I, myself am a Traceur. And I was extremely surprised that parkour is this far down! Come on people! The whole point of parkour... The reason people do parkour, is not to get from point A to point B the fastest (although that's the aim) the reason people do it is for the adrenaline. Knowing that one wrong footing or placing your hand 1 inch off, could kill you. Cheerleading? Are you serious? The only reason it's number 1 is because there are so many girls that do it! I would love to see a cheerleader cat to the edge of a 3 story high building or jump off 2 stories onto concrete (Not having a bunch of people there to catch you) and tell me it's not dangerous! I'm not saying it's the MOST dangerous sport... But under cheerleading. No. It's common sense. Go look up and watch some PK before you vote... Really people!

Here is the deal with parkour. You make one mistake, and you are looking at a very good possibility of a life altering injury. Also people all of a sudden think that they are experts and decide to go extreme and end up killing themselves. A LOT of kids have killed themselves doing parkour. Highly Dangerous

This is an amazing sport. It requires extreme skill and dedication if you want to get anywhere with it. You have to be in amazing physical shape and have more guts than most people. Could any boxer, football player, soccer player, rugby player, or any other player catch a parkour runner in a city NOPE you could not. We train the same way you do plus we do everything every sport focuses on when it comes to training. We train for everything. Now if you would all start jumping off you house roof and flipping over walls I would like to ask you how dangerous that is.

Seriously? Seriously? What the hell is this doing under cheerleading? Last time I checked free falling from two stories is a lot more dangerous than free falling from two meters. Your spotter is concrete. Which, by the way, is a little less forgiving than a girl in a bow with a cute outfit. In parkour it's not a matter of whether you're going to break a bone, it's a matter of are you going to die doing the next jump.

Parkour/freerunning is not a sport, it is an art, and a discipline, so it shouldn't even be on the list, it should be above the list. I don't think horse back riding is not an art, it doesn't even match the definition of a discipline. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate parkour or anything, I love it, I train every day but, it shouldn't even be on the list for the reason I mentioned earlier and because its awesome that the list doesn't even deserve to have parkour on it.

Plus I like to see a Horse-back rider flip off a 10 foot wall or ump and stick on a bar for more than 10 seconds. I'd like to see Footballers and hockey players standing gainer on flat ground.

Definitely the most dangerous, in cheerleading do you climb up the Eiffel Tower without a harness or any equipment?! Jeez even Netball is more dangerous than cheerleading

OK I'm sorry but you people know nothing of parkour if any thing it should be lower I've practiced park our for 2 years with no injury that took longer than a week to heal. Your meant to train small and master a move before moving to harder ones by the time you do a Kong to persison over a roof gap you've should have done a hundred two hundred or more on ground level now before the haters come Parkour can be dangerous but not if you train properly and know what your doing - John01

Why is this so way down? Parkour/freerunning and other extreme sports like tricking deserve a higher place. Sure, you can break a bone or get a concussion from cheerleading and I know other sports are dangerous, but what sport is more dangerous than flipping and jumping off multiple stories of buildings and tricking on bare concrete and pavement. Honestly a lot of you do not know parkour and its risks. This deserves more respect.

Ever tried jumping two buildings with nothing underneath? How about climbing a building using nothing but grit and no climbing rope? Definitely more dangerous than cheerleading.

Seriously people! Cheerleaders make pyramids but people who do parkour! They jump off of buildings! Saying I do parkour myself! I've seen a kid fall doing parkour! How is this not dangerous! We need more votes for this! SERIOUSLY!

I believe parkour can be a very dangerous sport knowing that I have doing it for ruffly about 7 years and I have broken both my arms and I have broken my leg. Tore a bunch of muscles and had a near death experience with it. So I believe Parkour can be very dangerous unless you are prepared and well developed in the art.

Haha why is cheerleading in number3 and parkour at number 15 have a cheerleading after the jump we hear ah splat I mean come on seriously I have never seen get even a broken leg but parkour has 1000 injuries the world's biggest parlous jump was taken on a building 20 stories high this and cheer leading definitely need to switch places

Parkour is the MOST dangerous sport. Not only does it include flipping and jumping parkour happens to be on concrete. Any other sport the most height you could get was your height plus half. If you make the wrong move at the wrong time you are done for! Cheerleading there is no death involved just snapping bones or the worst injury is being paralyzed. When your up a 2 story building and you jump off and your head hits the concrete 1st its over. Horse back riding is NOT the most number 1 dangerous sport! Why are so many people voting for it?! A horse can break your bone BUT can't kill you! I think the problem is because people don't know about parkour.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have never seen any of the above sports jump between 20+ story buildings. Now lets tack on all of the the flips and tricks that are being preformed between said 20+ story buildings. I don't want to hear how dangerous football is when they twist their ankle or get a concussion.

Even the simplest moves in parkour if performed slightly incorrectly very often result in injury. Parkour is not done under supervision and is done in public areas. You may get barbed wire on your hand and you may also be assaulted by the police.

YES People think jumping is the sport look up most fatal parkour injuries and just see people falling flat on their face from really high areas EVERY TIME you do a trick you are risking your life to try to prove yourself and learn what to and what not to do, imagine trying to do a double back flip off of a roof Yea

Parkour is very dangerous. I've heard of a person who was doing a back flip in a sixty foot building, and was going to got to the other side, but then lost his footing. Ouch. Have you watched the movie tracers? You really need to see it if you are doubting how dangerous parkour is.

Ok no matter what sport you do, even if you don't do parkour you should know out of common sense that this is the most dangerous. It's almost inevitable that you WILL get an injury from doing this sport. Then again, it's what I love to do and will continue to do it.

How does anybody think that CHEERLEADING is more dangerous than PARKOUR! You can die so easily in parkour. What is wrong with them!

I've been training in PARKOUR/FREERUNNING for about two years and I have sprained my right foot twice and my left foot once. I've broken my nose and finger. I have also got many cuts and gashed my leg especially when I'm training on concrete. I've also tore a huge muscle from my neck down my back by landing on my neck. But I still continue to train because I'm so passionate about it and it is what I love to do.

Horse riding, get trampled on, break a rib. About 1 out of 10 get killed, accident.

Parkour, I personally enjoy, except one wrong move and you could be crippled seriously, I can just flip out a tree but I can't land it, some professional free runners flip from 2 story high buildings

Really? 14th place? Is this some mad joke? I think maybe it's so low is because there are so few people that do it and support it. I have only been practicing parkour for several months and I luckily haven't hiurt myself, yet. I have only gotten a taste of what parkour is and it was exhilarating. This shouldn't be based on vote. It's unfair to minorities.

I do pro parkour, and this should be at least number 5, not horse rideing! You are jumping from building to building 100 feet in the air. What if you screw up your jump, or trip, or aren't fast enough to jump something? The answer is you die, or you get paralyzed for life, get really lucky and decapitate body parts, etc. What I am saying is that 1 screw up, which happens to me a lot results in decapitation, or sometimes even worse. Luckily, I haven't been decapitated or killed, but I never let my guard down...

Parkour is the most dangerous sport because if you slip or make a mistake you could die from the highs people go to how is horse back riding top the worst that can happen is you fall of your horse try falling of a horse from 20 stories high

Parkour is amazing but downright deadly. It's a sport that can injure you very easily and very badly and it can kill you very easily with just one mistake. Absolutely no way that this should be below horseback riding of all things. - Mcgillacuddy