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101 TT Racing

Having raced on the Island in 1963 and '64 as a sidecar passenger I can tell you that passing stone walls while leaning out of the sidecar to maintain stability with your head within a foot of a wall at well over 100 miles per hour is quite exhillerating and quite dangerous. The fatality rate is nasty but no-one races unless they accept the risks. Racing on the mainland race tracks doesn't even begin to compare with the Isla of Man's Mountain Circuit for danger. I'd have to vote it the world's most dangerous sport.

No doubt about it, the event lasts 2 weeks a year and every year there are at least 4-5 killed. One year there was 13 deaths. Top speeds reaching 200mph on public roads with no run off area just manx brick walls. Awesome to watch!

Most people that have used this site have no idea from the what I read. TT racing should be number 1 & most motorcycle sports should fill the next few spots. It's just a joke to read the list on this site on this date 14/2/2014.

DANGEROUS very dangerous I would pee myself doing this

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102 Antarctic Racing (Sailing)

Sailing is a very dangerous sport. If you capsized or turtle the boat you are putting you and your crew in danger. You or your crew could get stuck under the sail and not be able to breahte. My best friend got stuck on the trapeze and almost drowned because she couldn't realease the clip. There are many things that could go wrong on the boat. MY friend's dad did a roll gybe to get ahead of this other sailor in a race and got a huge black eye becuase he got hit by the boom in 20mph of wind. He was so lucky not to loose his eye. I also got hurt sailing because I did a roll gybe and slipped and fell on my tailbone. It has been more than a month and I am still not fully recovered.

This is a dangerous sport and the cold unbearable! You may lose toes fingers and freeze the sails get extremely hard to control and beware of blizzards

Only half of the participants who cross the starting line are able to cross the finish line.

Sailing is a rewarding but dangerous sport.

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103 Speed Boat Racing

This has been proved more dangerous than flying. So many things could go wrong! Drowning, broken neck from whacking your head on the boom, and just this week legendary sailor Andrew Simpson, who won 3 olympic medals dies in training. This is so dangerous, yet addictive.

At the highest level I think its like super powered drag boat racing, I saw on T.V. that 1 in 8 people who do it die so try get more dangerous then that

I can't believe this sport is so far down the list. The # of fatalities is off the chart.

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104 Extreme Parkour

Falling to your death sounds like the worst way to die and you can do this in this sport like all the time

Actually, this sport is 106th, not 97th. Its not dangerous if you're good.

Parkour is like 15th and extreme parkour is flicking 97th

This should be 2 not 97 - badghostkid37

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105 Rowing

I'm not sure how to put this but rowing is one of the most dangerous sports I've ever participated in along my long sporting career, with such intensity that it is unusual to not see people vomiting after a race. The blood, pain, blisters, constant muscle aches! Without doubt this sport should be much higher on this list because it... unlike other positions above this really deserves a higher position!

Rowing is actually really dangerous! I've seen people get hit really hard in the head from catching crabs, sometimes even getting knocked unconscious or pushed out of the boat. Not to mention the fact that you're putting every joule of energy you have into every single stroke, in some races for up to 10 minutes on end, kilometre after kilometre until you puke. And there's also what happens if you fall out, and you're feet get stuck. That's a really horrible way to die. Rowing should be higher up the list than this, because it really is one of the most dangerous sports out there.

Apart from you hands being ripped apart with no chance to heal due to training sessions several times a week there is also the whole falling in aspect.
If you capsize and manage not to drown, there are high chances of catching diseases from the water (the number of times I've seen a dead creature floating along the water...) and you could easily have gained injuries on your way in.
Then there are the collisions, I know several fellow rowers who have suffered from concussion after colliding with another boat and being smacked across the head with an expensive and very hard blade/oar.
Scullers can say goodbye to their right hand and I'm sure all rowers will have experienced the wonders of blisters at their best. Try not to get caught in a lightning storm though, metal attracts lightening and gues what?! Whoopty doo, were stuck in a boat covered in Metal and surrounded by water, which also attracts lightning.

Competitive cheerleading? Give me a break!

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106 Synchronized Swimming

This sport is difficult because you have to have advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. In competitive synchronized swimming, top clubs practice for about 10 hours to even 27 hours and sometimes up to 54 hours when there is no school. Top swimmers swimmers may swim longer than this.

Synchro is dangerous in the fact that we are constantly pushed to hold our breaths longer and longer. For example one time I held my breath too long and ended up injuring my lungs and having a massive nosebleed. I have also been kicked many times in the head, face, or eyes and I am not allowed to come up because of that, I have to keep holding my breath

I've had a concussion at age 8. I've also witnessed a girl hit her face in a high dive after a lift then falling to the water struggling to breath and get out. She ended up with 17 stitches around the eye. Imagine the danger of football multiplied by 4 then put under water. So yeah.

This sport doest get the credit it needs to... nobody knows how hard and dangerous ist it and that's why people allways undersestimate it.

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107 Diving

Hurdling yourself from a 33 foot concrete platform, on to unforgiving hard water, at nearly 60 mph when you hit the water. During the approach you think about not hitting your head or any body part on the concrete, or nearly killing yourself by landing wrong. Twisting, flipping, piking, tucking, extremely tight and solid through the air, falling to the ground in seconds. One wrong move, you could be dead. Not a very popular sport. But I dive. It's a combination of pain, gymnastics, guts, and water. ( and of course the training)

I personally think diving is way more dangerous than most of these sports people hit their heads on the diving boards get concussions or even die a friend of mine recently landed on the board and broke his arm I think diving should be in at least top 20 or even 10

I think that diving is much harder than a lot of these sports but people don't cre because "it's just jumping off a platform". Why don't all of you try to jump off a ten meter platform and you are facing a serious risk off hitting your head, landing on a frikin belly flop (if it hurts from the edge of the pool multiply that times 100) and on just a small sound could distract you and make your jump have an extra mega belly flop. Just try it, you'll see.

Belly flops hurt - Unknownguy

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108 Shot Put

At top level the shot is 12 pounds, if you are stupid enough to get hit it will for sure break bones or kill you depending on where it hits

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109 Reno Air Racing

I would like to hear a sport that's more dangerous. In 2008 three pilots were killed in crashes.

These are highly modified, incredibly fast planes that fly in excess of 500MPH, and fly from 15 to 40 feet off the ground. (That's how fast they fly on the course. These prop-driven airplanes are fast enough to break the speed of sound! )

From 6 to 12 planes fly in any one race at a time and they come within feet of eachother at speeds from 450 to 500 MPH's. There have been dozens of fatal crashes over the years in Reno and Mojave. (Mojave has since been discontinued because no one will insure the event. )

In 2008, one pilot crashed right after takeoff. A woman pilot died after her engine blew and she was attempting an emergency landind. And another pilot was killed when two Formula One planes collided in mid air. The second pilot survived while the other pilot, named Hubler nosed over and flew straight into the ground and disintigrated. (Also, two pylon judges ...more

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110 Badminton Badminton Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" and "doubles".

I was once lunging for the shuttlecock and I managed to tear my scrotum. 7 stitches and an hour of surgery later I was finally back on my feet.

Is it possible to get stuck in the net?

I've been hit in the face when someone smashed it at me had to go to hospital

THIS IS 0% DANGEROUS! - wriddhak

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111 Handball

Not many outside of Europe knows about handball. Its kind of like soccer just with your hands. I have played handball for 10 years and I have gotten a concussion, my shoulder out of place twice, pulled my thumb and fractured many of my fingers. Handball is a tough sport where there is a lot of physical contact and a handball player don't wear a lot of protection just on your knees when you jump to score.

I've played it for 15 years now, and I don't know how many friends I have seen get injured in this sport! It's a game where you put passion and strength, we have no protection and we don't play on grass, so it's a lot more dangerous than dancing for instance!

Have you guys seen handball heroes they do some intense super moves.

Hand ball red card sent off penalty

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112 Scuba Diving

Drowning and creatures of the sea... Great.

I almost died during my scuba diving training after my tank valve broke and all my air was leaking. not to mention air competition. - badghostkid37

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113 Bullfighting

I think that you should have bullfighting on you list because it is a national sport and it Is very dangerous

It's very dangerous because you could get killed by the bull, and that hurts. It's also scary.

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114 Acrobatic Rock And Roll

Some years ago I have heard it's the second most dangerous sport (F1 first). There were many of really serious injuries ended by wheelchair or death as well. Only it is not so visible sport so nobody knows about this. I have been dancer and trainer for 13 years so I know what I am talking about. If female partner is falling down from 5 meters high...

I did acrobatic rock and roll when I live in Europe. Really dangerous sport that is much worse then cheerleading because one person is catching you not 4 or 5.

115 Tricking

Mad injuries.. I can't believe kiteboarding isn't even on this list. Also proximity flying should definitely be #1. We all have the brass to play soccer or ride a horse L. Nobody wants to jump off a cliff because it's insanity.

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116 CrossFit Games

Crossfit is extremely dangerous. You could get SERIOUSLY injured. I mean, WALKING? This is a WHOLE LOT more dangerous than WALKING.

Crossfit is only dangerous if you don't have good coaches I do it and I am 11

People get sore and hurt but nobody has died from it.

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117 Windsurfing

These guys do double forward flips 10m in the air and then they have to land safely with a board, mast and sail! There's also sharks.

Look up the red bull storm chase and say if that isn't dangerous.

118 Shinty

Shinty is a team sport played with sticks and a ball. Shinty is now played mainly in the Scottish Highlands, and amongst Highland migrants to the big cities of Scotland. similair to hockey but the hard ball can be played in the air like lacrosse! the players wear no protection so often end up with head injuries and the stick can be swung like a baseball bat so often causes injury! players can also physically tackle other players using shoulder barges ect! - alan.tulloch

119 Squash

Broke the two bones of my forearm by running into back glass wall in an attempt to keep the ball in play. Very easy to roll your ankle in this sport as well.

The racquet could easily hit you hard causing broken legs and arms. The court is only so small which makes getting hit more likely.

The ball could rebound, and hit you in the face.

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120 Bouldering

Bouldering should definitely be in the top 40, bouldering indoors or on natural rock both has its danger, like overstretching muscle fibres or arms and legs colliding with the tiles or rock while doing a route or dyno.

Although bouldering is relatively safe, it deserves to be above badmiton, people falland break bones, dislocate knees, not to mention the strain on your tendons can be so severe you can't hold yourself off the ground. The crash pads can only do so much to protect you.

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