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Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.


I've had my nose broken by a teammate (I took a knee to the face) when we both dove for the ball and I've also broken my ankle by having the girl across the net roll under it and take me out as I was landing from a block. In addition, I have permanent damage in my elbows from diving for balls and sacrificing my body to save a pass. It's definitely a more rough and tumble sport than most people give it credit for. I'd like to see more people take an 80 mph ball to the face and still make an amazing play off of it.

Honestly, volleyball looks petty and simple on the outside but when girls are smashing a ball down into your face with the force of a grown man, its simply terrifying. You don't get a second or two to think you have to be ready and get to that ball even if you knock a few people down on the way to the ball. And if that's not enough you have all of the pressure coming from your team and coaches to make the perfect play. Maybe I'm being biased but I think this sport should be higher up.

The only reason why this sport isn't high up. Is because people have to vote on the "most dangerous sports." You can train so hard in volleyball and still be able to break bones or get concussions all because you never know what the other team is going to do next! Setters have it hard because passers aren't always going to hit the ball to the setter and those setters will do anything to get the ball to the attacker. I'm not even a setter and I know they have to go through to get the ball to me so I can slam the ball on the other side.

I've played volleyball for about 5 years now and trust me, I'm fully aware that it's a VERY intense sport. I've also done track, cross country, and basketball and I've actually gotten injured the most in volleyball. So many muscles can be pulled, concussions are very frequent, I've gotten 4 sprains, and if you're committed to it, then the workouts are torture. Volleyball is fun and a passion, but it's dangerous.

Volleyball when you get up into higher levels, is very pressuring, and you will do anything to get that ball up from a serve or hit, and I have come home with huge bruises, and teammates out for the season from rolling their ankles badly, getting knee injuries, and breaking bones. My sister used to also play too, and she rolled her ankle very badly, and her whole bottom half of her leg was purple. I'm not saying don't play, because I love this sport, but you have to be very careful.

This needs to be way higher up you have to dive for the ball coming at you at 60mph... Yeah totally not dangerous well you think that be 12 years old in 6th grade and have to throw your body out to hit the ball yeah sure not dangerous at all whatever I should know being 12 years old and only in 6th grade but being a junior olympian diving for a ball on to the floor where the ball is going straight to your face not dangerous? You play the sport dedicate your life to it and put your heart sole and everything you have got into that game of volleyball

Volleyball is a crazy sport! We go through hours of practice a week to get to our best level of competition. I have broken my finger before just by diving for a ball during warm ups. People might think it is "just a more intense game of keep the ball from touching the ground" but it's not. If you have never played, then try passing a hit that goes down 80mph right on the 10 foot line, tell us it's just a more intense game of keep the ball off the floor then. Volleyball should be higher on the list!

Volleyball is awesome! Laugh out loud I always get jammed fingers put I am a awesome player! Everyone get hurt! Even when your a professional! Volleyball is awesome! Right now. I have a Injured shoulder And a sprained right hand... You learn to manage the pain I seen someone break a leg playing volleyball... all my friends are scared to play by how much they notice people injured... volleyball should be a more popular sport!

I've gotten a concussion in volleyball and its super easy to sprain an ankle, which I have also done. Also, if you are a back row player, you end up with bruises all over your body and every day, you add new bruises to the mix. So don't hate on volleyball because if you work your tail end off, its totally worth it, but also dangerous!

Diving can hurt your elbows and if two people dive a once and crash could lead to nose injuries or something else. Shoulder injuries from serving and hitting if not warmed up well. Ankles get hurt the most from landing wrong after a hit or a block. Falling on the ground on your back could also hurt but it is not that common. In conclusion the sport should be higher up.

I challenge anyone who says that Cheerleading or Dance is a harder sport than Volleyball to do this: To a ball going up to 120mph towards you, dig it perfectly. Per year hundreds of thousands of people break bones, tear muscles and worse for a single touch. The men's game is even more brutal, and so I am disappointed Volleyball is ranked so low.

Jump up to hit, land wrong and you can sprain and ankle, break your ankle, or tear your ACL and if you tear your ACL, you will need surgery and sports therapy for a year. You can sprain your fingers from setting wrong, and hurt your knees from diving, even when you wear kneepads; sprain your wrists from blocking.

I'm sorry, but getting hit in the face with a ball going 70 mph is a lot more painful than some of the things on here. People come out of the game with jammed fingers, sprained wrists, broken ankles, and concussions. In soccer, people fake injuries, in volleyball, people fake NOT having injuries so they can keep playing.

Why wasn't this in the top ten? If someone spikes or jump serves the ball, you could get hit in the head or face. And a real volleyball is HARD. You could get a concussion if the serve is REALLY powerful. You could also bruise your forearms really bad from trying to pass a powerful spike to the setter.

I've played volleyball for only two years, and I've already sprained both my ankles, gotten my neck straightened out by a chiropractor, and am constantly covered in bruises. I have practice 10 hours a week and A clinic on Sundays, plus a 3 hour conditioning session on Saturdays.

I have had surgery and crutches for three months because of volleyball. I always have tons of bruises from diving an I know girls that have gotten concussions from their heads hitting the floor when they dive! Volleyball isn't death dangerous but it is most definitely painful.!

In volleyball I personally have seen so many people get concussions. If you didn't know you can die from concussions when you go to sleep. One night at practice my coach was slamming balls at us at 90 mph and we didn't have a choice but hit them one hit my face and I was lucky that it wasn't as bad now people may think that bolleyba is a stupid sport because it isn't professional like football but it's very serious.

If you don't think volleyball is hard go out with us and get a ball going who knows how fast slamming into your face, feel the burns when you dive into the bleachers because someone hit it out of bounds, try getting ready for state finals jumping up 6 feet until your guts feel twisted, try getting on the team with a this is so easy attitude, try getting a ball spiked at your nose when it is still broken try all of those things and tell me how it works out for you cause I ❤️ volleyball.

Volleyball should be way up this list. Of course volleyball is a dangerous sport when players of the other team come underneath the net and you land on their foot what often leads to twisting your ankle. But besides the injuries cause by contact with you opponent, there are loads of examples of people who suffer from very serious injuries only by landing wronlgy. In not even a one year interval I've seen three girls have their ACL (anterior cruciade ligament) torn. For those who don't know what this means: it means you have to undergo surgery because the ACL is the most important stabilator in your knee and it doesn't heal by it self. The recovery of such operation is at least 6 months, for volleyball is 8 months often recommended.

Volleyball isn't dangerous because of extern factors but because the sport it self demands so much power and agility of your body.

I am a volleyball player and we are running at the ball at 50-80 mph with only pads on. I have seen so many times my teammates have broken bones (examples legs and hands) because of hitting the ball.

Should be higher up on the scale because I've fractured a wrist sprained both ankles and had a minor concussion while playing because there's way more skill and technique that has to be taught and learned.

Because I already injured of playing volleyball and I lost my scholarship and I'm bored only to sit in my wheelchair because my right leg was cut off. I stop schooling

Ok people... If you've ever played volleyball you should know that this is a tough sport! It takes hard work dedication and it can be very dangerous. When you are up at the net and you jump up because you know you are going to get that one block, but you land wrong on your ankle; or, a person on the opposite team lands underneath the net, it can go bad in a hurry.
I just want you to know that it can be dangerous, maybe not all the time but yes it can be dangerous just like anything else can be. All I'm asking is you keep it in mind!
DON NOT DIS THIS SPORT! Ok that's all I have.. Bye - jumpsetter99

I play volleyball and I've had to sit out of basketball games because of my injuries. You can twist an ankle so quickly or break your head open

Volleyball takes skill, being articulate withe every movement you make, and amazing speed, endurance, and agility. Volleyball deserves to be in the top 10!