Softball is a a very dangerous sport if you make the wrong move you can get hit in the head and die. You get tons of bruises and you can bruise your ribs. When your running you can break your ankle or legs.. Or when you get cleated! I think softball should at least be in the top 10 because a friend of mine got hit in the eye while playing and almost broke a bone. I play Softball as well and I seen some pretty painful stuff. Someones cleats and have to go to the hospital.

I think softball is a dangerous sport because you can get hurt running, batting, and playing defense. If you don't get a ground ball at the right spot you could get hit in the face. If you are base running you could twist your ankle or in some cases you could break an ankle. Or if you are sliding into a base and you hit your head on the ground and get a concussion. I've gotten pretty beaten up from just one day of softball. Just one wrong move and you could get very hurt.

As one of the biggest catchers in my area, I can give countless examples of players who've been pulled from games or sent to the emergency room because of sliding into me wrong or just being that much smaller than me. Worst being is someone hitting the ground hard after being tagged and going into a seizure from the impact. Karma got me though, currently have a broken finger from getting hit by a foul ball. Unfortunately this happened the same day my friend sprained her ankle due to an outfield collision. Softball doesn't seem too dangerous, but I've seen some rough stuff in my years playing.

I was playing in a tournament a little while ago while I was a guest on a team, and I was pitching. I fired the ball to the glove, and when the batter hit it, it came right to my face! If I wasn't wearing a mask, I would have had to been rushed to the hospital with fractures, bruises, and a concussion. I blacked out for a few seconds to a minute, and woke up with people around me. I didn't feel much pain, but I couldn't help but cry. Softball is very dangerous! Now, I wear a chest protector shirt.

My friends slide every day and I see blood. There was a little girl who got hit in the head and s still in a coma today. My cousin just got out of a cast from breaking her wrist in softball. #62 really? This is by far more dangerous than cheerleading! I broke a finger catching a ball and my ankle while sliding to home. I could go on forever about injuries I've seen and had to go through myself. Softball is the best but at least top 20. Pitches go up to 60 mph and I'm only 12. In 14U metal cleats are used and I have seen people get cleated and it ain't pretty! You have less than a second to react to the person hitting the ball. Face masks don't even help as much as you'd hope. A girls nose was broken with a face mask on. by the way for all those people who think softballs aren't hard, let someone stand at the pitchers mound and you stand at homewhile they throw fastball at you.

Yeah I've been hit by the ball to many times to count... I almost got hit by a flying bat the other day at third. That same day I got hit in the ball in the shin ( I have a GIANT bruise now) and when trying to slide on home base the the pitcher whacked me in the face with her glove and I got giant scars on my arms and my head was throbbing like crazy. I was fine after a couple minutes.

I agree with you I play batter and 2nd base and it is dangerous.. You have to really concentrate and pay attention cause you don't wanna be hit... It is dangerous am an 7th grader and I have been playing soft ball for long... you got to get used to it after though I mean its fun but you can break something also.

One of my friends was just running in the outfield fell and her arm was curved like instead of it making an l it made a U. This one girl was wearing a fase mask and got hit and it broke the mask got a concussion and a big knot on her head. So I think it is very dangerous. I was pitching and got a hard line drive to the chest. It hurt really bad. And the in the past like 7 days I got hit in the ribs a line drive and ran over a girl in the base line and slid wrong into third and like twisted my ankle and it hurt. So there you go. ONE MORE THING HOW IS GOLF, BASKETBALL, CROSS COUNTRY, SOCCER, etc. MOREDANGEROUSE THEN THIS. And this is just two people I know and 1person I don't know. And another thing is this one girl she slid or something and her knee cap came out of place. It was gross.

Softball is very dangerous because the balls are coming at you very fast one could hit you in the face, you can slide wrong and dislocate something. Your hands can get stepped on with medal cleats. I know this from experience

Softball is a very dangerous sport if you love the sport go ahead and play but this girl got her face mask smashed and hit her in the head and lights out she's dead so softball should be called hard ball please and you say cheerleading is dangerous

I was at a tournament a ball hit me in the eye right by my nose and I had a concussion I'm a pitcher and third baseman I was out for almost three mothers from the concussion and on top of that more than half my face was blue and black not a pretty sight.

I was playing catch with my dad and all I remember was a lime green ball heading towards my face and then boom... I have a black eye. Softball should be in a higher ranking then this... Swimming is higher then softball... That's stupid

Really 62 we are more dangerous then have the sports up there kids have died playing baseball/softball a kid got him in the chest by a ball and his heart stopped.. He died softball is really dangerous.

WHAT!? I have played softball for 7 years and I have had a broken ankle, broken wrist, broken nose, broken shin. broken arm, broken leg, and three cracked ribs. try and tell me softball is not dangerous!

Sooftball should not be #41 I've been hit in the head so many time up at bat it's not even funny. You have a split second to move and sometimes that's not even enough twice I blacked out. I also almost dislocated my knee while sliding. And I've had a countless number of bruised ribs.

Try having line drives come at you with under a second to react to them, if you are not ready then instead of playing your sport, you are going to be lying in bed for a good amount of time. Don't think it's dangerous, try it some time.

This is way more dangerous than number 39 I just broke my hand and in the same game a girl injured her back and someone got a concussion

Softball is just like baseball but girls play it. you could get hit in the head with a ball, slide or dive wrong and break a bone, get hit by a pitch, and so many other things.

My nose broke during a game. The ball came at me like hell rising over -. -

Softball is way more dangerous then half the sports I front of it

Dude try having a softball coming at you 50 mph then leaving a purple welch. It hurts

It's so dangerous that's why I play it. If you miss the ball and its coming at you you are going to bloody, trust me it happened to me before. That's one out of idek accidents that can happen to you in softball

Cheerleading is not hard softball is harder

I think that softball should be in the top 10

This is bull. It should be in the top 10.