did, I could have lost all sight in my left eye, and if I got hit slightly to the left, I would have got hit in the temple and probably have major brain damage. Thankfully I was very lucky and got hit in a spot that affected nothing but it was very close. Softball deserves to be in the top ten.

As one of the biggest catchers in my area, I can give countless examples of players who've been pulled from games or sent to the emergency room because of sliding into me wrong or just being that much smaller than me. Worst being is someone hitting the ground hard after being tagged and going into a seizure from the impact. Karma got me though, currently have a broken finger from getting hit by a foul ball. Unfortunately this happened the same day my friend sprained her ankle due to an outfield collision. Softball doesn't seem too dangerous, but I've seen some rough stuff in my years playing.

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54 Trampolining

Since this has no comment I might as well. Most people don't understand the concept of trampoline. Please so I don't have to wast time explaining, just watch parts of the Olympics on YouTube or something. I was a level 8 trampolinist when I quit and honestly I don't understand why this isn't right next to gymnastics. We practice in a gym with all the other gymnasts. Our conditioning is pretty much identical as most of the coaches collaborate. Our warmup a consist of handstands, extension rolls, walkover, and other crossfit types workouts as well as some basic gymnastic skills. Again, if you have no idea what crossfit is, look it up. Then when we get to the trampoline, we do more flips than any other sport that has acrobatics in it at all. Skiing cheerleading diving gymnastics dance. We do flips up to 30 feet into the air, Olympians twisting up to 6 times in a skill or flipping up to 3 or 4 times in a single skill. Add 10 of these together with no extra bounces just the time in the air ...more

I also can't see why trampolining is not further up the list. So easy to break something if you go terribly wrong. That doesn't include things breaking for not reason what soever, of which I've seen a few.

Yeah I mean like you could legitimately die! Like most of you now a days are so fat that you'd fall through the trampoline and possibly die or get seriously injured.

The trampoline they used in the olympics has no sides so someone could easily fall of it should way higher

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55 Underwater Rugby

Is this even real

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS and how is it on the dangerous list pretty sure no one does this and its not a thing is this even real is right from the title it sounds like your beating someone up under the water.

Obviously this is the most dangerous sport it's rugby plus you might drown.

Ye u can suficate of not enough water

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56 Muay Thai Boxing

Thai boys training from they are 6 to adult, then getting knocked out with knees to the face has got to be a damn dangerous sport. How can you even argue against it, especially if you have seen them clinch, which is even considered "irty" in regular boxing. This should be in top 5.

The art of the 8 limbs is considered to be one of the most deadliest forms of martial that utilizes 8 human body parts-Fists, Elbows, Knees, and Shins. This should definitely be in the top ten.

I have seen one of these matches and if you did, this sport would be so much higher. They use elbows and knees to break jaws and every other bone in your face and shin kicks and normal kicks to break ribs and rupture internal organs. If you don't believe me look up muay Thai fight, go into the first video and skip to 1:30

This should be ranked a whole hell of a lot higher on the list probably right next to boxing. It is extremely brutal and most of them have short careers.

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57 Netball

Netball is supposed to be a non-contact sport, but it is extremely dangerous, ask any doctor or physiology they will tell you that they get a hell of a lot of I jury's from netball. Why is netball such a dangerous sport? It's non contact yea but imagine running around on hard surface with a bunch of teenage girls all eagerly wanting to Win! That's a scary though! Girls push, shove, elbow, trip, kick, hit each other to get a ball. Especially playing on concrete courts, the constant stopping and starting is extremely bad for cartilage in ankles and knees.

Netball is definitely a very dangerous sport! It ruins your knees and ankles and later in life... Can cause arthritis. It's supposed to be a non-contact sport but every season I'm bound to have an injury that either puts me out for a week or three or send me to hospital. There's nothing worse than hearing the thud on the wooden floorboards or concrete of the bone smashing into the ground. I've been/had concussed, damaged some muscles, broken bones, jared fingers, as well as sore bones and bruises lasting for weeks. But ontop of all the bad stuff netball is a fantastic sport and I love it!

Really should be on this list. Even though Netball is a non-contact sport, in Netball you pretty much end up hitting someone or someone falls to the ground. It hurts, especially on concrete courts. I fell down twice yesterday while playing netball and last month, I almost fractured my ankle! So much for a non contact sport!

Netball is such a dangerous sport because of the amount of injures you can get also it may be non contact but there are so many believe me

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NASCAR is a sport where you race on the knife edge of grip and downforce with skinny tires, big cars, and a lot of horsepower for extended periods of time. The sheer level of concentration required for consistent performance and competitive times absolutely cannot be underestimated. There's no time outs, no taking a breather, it's 100% always on, even in the pits.

A single moment of inattention and you could kill not only yourself, but dozens of other people.

This sport is very intense. They take left turns and then sometimes accidentally take a right turn and go boom.

What sport? Is it turning left or stepping on the gas that takes athleticism?

Not sure why this isn't toward the top. The huge crashes in this sport can lead to serious injuries, or quite possibly even worse, death. Super dangerous. - DisneyLover19

What dumb-ass put this list together, there have been more deaths in automobile racing than any other sport in the history of sports

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59 Skeleton

Imagine luge. You're pelting down a very slick, curvy, and narrow track at 90 miles an hour. One small movement and you're flipped off the sled. Just 2010 a luger died before the Vancouver Olympics.
Now imagine doing it with your face down and forward, an inch form the ice.
There you go. Skeleton. Look it up if you're not already scared.

All you have to do is look up videos and you realize this should jump to at least top 25

How is this not any higher!
Skeleton is a very dangerous sport and also TERRIFYING!
The speed you are going at with only a helmet to protect you is enough to make me wonder why this is so low.

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60 Reno Air Racing

I would like to hear a sport that's more dangerous. In 2008 three pilots were killed in crashes.

These are highly modified, incredibly fast planes that fly in excess of 500MPH, and fly from 15 to 40 feet off the ground. (That's how fast they fly on the course. These prop-driven airplanes are fast enough to break the speed of sound! )

From 6 to 12 planes fly in any one race at a time and they come within feet of eachother at speeds from 450 to 500 MPH's. There have been dozens of fatal crashes over the years in Reno and Mojave. (Mojave has since been discontinued because no one will insure the event. )

In 2008, one pilot crashed right after takeoff. A woman pilot died after her engine blew and she was attempting an emergency landind. And another pilot was killed when two Formula One planes collided in mid air. The second pilot survived while the other pilot, named Hubler nosed over and flew straight into the ground and disintigrated. (Also, two pylon judges ...more

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