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141 Slack Jumping

You're using a rope with slack in it and too much slack can break bones cause concussions and even death

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142 Skeleton

Imagine luge. You're pelting down a very slick, curvy, and narrow track at 90 miles an hour. One small movement and you're flipped off the sled. Just 2010 a luger died before the Vancouver Olympics.
Now imagine doing it with your face down and forward, an inch form the ice.
There you go. Skeleton. Look it up if you're not already scared.

All you have to do is look up videos and you realize this should jump to at least top 25

How is this not any higher!
Skeleton is a very dangerous sport and also TERRIFYING!
The speed you are going at with only a helmet to protect you is enough to make me wonder why this is so low.

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143 Jiu Jitsu

Tournament style Jiu Jitsu is quite dangerous in that you can easily be knocked unconscious or even receive a broken limb.

I do this and I brock my back on this sort judo relly dum not dagerus

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144 Worm Charming

Professional worm charmers can make the worm crawl up their bum hole and also have the worm bite other peoples penises off and crawl up their bum hole.

The worm pooped on me and have me a deadly disease! Awful sport!

Once my worm dug through the sky and I chased into into the black whole where it became a powerade AND gatorade soup

145 Lemon Fishing

Back in the day, the lemon split and squirted me in the eye! Nearly ruined my career in lemon fishing! Bloody dangerous if you ask me!

Please spread awareness of this evil game!

Lemons can be very dangerous

Once I got squiretd in the eye and nearly died from hepatits b and blood loss in the same swecond

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146 Pie Running

You run and people throw pies at you... I don't think I need to explain further why this is clearly THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT EVER!

My town has a pie run on 3/14 and they had to make a second finish line for people who don't want pies thrown at them, because it's JUST SO DANGEROUS!

I pie hit me in the eye. Now I have to wear an eye patch and I got aressted because the police thougt I was a pirate.

147 Scootering

Yes dogs invented this sport and humans adopted it. Carpet burns have killed many people but not many dogs.

Yes dogs are the best at this sport

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148 Vaulting

You're doing flips on a a moving horse. You also have to jump from the ground to a 15 hands or taller horse, go try do that and tell me how it works.

Eny thing with horses is very dangerous. Imagine you were doing a flip of the horse but an unexpected kick comes you're way. This shul take the place of cheerleading or gymnastics

149 Air Racing
150 Color Guard

I feel it's underrated for what it is. not only are you dancing (which is dangerous enough) but you are throwing 6ft metal flag poles (which hurts when hit in the head), (wooden) rifles, and sabres (both and go many feet in the air and if not caught properly can end very horribly. I have gotten many bruises cuts and gashes to my legs and my sabre has also went between my finger and finger nail and pulled them apart from each other. I feel this is one of the most dangerous sports.

151 Rodeo

It contains roping, barrel racing, bull riding, steer wrestling, sometimes trick riding, bronc riding, cow dobbing, cutting, and much more dangerous horseback riding events and bull riding. Rodeo overall is bull riding and horseback riding put into one day. - diehardbarrelbabe

152 Ocean Racing

While offshore in rough seas if you slip on the wet deck and fall over the edge, even if you are seen falling over board it is hard to see a head floating in nothing but waves, so you are left to drown or freeze whatever comes first. Countless people have died in this way. It is not pleasant.

Once I raced my lake across the ocean and it became so salty I ganed a rabbit burrow

153 Rally Racing
154 Water Volleyball

One time I shat in the pool and everyone just drown them self's in it and I was like that's nice.

I also died.

Yeah and one time I almost ate a cow!

One time I was going to set and I fell and almost downed.

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155 Baton Twirling

Baton is a sport and it is very dangerous you can not only break bones but you can do damage to your brain. Baton twwirling is done witih a metal rod and you are tossing it aroynd and doinbg tricks under a spiraling metal rod. Cheerleading is very dangerous but so is baton

Very very dangerous sport however it is very very fun so be a baton twirler ❤

156 Indycar Racing
157 Bossaball

Yea same I did that what he sad in th link in the description

I once did a poo and not just any old poo a hot, steamy, wet, Indian flavoured mugner.

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158 Ga-ga

So imagine going into a 2 foot high ring with big guys trying to fling a ball as hard as they can some where below the hips so you must use the ring to do flips and Parkour to avoid the ball but if you miss a jump and land on your head...

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159 Cabbage Ball

I know a frend who threw the bat at my face when she hit the ball and it gave me a black eye. I have never played that game since the accendent.

I love carrot ball. do u think my nigerian sport horse can eat it while iraq

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160 Street Racing

Why kickball before this

What is street raceing

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