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121 Flatland BMX
122 Gliding

Hang gliding and paragliding are both a dangerous sport.

Once I fell off a building and was like yeh I can glide with my pet native brushy tailed raccon.

I once glid across the amazon befopre an overweight alaskan tree kangaroo flew into the sky and damaged my handmade cow skin glider

123 Skysurfing

Those air waves made me fall into the sky and I went into space and died

I surfed to the cloudy with a chance of meatballs and then I eight cloud food served by the traditional Balinese flint lockwood and he was a girl with glasses ha nerrd.

124 Judo

Gee ::name other sport here::, that sounds dangerous. Please tell me more.

No such thing as judo player

Judo practitioner or judoka

Very tough sport, no way it's this low on list.

I almost punched a ram

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125 Lemon Fishing

Back in the day, the lemon split and squirted me in the eye! Nearly ruined my career in lemon fishing! Bloody dangerous if you ask me!

Please spread awareness of this evil game!

Lemons can be very dangerous

Lemons kiled my family

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126 Pie Running

You run and people throw pies at you... I don't think I need to explain further why this is clearly THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT EVER!

My town has a pie run on 3/14 and they had to make a second finish line for people who don't want pies thrown at them, because it's JUST SO DANGEROUS!

I pie hit me in the eye. Now I have to wear an eye patch and I got aressted because the police thougt I was a pirate.

127 Baton Twirling

Baton is a sport and it is very dangerous you can not only break bones but you can do damage to your brain. Baton twwirling is done witih a metal rod and you are tossing it aroynd and doinbg tricks under a spiraling metal rod. Cheerleading is very dangerous but so is baton

Very very dangerous sport however it is very very fun so be a baton twirler ❤

128 Bossaball

Yea same I did that what he sad in th link in the description

What is this sport

I once did a poo and not just any old poo a hot, steamy, wet, Indian flavoured mugner.

Hell yeah

129 Discus

It' so dangerous! The discussion might get out of hand and you might get decked... IN the FACE!

My mates school chucked a discus at someones head and he/she got knocked into the underworld and they retrieved he/her using an ancient physchic mind game only performed by the elders of morroco

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130 Caber Tossing

Caber tossing is that game in Scotland where you basically try to throw a telephone pole farther than the next guy. Hernias, here we come.

131 Floor Hockey

Very dangerous I got hit in the pinky finger with a puck and my finger turned purple and started swelling up and I could barely write.

It really depends on if you play actual ice/field hockey or not so if you don't play real hockey then don't play floor hockey!
Pretty SIMPLE!

I once skidded across trhe ocean and nearly drowned but a kind elephant ray poicked my up and flew my halfway around the world but he was a bit too slow and I shrivelled up into a onion

132 Slack Jumping

You're using a rope with slack in it and too much slack can break bones cause concussions and even death

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133 Skeleton

Imagine luge. You're pelting down a very slick, curvy, and narrow track at 90 miles an hour. One small movement and you're flipped off the sled. Just 2010 a luger died before the Vancouver Olympics.
Now imagine doing it with your face down and forward, an inch form the ice.
There you go. Skeleton. Look it up if you're not already scared.

All you have to do is look up videos and you realize this should jump to at least top 25

How is this not any higher!
Skeleton is a very dangerous sport and also TERRIFYING!
The speed you are going at with only a helmet to protect you is enough to make me wonder why this is so low.

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134 Jiu Jitsu

Tournament style Jiu Jitsu is quite dangerous in that you can easily be knocked unconscious or even receive a broken limb.

I do this and I brock my back on this sort judo relly dum not dagerus

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135 Worm Charming

Professional worm charmers can make the worm crawl up their bum hole and also have the worm bite other peoples penises off and crawl up their bum hole.

The worm pooped on me and have me a deadly disease! Awful sport!

Once my worm dug through the sky and I chased into into the black whole where it became a powerade AND gatorade soup

136 Vaulting

You're doing flips on a a moving horse. You also have to jump from the ground to a 15 hands or taller horse, go try do that and tell me how it works.

Eny thing with horses is very dangerous. Imagine you were doing a flip of the horse but an unexpected kick comes you're way. This shul take the place of cheerleading or gymnastics

137 Indycar Racing
138 Ga-ga

So imagine going into a 2 foot high ring with big guys trying to fling a ball as hard as they can some where below the hips so you must use the ring to do flips and Parkour to avoid the ball but if you miss a jump and land on your head...

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139 Disc Golf V 2 Comments
140 Buzkashi

Imagine a bunch of crazy Afghans on horse back playing polo with a goat carcass! Sounds pretty dangerous to me!

I once played buzkashi with some mates and I was run over by a wallaby and it gifted me a handmade chinese noseflute and I tripped over a bat

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