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141 Shuffleboard

I had just retired and played for the first time, when it broke out into B all out brawl. Crazy day!

I sprained my hamstring. Not fun

I hit my brother witha shuffleboaerd and he jumped into the sea and he then chose to ride a racoon into the moonset

142 Kick Ball

One time my friends shoe flew off when she kicked, someone threw it back at her and it hit someone else in the face and they started crying.

Once I kicked a ball but it flew up in the air and blew up my friends school. but oliver came out of no where and fell over trying to preform the never seen before double kick 5 back 6 across 10 kick poo triple man eating combo.

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143 Scootering

Yes dogs invented this sport and humans adopted it. Carpet burns have killed many people but not many dogs.

Yes dogs are the best at this sport

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144 Stepping

Once I took a step and someone tickled my pickle and I shat on his face and he drowned in it. So yeah don't play this sport only for people who can no drown in poo.

I highly advice not to play this sport.

I agree w/ u sir, your such a smart lil cow ain't ya?!

145 Air Racing
146 Color Guard

I feel it's underrated for what it is. not only are you dancing (which is dangerous enough) but you are throwing 6ft metal flag poles (which hurts when hit in the head), (wooden) rifles, and sabres (both and go many feet in the air and if not caught properly can end very horribly. I have gotten many bruises cuts and gashes to my legs and my sabre has also went between my finger and finger nail and pulled them apart from each other. I feel this is one of the most dangerous sports.

147 Rodeo

It contains roping, barrel racing, bull riding, steer wrestling, sometimes trick riding, bronc riding, cow dobbing, cutting, and much more dangerous horseback riding events and bull riding. Rodeo overall is bull riding and horseback riding put into one day. - diehardbarrelbabe

148 Ocean Racing

While offshore in rough seas if you slip on the wet deck and fall over the edge, even if you are seen falling over board it is hard to see a head floating in nothing but waves, so you are left to drown or freeze whatever comes first. Countless people have died in this way. It is not pleasant.

Once I raced my lake across the ocean and it became so salty I ganed a rabbit burrow

149 Rally Racing
150 Water Volleyball

One time I shat in the pool and everyone just drown them self's in it and I was like that's nice.

I also died.

Yeah and one time I almost ate a cow!

One time I was going to set and I fell and almost downed.

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151 Jai alai

Not sure what this is but it sounds incredibly badass.

Some players die when the ball hits them.

Yes... Jai alai. I almost died playing this. I got hit square in the sternum. Flat. I saw a guy die once. Got hit in the mouth. Hard.

This should be definitely top ten

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152 Baseball Baseball Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.

Thank you I play base ball and you could get killed if someone hit a line drive and hit you if your a pitcher or any position last year I got hit by a pitcher and he throws at least over 50 miles per hour stupid cheer leaders that's not even dangerous why is baseball way down here stupid volley ball that's not even dangerous thank you for reading this good bye again tell me that this is a very dangerous sport and it is so volley ball and cheer leading is so stupid and I play base ball I am a girl!

Baseball is physical. And for all the people out there that say "All you have to is hit a ball", your wrong. don't judge it until you play it. I'm a catcher which is the toughest position. My parents told me that it'd be too risky for my size. I thought I'd be fine. If a had a Penny for every time I gotten hit by a ball in the dirt, taken a foul tip, or even ran over, I'd be rich. And don't even talk about lacrosse. I mean I thought it was pretty cool until people started blabbing about how dangerous it is. I do admit it is dangerous, but that's what you get for trying to play a Native American sport. Why you toughen up and play an American American sport.

It is hard you can get hit in the chest and die plus you can break your ankle sliding you can break fingers break wrist pull muscles the other week I hurt my wrist and couldn't play my second game I couldn't even swing my batt you easily get hitt in the face if it's hit hard enough I play softball but I watch my brother play all the time and we are extremely aggresive on bases and hitting it's not as easy as you think I've gotten fallen on just last week when I was catching and we do play in till we can't we have cut knees cut elbows and we do run a lot we don't just stand there and wait for a ball at practices we run up big hills more then you would think we put do much effort into the game ya you could have only 2 practices a week or every day of the week and games all weekends you have no life depending on the team you put all you have into the game in till you break something seriosly it's intense

Nearly killed my coach the other day when hitting, I barely missed him

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153 Fishing

I did martial arts for more than 10 years but never broke a piece of bone and none of my friends died but I've lost more than 5 friends Rock fishing.

Rock fishing can be far more dangerous compare to any other sports.

You have got to be tough to go fishing.

Fishing is by far the most dangerous sport, for any of you who don't agree I suggest you go buy a rod and go rock fishing. Good luck

Yep dangerous

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154 Golf Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.

I had always heard golf was number 1 based on a few factors. There are more people golfing at any one time than playing almost any sport. On any given day there are over 100 people playing on every available course, that's thousands in any one city from dawn until dusk. Average age of golfer is higher than any other sport resulting in back/neck/shoulder and other injuries. Also alcohol is more present in golf than any other sport leading to additional golf-cart related stupidity.

There is a certain element of risk in all sports, golf however factors old people, it has lightening strikes, heart attacks you name it it has it. Evidence shows more men die on a golf course then participating in any other event

When I was 10, my stupid-self was like "HEY, LETS GO WALK NEAR MY DAD PLAYING GOLF AND DODGE THE GOLF BALLS! " and of course, I got hit by the golf ball in my shin. And the scar is still there today. TRUE STORY! - Catacorn


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155 Road Cycling

A criterium, a style of Road Racing going around a square city block is much more dangerous than dance. You have over 20 people at minimum moving around at 25 MPH and you are close enough to the other racers that you can touch them. If one person puts the brakes on to hard, the whole group is on the concrete. How is that less dangerous than dance?

Have you ever had a car try to run you over? Then giant trucks fly past you just a few feet beside you. Tons of steel versus a rider? Cheerleading is that dangerous?

Wet road and big groups make cycling very dangerous and you will crash at one point in time with out doubt

How is this at the bottom this is beyond dangerous...cheer leading?

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156 Jumping Rope

I jump rope and have suffered multiple broken bones, twisted ankles, and sprained wrists. Jump rope combines the aspect of cheerleading and dance but then adds a rope that you constantly have to skip over the entire time. Competitions are brutal and last for hours. I've been on a professional jump rope team for 10 years and I have practice everyday, sometimes more than 8 hours in one day. The majority of you could never handle the physical strength that you need in order to jump rope. So learn about it before you bash it.

Jump rope combines gymnastics, dance, cheer, and soccer, when you are on a professional jump rope team that trains for over 10 hours a week like I do. If you haven't noticed, all of the previously mentioned sports are in the top 20. And in the last 2 years on my team, I have witnessed sprains, fractures, dislocations, broken bones, shin splints, and even bleeding. So jump rope should definitely be in the top 15 at least.

I almost dies

You can end up strangling your self

157 Roller Skating

In my opinion, skating should be in the top 20 of this list. I have shattered my knee, dislocated my shoulder, and received serious gashes and lost a lot of blood a few times, which is nothing compared to what many other people have been through. While skating downhill earlier today, a wheel popped off of one of my skates and I almost lost my balance a few times down. When you are going that fast with no protective gear, falling over could easily result in broken bones, especially if you hit the asphalt wrong.

I've been skating for a few years now and have had a broken toe broken angle and even was busted open this sport should be in the top 15 if not in the top TEN because if your doing the smallest grind still so much stiff could go wrong even if you do a tiny jump and land a wrong way you could have serious injuries its so under rated just because you see 5-8 year old girls the stuff older people do on skate is mad I'm shocked that this is even under top fifty and when this gets to ten or fifteen this list will at least a little more fixed up

This sport really should be in the top ten. Now, I can see how there are more dangerous sports around(ex. : sky diving). But one of the main reasons skaters don't usually get too serious of injuries is because they train. The first step in the sport is learning to balance and not fall! Falling is like a trick; if you land it right, you won't have much trouble getting back up. - rollerskaterpro

This should be way higher, every time I try to rollerskate I end bruising pretty much every part of my body

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158 Competitive Eating

Have you ever gotten constipated from eating too much? I have! This should be number one! I can't even believe that no one thinks it is more dangerous than cheerleading. You could so easily die competitively eating. I bet it happens all the time and is just covered up.

You must watch food attack. It is about people who got into serious trouble with food. Like someone who ate junk food and couldn't breath.

Well yeah I mean it gets pretty hardcore when your trying to eat cows!

You might choke.

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159 Ping Pong

The ceiling could collapse on table tennis players at any time, crushing them to death. There's also the ever-present danger of catching a life-threatening disease from the bat handles.

Without a doubt the most dangerous I broke my penis while trying to hit the ball.
You could also get in the eye with the ball if your not careful.

You can hit your hand on the edge of the table when swinging for the ball. Might leave a bruise for a day or two.

Not dangerous at all

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160 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

You can tell this list was made in the USA. They are all girls' games above this one! Cricket is insane! They are allowed to throw a solid, hard, heavy ball at your head and body at over 100mph! And you have a piece of wood 4 inches wide in your hand to hit it with. Then when the ball is travelling at 150mph you have to try to catch it TEN FEET AWAY! NO head protection, gloves, just BALLS! Top sport in India, 700 million population. (i got a cricket ball on the head when I was 10 years old, knocked me out cold for half an hour)

Can cause even death if hit in some areas. No matter how much protection you take its still dangerous. There are some insane fast bowlers. This is one of the sports which you can't even think of playing without proper protection.

So many batsmen died playing cricket. Phil Hughes died after a ball hit him on the neck. Try standing at silly mid-off without a helmet you are risking your life. A umpire got hit on his bum and had to leave the field. One guy got a fractured skull!. And another got a hit nose and it was full of blood.

This should not be ranked so low. One will realise this sport's hostility when he/she will face Mitchell Starc…

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