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61 Pointe Dancing

I know someone who comes to school with flip-flops! Which wouldn't be so weird had it not been the MIDDLE OF JANUARY! Her blisters have puss and blood! And she's in 6TH GRADE! She isn't even professional yet! The blisters are sticking more than an inch out of the side of her foot! This deserves higher up! People have to get SURGERY not because they did something wrong in technique, but because the sport damaged their feet when they didn't do anything wrong!

I do pointe, and let me tell you, it isn't easy at all. I almost twisted my ankle for going on top of the block. My feet have gotten worse since I started doing pointe. Most likely I will have feet and knee problems when I get older because the work and pressure they're doing now.

I know someone who had al her toenails ripped of because of bruising

Ballet dancers feet look horrible, and they hurt a lot it is very hard

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62 Fencing

It is very safe. If you wear the regulation gear you cannot get injured beyond minor cuts. I have been fencing for a while and know only two people died in fencing, one got stabbed in the face, so we have stronger masks and the other got stabbed in the armpit, so we have platrons.

I've played fencing for a long time, sure, I always get hurt by being hiting by others, but you're not DIE if you play fencing SAFELY

I got stabbed in the eye. It Hurt Really Bad!

I don't understand why people are hating on fencing. Yes it is a sport get your mind over that. It isn't just poking people with metal sticks. WHY?! It is an olympic sport... it is extremely safe!

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63 Archery Archery Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus.

Archery is extremely safe. Unknowing biases make this sport appear far more dangerous than it is. Other than minor shoulder injuries from increasing draw weight too quickly, I have yet to meet anyone who injured themselves in the three years I've been shooting and I've been to dozens of tournaments and hundreds of practice sessions. In fact, I've seen more cheerleading, American football, soccer, and gymnastics injuries in one day of observation than I've seen in all of those years of archery combined. Follow the directions and rules and nothing bad ever happens, even accidentally.

Archery is a real dangerous sport and should be number 20... You mess up your positioning of arrow and bam the arrow flies somewhere else and you kill some one... Even with field tips

Archery deserves a better place it's very dangerous

Someone could walk bye when shooting and shoot to high

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64 Street Cricket

Been there and played as a child. Its fun playing as a kid but not so much when you are adult. I've seen people getting hit by the ball, people running the get the ball in the busy road. Very dangerous. People are very close to being run over by vehicles.

For Cricket in general -

When you're a batsman, being bowled at 100mph is not comfortable even when you are wearing helmets and pads. Forget full toss, full length or half volley. You can deal with them. Bouncers on the other hand are very difficult to deal with. Have seen many people get in the head and get cuts and knocked out (Yes. Even with the helmet on).

And don't forget the bowler and fielders I.E. short leg, mid on, mid off ( fielders around/near the batsman). They particularly need to have a quick reaction. Late reaction could be fatal.

Really, cricket should be higher up. Some Australian cricketer was killed by a fast ball not long ago.

There s always a 10 percent risk of being run down by a passing vehicle while chasing the ball

Honestly, Cricket in general is one of the most dangerous sports.
There is stuff like padding, but the ball travels average 149 kilometers an hour, and you are left standing there. Plus when you field, the ball is high in the air, what if it hits your face!

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65 Roller Derby

In Roller Derby people have died, it is very easy to get hit as it is practicaly an every man for themselves kind of game. Sure your own team won't purposely try to hit you, but you could just as easily get in their way when you are trying to pass. People have had serious injuries like broken bones, and even death have resulted from this sport. Heck, you even have to be of legal age to play the sport and sign medical wavers to say, "oh hey yeah I don't mind if I get hit around to the point where I'm broken and bleeding in the hospital with a severe concussion"

The very first day of roller derby you are taught to fall. But that doesn't mean we don't get hurt. At least one person on my team is always out on injury. And I am on a junior team (12-17). We get smashed into poles, hit in the face, scratched etc. I have seen girls get concussions, hurt their shoulders, get their fingers run over, hurt their tailbones. I always have bruises from derby. It's a lot of fun but its definitely not an easy sport.

In one season, my team has had three broken legs, 3 concussions, one broken collarbone, a broken nose, a broken eye socket, and numerous sprains. Roller derby is football, hockey and speed skating combined... But with way less padding! Think about how many people hurt themselves with plain ol' roller skating, and then add the effects of trying to bust through packs of skaters, and knocking other skaters around. It's brutal.

I play roller derby and it should be number 11

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66 Rugby Union

Rugby Union has actually been scientifically proven to be the world most dangerous sport.

Rugby Scrums have also been scientifically proven to be the most dangerous event in sporting history because of the collapses. Just Imagine getting your neck slammed into the ground without being able to use your hands to stop yourself falling, then 20 massive muscular men collapsing on top of you = 3000 pounds of force (1 ton) on your neck. Result = SNAP!

I am surprised that Rugby isn't number 1 or at least above American Football. For God Sake people they wear no padding.

Not to mention the lifting tackles.

67 Bull Running

That awkward moment when Cross Country and Kayaking are higher ranked than this

Rosa parks should ate care that

Bull running is dangerous ok? Wouldn't you be the least bit scared if a bull instead of a foot ball came running at you, breaking at least five of your bones instead of bwaking your whittle pinky finger?

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68 Helicopter Skiing

We are going to land on that 15ft mountain peak speck! Make sure your heads are down or the blades will chop them off. Make sure you have your avalanche transponder so we can make sure to return your body to your loved ones. There is no ski patrol here to take you down so go for it, and by the way we are going to go as fast as possible to meet the helicopter. If you don't meet us down there don't expect to ride with us... each run is $300. Fluffy powder... yeah sure, under two inches of icy crust, and with 45 degree pitch with beautiful rocks on each side of the narrow shute. One mistake is your last! Not that many injuries because not that many people with the $ or insanity to do it. Having said that I loved it and it was the best experience ever!

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69 Paintball

The tech on the guns (ex, three burst and the PSI on the air tank turned up) can seriously injure someone, leaving either broken skin or a bruise, raises irritated area of skin if not protected and or the gun not chrono'd.

Once my little brother got accidently shot in the head by a paintball and he had a massive headache for the rest of the day

Very fun only hurts for a little bit.

Some People kill each other when they play without a mask.

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70 BMX Racing

Very dangerous cause so high in the air and not much protecion

71 Wingsuit Proximity Flying

It's a new sport and not everyone knows about it yet. Well, my opinion is, that the top 10 are the most played sports in history, which have the most dangerousness people can think of these days. But there are other sports like Wingsuit flying which hasn't fully developed yet. I watched youtube fails for example how wingsuit people COULDN'T OPEN THEIR PARACHUTE! Or people hit their legs on a cliff or hit a bridge who DIED INSTANTLY! This is a sport where you could die in just an eye blink. I thought about doing it myself one day, flying through the air, the breeze rushing away and everything. I asked my parents if I could do it one day, (actually just my father because my Mom would flip out if she hears from it... ) He just said that it's a very dangerous sport that not everyone has the guts to do it because it is so extremely dangerous. And now I'm not sure if I really wanna do this... Now not just because of my father. The people in the videos also said that they lost 8 friends in ...more

Base jumping with a suit that helps you glide extremely close to walls the ground and many other obstacles. 100+ miles per hour just you a helmet and a flight suit squirrel suit

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72 Knife Throwing

Where does this fit in your list please?

Not only serial killers... I throw knives at cardboard boxes for no reason a lot.

Is this even a sport? - Pony

Might kill

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73 Kart Racing

Not indoor but proper karting, I'm 15 the class I drive in reach 80 mph at the end of the straight with grids of up to 30 drivers, roll happen frequently which can end up with 100kg landing on your head as that is the highest point in the kart the last two races I have been in have been abandoned because of accidents one of them ended up with the driver being airlifted to hospital and he ended up with a broken arm, collarbone leg, very bad concussion, a load of broken ribs and a hairline fracture at the neck. Doctors said the only thing that saved him from being paralyzed was his very expensive neck brace which no one else there had or could afford that day, if it had been someone else they would have been paralyzed or worse

Wouldn't be half as dangerous if it weren't for the blue shells flying at me

Hey guys I'm going kart racing on saturday because I'm alone I mean come one little tommy got hurt because he tipped his kart over trying to race his mommy had to go pick him up and he lost seriosly people this sport made me laugh out loud

Depending on the class your racing in, the speeds are different. Goes from around 60
Mph, 70, 80 mph. No seatbelts (unless you race in champ karts. ) you can get hurt so
Easily. Sometimes over 30 karts racing at once. Try saying kart racing is stupid and
Not fast or dangerous. HA! Yeah this is an extremely dangerous sport.

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74 Powerlifting V 2 Comments
75 Pole Climbing

I was pole climbing and I fell 13 feet and landed on a metal bar.

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76 Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

This is a dangerous sport and should definitely be one of the top ten most gruesome and lethal sports. I've seen people get concussions, broken bones, become paralyzed, and more. This should absolutely be at least one of the top twenty.

I play ice hockey and I honestly think it is the toughest. I am young and 2 of my teammates got concussions, I sprained my knee and my goalie always was getting hurt, we only had one goalie so he had to play like that.

Ice hockey is a very close contact game it should be top 20 at least

Not bad

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77 Gymkhana

An awesome sport. Performance and accuracy.

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78 Hang Gliding

Jumping off a mountain cliff with a large kite attached to your back and counting on the wind to keep you aloft, and then finding a place to land without impaling yourself on a tree.

This sport should be way higher.

I have done Hang Gliding off and on for 6 0r so years how in Gods name could this not be #1 makes me think the rest are way out of wack.


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79 Street Luge

When you try too poop it ends up in your throuat and then it makes you eat it

80 Road Racing

Real road racing. That's racing motorcycles at speeds of over 200mph on temporarily closed public roads. No run off, gravel traps or safety nets.

Look at all of the deaths at Watkins Glen and Le Mans Road Racing IS one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Road racing is quite dangerous in the 1955 le mans a car flew into the grandstands and killed 80 people

I can't believe where road racing come on this list.

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