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Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.


I have AN UNREAL AMOUNT of respect for surfers. As an equestrian I was very happy that riding was number one, but I think it very well ties with surfing. I am petrified of the ocean and I could never have the guts to do what you guys do. Sharks, coral, the fact that your field is literally trying to kill you, yeah, I think surfing should be AT LEAST in the top five, and I've never even been surfing. - SassyEquine

It's true that Rugby and Football have concussions, broken ribs, and fractures; however, Surfers such as myself have to deal with Shark attacks, Coral Reefs, and most of all OTHER SURFERS! Surfing is a sport where death is possible and many people around the world do this sport because it's just AMAZING! However more people die in surfing than any other sport.

Surfing is with out a doubt one of the top 5 most dangerous sports. More people die or smash their heads on reefs and get hurt way more than cheerleading or lacrosse or even football. Soccer without a doubt shouldn't be in the top 10. I play soccer for my school and trust me, surfing is extremely more dangerous.

Well I surf and I have got lots of cuts from the shallow reef, some people have become a quadriplegic lots of people die from surfing I think it should be in the top ten

Surfing is dangerous because you might get eaten by a shark. Cheerleading is also dangerous because if you kick one of the other girls they might put some bright red lipstick on you.

If you get sucked under you're done. I cannot even comprehend why baseball is in front of surfing.

What happen if you got in a wave shark could attack you because we have electricity in us just a little or you could drown because you Might not know how to swim or do you just so

Surf's up dudes! Let's go!

- The boy didn't make it. It was actually a 9000 meter high tsunami that surprisingly, didn't kill, but injured him.

Moral- Do not mistake tsunamis for surf waves

First of any sport where water is the playing field is dangerous already. Add in waves that want nothing more than to kill you, rocks, reefs, shallow water, hypothermia enducing cold water, sea life (sharks), exhaustion, weather, and other surfers it is now even more dangerous than any other water sport or land sport.

I recently watched the film, Soul Surfer, on my DVD player. The film had a professional championship surfer, Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb), who had her right arm cut off by a massive tiger shark but that didn't stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a surfer girl. Inspired by a true story, Soul Surfer is based off the book of the same name by Bethany Hamilton (published by Gallery Books but produced by MTV Books, a sublabel of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International). You could find this book in the childrens section at Barnes & Noble. - playstationfan66

You can get a concussion by a rock, get button by a shark, break a bone, and DROWN! So yeah it's dangerous.

The ocean is the single most powerful force on earth. 50 foot wall of water moving over 40 miles per hour. Need I say more?

Surfing and cheering to me are my favorite sports and to me they are the most dangerous

Crazy wipeouts, getting hit by reef or rock and dangerous creatures in the sea. Not even top ten?

One bad wave and you can drown there are reefs rays and sometimes even sharks this is seriously dangerous CHEERLEADING SUCKS

I surf and I got trapped under the board and cut my arm

Big wave surfing and sharks, 90 foot waves=good bye cruel world

My grandfathers friend was killed in a surfing accident

I always have the men in grey suits on the back of my mind.

Wrestling is dangerous, boxing is dangerous, gymnast is a is dangerous but surfing is the most dangerous because of occasional shark attacks and drowning hazards, it makes me nervous when people on T.V. are surfing. Archery is NOT dangerous at all, you would only get hurt if you purposely stabbed yourself with it.

Next time, try surfing in an actual SAFE place. See how that feels.

It depends on were your surfing

Just look what big wave surfers do to just try to have a chance to survive in 1oo ton washing machine

Think about all the scary shark attacks! I could never do it.
It would creep me out so much!

I think surfing is actually more dangerous then it sounds like when you get dumped and land on Corel.