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121 Bouldering

Bouldering should definitely be in the top 40, bouldering indoors or on natural rock both has its danger, like overstretching muscle fibres or arms and legs colliding with the tiles or rock while doing a route or dyno.

Although bouldering is relatively safe, it deserves to be above badmiton, people falland break bones, dislocate knees, not to mention the strain on your tendons can be so severe you can't hold yourself off the ground. The crash pads can only do so much to protect you.

122 Hello

I broke my vocal cords and ended up in the hospital for 2 years in a deep coma

Say hello to the wrong person and get shot

You can rip your voice box

This ain't a a "sport".

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123 Flatland BMX
124 Goat Tying

Once I had a particularly frisky goat who got me quite badly in the knee. He then proceeded to bite me on the buttocks one I was on the ground. Nasty stuff.

Goat tying is really hard on ankles and knees when getting off. But it is such a rush that you can't stop! I love goat tying, but truthfully I think that is why my ankles and knees hurt all the time.

I tied a goat while it ate me, I gained 109 XP the brushy tailed raccoon ate the gaot so I lived before I died of Mongolian chopping panda

125 Gliding

Hang gliding and paragliding are both a dangerous sport.

Once I fell off a building and was like yeh I can glide with my pet native brushy tailed raccon.

I once glid across the amazon befopre an overweight alaskan tree kangaroo flew into the sky and damaged my handmade cow skin glider

126 Ultimate Frisbee

Not dangerous at all but that moment you realize you timed it all wrong and the frisbee hits your face and ten you fall on your back. Two birds with one frisbee. - ThAtOnEIdIoT

My friend broke his foot and he now lives in a dark dark house and wears a dark dark boot

Luke marshal cried cause I called him fat faced and he listen to the halo sound track for happieness

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127 Kabbadi

Its brilliant except the fact when someone is trying to tackle you dow there maybe a few broken bones

Because when we go to raid we can,t breath when when we touch all of other player grabs the raider we don,t breath for a 30 seconds and now if all players grabs your sto0mach you could be death

I once tried to fight a vietnamese kabbadi ninja and he fell up through the roof and backflipped into the sky.that was the end of my kabbadi fighting as my vision faltered unexpectedly

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128 Formula 1 Formula 1

How is a sport with cars that can catch on fire and crashes happening at very high speeds be very far behind cheerleading

Firstly, how is cheer leading a dangerous sport? Its not a sport even (no compitition) plus, in f1 loads of great drivers died like Senna. Crash at 200mph like at Monaco and you don't know what your going to hit

When you have to look for your daughters teeth at most practices for all star cheerleading, I would say it's majorly dangerous! My daughter is 11 and is thrown around like a rag doll, tumbles at top speed and during all of this she has to perform and make it look like it doesn't hurt. Competitive cheer is EXTREMELY dangerous not to mention EXPENSIVE! We travel the country to compete against the best of the best! That's why ESPN has 2 annual competitions in Orlando for the BEST! #Worlds #Summit. Look at some of the comps on you tube!

More than 79 drivers have died in this sport. It had very serious burning problems in the mid- 60's. It has a lot of dangerous tracks like Spa and Monza.

Has a point lads

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129 Skysurfing

Those air waves made me fall into the sky and I went into space and died

I surfed to the cloudy with a chance of meatballs and then I eight cloud food served by the traditional Balinese flint lockwood and he was a girl with glasses ha nerrd.

130 Hunting

One time I saw an Australian native brushy tailed raccoon and he charged at me but I shot him and I flew so far in the sky that a massive Australian native brushy tailed raccoon saw me and it charged but it blew up and I was scared of going to japan now..

Hunting is dangerous but fun you can get shot

Hunting is awesome and dangerous

Once I accidentally shot my mate the duck cause I thought he was a Scottish moose for dinner but it was. so I eight a japenese armed dog with no arms.

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131 Discus

It' so dangerous! The discussion might get out of hand and you might get decked... IN the FACE!

My mates school chucked a discus at someones head and he/she got knocked into the underworld and they retrieved he/her using an ancient physchic mind game only performed by the elders of morroco

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132 Disc Golf V 2 Comments
133 Caber Tossing

Caber tossing is that game in Scotland where you basically try to throw a telephone pole farther than the next guy. Hernias, here we come.

134 Buzkashi

Imagine a bunch of crazy Afghans on horse back playing polo with a goat carcass! Sounds pretty dangerous to me!

I once played buzkashi with some mates and I was run over by a wallaby and it gifted me a handmade chinese noseflute and I tripped over a bat

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135 Judo

Gee ::name other sport here::, that sounds dangerous. Please tell me more.

No such thing as judo player

Judo practitioner or judoka

Very tough sport, no way it's this low on list.

I almost punched a ram

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136 Shuffleboard

I had just retired and played for the first time, when it broke out into B all out brawl. Crazy day!

I sprained my hamstring. Not fun

I hit my brother witha shuffleboaerd and he jumped into the sea and he then chose to ride a racoon into the moonset

137 Four Square

Four square IS NOT DANGEROUS! It is a playground game!

I feel your pain I've lost a testicle playing 4 square.

Almost died playing 4 square... I still have nightmares if that fateful day.

How is this dangerous

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138 Wallball

Its not dangerous but really fun

It's not dangerous you just have to be careful

Kind of dangerous, ran to the wall and got a welt beside my eye.

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139 Kick Ball

One time my friends shoe flew off when she kicked, someone threw it back at her and it hit someone else in the face and they started crying.

Once I kicked a ball but it flew up in the air and blew up my friends school. but oliver came out of no where and fell over trying to preform the never seen before double kick 5 back 6 across 10 kick poo triple man eating combo.

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140 Floor Hockey

Very dangerous I got hit in the pinky finger with a puck and my finger turned purple and started swelling up and I could barely write.

It really depends on if you play actual ice/field hockey or not so if you don't play real hockey then don't play floor hockey!
Pretty SIMPLE!

I once skidded across trhe ocean and nearly drowned but a kind elephant ray poicked my up and flew my halfway around the world but he was a bit too slow and I shrivelled up into a onion

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