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81 Bodyboarding

Not only can you charge waves up to twenty feet but if that wave crashes on you you can easily drown or get cut on a reef many bodyboarders and surfers have died from that type of injury plus the risk of other dangerous marine life

82 Freestyle Scootering

Much more dangerous than doggy style. The skid marks are not uniform leading to many injuries depending on the types of furniture.

I cen feestyle the way to grandmas and she was disapointed in the scooter cause of the choice of indonesion styling

83 AFL Football

One time I was going to kick the soccer ball into the goals but a couple of afl players came up to me pined me down and shat on me so yeah very dangerous sport.

Someone tell me how soccer is above this when all the do in soccer is flop to the floor and in american football they might as well be wearing body armour

John Cena

Almost every match, someone is injured. You only have to look back at the last match played. Swans vs kangas drew Petrie vs rowan...

84 Track and Field

In Track and Field, there can be many injuries and casualties. While running you can pull muscles, tendons, ligaments and many other things. The most common injury for running is shin splints. Some shin splints can take five months or more. I've seen many people tripping on hurdles and breaking their legs or arms. On the other hand, for field events, you can die from pole vaulting, and javelin. Ashton Eaton's wife nearly kill Ashton while practicing with a javelin.

How the heck is netball a noncontact sport in front of track and field the only reason you get hurt in netball is because you get into a randon fight with someone in track and field you actually throw a sharp disc (discus) and spear (javelin) and if someone steps on your foot with spikes have fun getting surgery in your arteries!

I've gotten 2 ankle surgerys because of doing track and field. And I still love it. Sure a lot of people think all you do is run but you do way more than that. You learn how to be a team and how to push your self. So many kids pull muscles, break bones, tear legament, or other serious injuries.

Once I was going over the jump things and I smashed my face and had to get 40 stitches on my head

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85 Alpine Skiing

I'm a skier I have been competing in a few competition on my time a the one mistake every one has done Is turned their out side ski around 100 degrees and they just toppled over it's really sad to 've honest

Alpine Skiing must be one of most dangerous sports, skiiers can reach up to 160khm one little mistake at that speed...

86 Yacht Racing

I once was just minding my own business, racing my awesome boat, when my wallet slipped out and fell into the water! I lost like.4% of my net worth! Very dangerous, stay away from this sport!

My buddy said his buddy died bro

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87 Waterskiing

You can be killed easy I have a friend how got a bloody nose from falling at 16 miles per hour

My the waterskiis and he busts his but doing it all day everyday and he had some pretty bad falls. He broke his neck and he has no cartilage in his knee because of this sport

88 Snowmobile Racing

This is not a sport and only teens that are high do this

Wow. I put this way before cheerleading

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89 Sumo Wrestling

This is a sport of fat people in diapers pushing each other until one falls out of the wring so this is not dangerous

One time I went to japan to look at fat people, what instead I found 2 sweaty Mexican men fighting each other in someones backyard.

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90 Paragliding

It's obvious why this is a dangerous sport I mean if something happens to you're wings you may fall and die but it's still fun.

Soaring the ridge, landing in a 50ft tree and falling off...

Thermalling 5000ft high, performing acrobatic maneuvers, get tangled in the lines and fall to the ground like a stone, if not lucky enough to pull a reserve...

91 Trap Shooting

Trap shooting is not dangerous at all. All the people emphasize is gun safety. On the trap line there is no way that the gun will be pointed in an unsafe direction nor dangerous to any human being. It will be pointed down range and only one shell goes in the gun at a time so no accidental mis fires

Its not that dangerous unless if your drunk

This should be way higher

92 Motorcycle Racing

This sport should be in the top 10 motocross is the hardest sport going have fun hoping on a 450cc see how you go I have seen good motocross rider go from motorbike to a wheelchair from one little mistake you only need one little mistake to crash and when you crash on a heavy motorbike you aunt going to stand up with no injury the ground is solid and go have a look how fast motocross riders are going and you got to be fit to even hold on to a motorbike this sport is a scary sport

You guys need to put this sport on top 20 go look up motocross crashes and how they train and you will re think were this sport should be in the top 20 or this page is a little bit fake please take your time to look in motocross and how hard and scary this sport is top 94 that's ball.

You almost loose your life about 10 times a race and once you crash you go down hard you at least break a bone if your unlucky your neck

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93 Speed Skating

I think this should be higher on the list because I used to speed skate and I know that you can fall and break arm or break a leg or crack your head open and things like that

Skating in circles with giant razor sharp blades strapped to your feet

94 Ski Jumping

How come this is not even on the list.

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95 Quidditch

This isn't even a SPORT people get lives

If you fall off your broomstick you are dead

When was the last time you saw a shark on the quidditch pitch? Oh, that's right, NEVER

There's nothing better then the Quidditch Cup, even for a hater...

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96 TT Racing

Having raced on the Island in 1963 and '64 as a sidecar passenger I can tell you that passing stone walls while leaning out of the sidecar to maintain stability with your head within a foot of a wall at well over 100 miles per hour is quite exhillerating and quite dangerous. The fatality rate is nasty but no-one races unless they accept the risks. Racing on the mainland race tracks doesn't even begin to compare with the Isla of Man's Mountain Circuit for danger. I'd have to vote it the world's most dangerous sport.

No doubt about it, the event lasts 2 weeks a year and every year there are at least 4-5 killed. One year there was 13 deaths. Top speeds reaching 200mph on public roads with no run off area just manx brick walls. Awesome to watch!

Most people that have used this site have no idea from the what I read. TT racing should be number 1 & most motorcycle sports should fill the next few spots. It's just a joke to read the list on this site on this date 14/2/2014.

DANGEROUS very dangerous I would pee myself doing this

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97 Antarctic Racing (Sailing)

Sailing is a very dangerous sport. If you capsized or turtle the boat you are putting you and your crew in danger. You or your crew could get stuck under the sail and not be able to breahte. My best friend got stuck on the trapeze and almost drowned because she couldn't realease the clip. There are many things that could go wrong on the boat. MY friend's dad did a roll gybe to get ahead of this other sailor in a race and got a huge black eye becuase he got hit by the boom in 20mph of wind. He was so lucky not to loose his eye. I also got hurt sailing because I did a roll gybe and slipped and fell on my tailbone. It has been more than a month and I am still not fully recovered.

This is a dangerous sport and the cold unbearable! You may lose toes fingers and freeze the sails get extremely hard to control and beware of blizzards

Only half of the participants who cross the starting line are able to cross the finish line.

Sailing is a rewarding but dangerous sport.

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98 Extreme Parkour

Falling to your death sounds like the worst way to die and you can do this in this sport like all the time

Actually, this sport is 106th, not 97th. Its not dangerous if you're good.

Parkour is like 15th and extreme parkour is flicking 97th


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99 Speed Boat Racing

This has been proved more dangerous than flying. So many things could go wrong! Drowning, broken neck from whacking your head on the boom, and just this week legendary sailor Andrew Simpson, who won 3 olympic medals dies in training. This is so dangerous, yet addictive.

At the highest level I think its like super powered drag boat racing, I saw on T.V. that 1 in 8 people who do it die so try get more dangerous then that

I can't believe this sport is so far down the list. The # of fatalities is off the chart.

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100 Synchronized Swimming

This sport is difficult because you have to have advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. In competitive synchronized swimming, top clubs practice for about 10 hours to even 27 hours and sometimes up to 54 hours when there is no school. Top swimmers swimmers may swim longer than this.

Synchro is dangerous in the fact that we are constantly pushed to hold our breaths longer and longer. For example one time I held my breath too long and ended up injuring my lungs and having a massive nosebleed. I have also been kicked many times in the head, face, or eyes and I am not allowed to come up because of that, I have to keep holding my breath

I've had a concussion at age 8. I've also witnessed a girl hit her face in a high dive after a lift then falling to the water struggling to breath and get out. She ended up with 17 stitches around the eye. Imagine the danger of football multiplied by 4 then put under water. So yeah.

This sport doest get the credit it needs to... nobody knows how hard and dangerous ist it and that's why people allways undersestimate it.

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