Not as dangerous as some might think. Certainly no where close to BASE jumping. Look up swooping and now skydiving just got more dangerous

I would've voted for equestrian because I am an equestrian and I know that if we fall off we could die. But, yeah, sky divers win my vote because if that parachute ain't opening your pretty much dead.

Actually not as dangerous as some think... Probably because they have never skydived. Only heard of 6 major injuries in the last year.

I mean skydiving would be an experience (not saying its not) but you actually need to think what are the pros and cons (mainly the cons).

I agree with other people. Think about it. Your 300 feet in the air. You step out of the plane. Your parachute doesn't open. How are you ever going to survive?

Ever heard of the Skydiving Quidditch, Skydivers play Quidditch.

I am not a skydiver but I think this is the most dangerous sport

This is very dangerous. What if your parachutes break in mid-flight what are you going to do then. You would die.

If something goes wrong we are not talking about injuries... were talking about death

Should be #1. If you land in the sea then you don't no how 2 swim or a shark will eat you

GOD! Cheerleading=Jumping off of someone's shoulders while this is jumping off a PLANE IN MIDAIR!

Sky diving is pretty dangerous if the parachute doesn't open your dead

It's not that dangerous if you have a partner, I mean he can help you even if your parachute fails

Skydiving should be two on the list, I hand to rely on my spare all the way down, not to mention it was about to rip - badghostkid37

Skydiving is leaping from a plane at 5,000 ft and cheerleading is jumping off shoulders? I don't think this is adding up very well...

Your parachute doesn't open, it's all over. - Mcgillacuddy

I thought this was dangerous wow

Its really very dangerous game

If your pursuit got stuck on a tree and no one found you

Not really a sport but very dangerousness

If your para shoot doesn't open you are screwed

Check out group tracking. Two people head to head at 100 mph+
Myself and two friends in wingsuits did a head to head with vertical distance between us just to see reaction time needed to spot and veer. No chance. From spot to passing each other was a couple of seconds. Seriously deadly.

Parachuting and base jumping are the only sporta that if you make a mistake you are dead.

If you forget about your parachute you probably should plan your furning