Water Polo


finally someone who knows what I'm on about

i did a speach on this and at the end I had convinced my entire class and at that moment I had not been aware of the fact that people have died from the injuries they have sustained in water polo

not to mention the elbowing in the neck you recieve and then a kick to the gut not only can you not breath your winded too trust me had it done it's really really not great I passed out!

Definitely dangerous! I was in a tournament where they rushed a girl to the hospital because she had a broken nose and a serious concussion. My uncle sent a guy to the hospital with a broken spine. I was in practice being guarded by a teammate and turning around to shoot a backhand I whacked her so hard in the face that she lost a tooth and unlike other sports when a teammate gets hurt you have to rush to help them to make sure they don't sink to the bottom of the pool and drown. And most of all unlike in other sports the referee can't see whats happening under water, so while the ref will protect all the wrestlers and football players and soccer players, we're getting kicked, jabbed, pinched, scratched, clawed, and drowned.

What the.. This list is a popularity contest. Just because the few elite, super humans that play water polo are too busy training, some other athletes on the internet are just saying their sport is harder! Like honestly its 9:18 PM right now and the only reason I'm here is because I just got out of my 4 hour practice and I don't want to do homework.

Please, any of you people in other sports would die drowning in your bathtub. You guys practice your sport by jogging every day and lifting weights. You can't do that for water polo, because other than swimming, it's a sport on a different terrain. We are the few, the proud, the water polo players.

Um I'm sorry but water polo is seriously tough. We not only have to strong legs from treading and lunging forward but strong core muscles mixed with a strong arm to throw the ball across a 25 yard-long pool. In the rules of water polo anything is legal as long as it doesn't impede the motion of the ball, so many of us sustain injuries from punches kicks elbows. My best friend received 10 stitches in her chin from being elbowed in the face. Another friend of mine broke both orbital bones and nose from getting kicked in the face during a turnover. I'd like to see a football player, wrestler, or soccer player try to survive one conditioning and leg workout, because those things are not easy.

It's the hardest sport if ever played, its one of those sports that you can practise for 20 hours a week and still not see much of a result, it is physically demanding and mentally demanding, you can never be totally sure what is going on and what the other teams strategy is, not only is the sport very difficult but there is also a time limit for how long you can have possession of the ball, you have to survive about 8 minutes of extreme swimming, and whatever the ref doesn't see is obviously not a foul, I once got drowning, my defender literally strangled my neck and put me underneath the water, I had marks on my neck but no even though there is evidence she didn't get a yellow or red card for brutality

I have been playing water polo for a year and a half, and I have never seen a more vicious sport. I have tried a lot of the sports that are above this, and there is no way they are more dangerous than it. How many other sports are there where people are actively TRYING to drown you?
No offense to anyone, but at the moment dance is above this, and that is ridiculous. How many people end up with ripped costumes and bloody noses? How many people breathe in water and end up nearly coughing up a lung, just to continue playing?
Watching high level water polo is exhilarating, but even out of the pool it's kind of terrifying how physical it is. So many people get injured during games just to keep playing!

Water Polo deserves to be number one on this list. It is probably the hardest sport ever. You have to swim and try to score while your opponents are trying to drowned you. You also have to hold up half of your body up and out of the water while everyone is trying to drag you down. I've been dunked many, many, many times and let me say, they (meaning you'r opponents. ) don't let you come back up in three seconds. They hold you under the water until they're satisfied.

I just started waterpolo and I've already pulled my arm out bruised 3 ribs in one game, I have seen a girl in the varsity team get her rib broken and her ear drum blew out, in addition to all these injuries, people still think somehow football's so much more dangerous. In my opinion, they're relatively equal in danger.

This site is a joke, it's based off popularity of the sport instead of actual facts. If you want to know what is dangerous, look at the actual fatality statistics per capita.

Boys water Polo is ranked second and Girls is 9th.

Most games I get out of the pool bleeding and bruised. I get kicked, punched, grabbed, pulled underwater, scratched, and bitten! The girls I play against are vicious, and that is just high school league!

I don't understand how this is number 34.
In water polo, you can DROWN.
In water polo, you only get EAR PROTECTION.
In water polo, you get your bathers RIPPED OFF. (viciously I might add)
In water polo, there is so much going on in a game, chances are no one will SEE if you get hurt.

Water polo.
It's really dangerous.
That may or may not be why I love it.

Water polo:
The sport where being kicked and scratched and even bitten (I have seen it) is considered normal.
The sport where your opponent is literally trying to drown you.
This should be at least in the top ten, there is hardly a moment in a game, or even training for that matter when you haven't got your shoulder into someone.
The relaxing parts of the game are treading water when lining up.

It's surely more dangerous then football for sure due to the fact that most of the fighting is under water with the legs and I've played it for over 3years and I have come out of the water with scratches and blood just from a sport in the water so let's see the big boy(football) players try this crap and see which is easier and more painful between the 2

800 men who can barely walk play foot ball and base ball. This list is jacked up. They would quit after the first 2 minutes of our warm up. And the funny thing is, I bet almost non of the pros who play the "sports" above could even lift them selves out of the pool.

Ok so I have been playing water polo for 5 years now and let's just say it should be like in top 10 at least because I have played many other sports and water polo was the most aggressive and hard sport I have ever played I love it none the less though

I just found out this is real, and by reading the comments I know I would not last 10 minutes trying this. I don't even know how to swim. So I have respect for everyone that plays this sport and I think it should be higher on the list.

This should be in the top five. I don't play often, but every time, I have bruises and am almost too tired to pull myself out of the pool. I have also seen many injuries and read of many deaths. This sport is like soccer where you can drown.

It is a very dangerous sport to play. Water polo is like foot ball underwater, you think it's any easier then football on solid ground? Sorry you are wrong.

I played water polo in high school and I don't think there were many games that I came out of the water without blood on me. Shattered my nose once, got kicked in the stomach/chest many times, and had many scratches after every game. And of course the kicks in the gnads.

It is very sad that people consider dance a more dangerous sport then water polo where there is always the chance that you can drown

I play water polo I now that it is harder then most sports out their even football because it is foot ball with noe pads but in the water so you can't cry after you get punched in the face two times like foot ball guys do some times with their pads on

Good god, how the hell is this sport not in top ten? This list is oviously based of of popularity. In one game, one person broke their nose, one a broken arm, and I broke 3 fingers. The refs only call stuff above water. Everything else goes. If you have the ball, anything is legal. Id like to see you football girlies even get through one water polo practice. Pinching, grabbing, puching, kicking, drowning, it all is all okay. I wont even mention the leg strenght required. I am the whole set, so I have to deal with all the biggest players, I will always have straches and bruises after every game. Cheerleading? Football? How are they harder? This list is stupid. Especially the cheerleading part

This sport should be in the top 5. This is really a contact sport. Football players think it is not bad and you just swim but I would like to see them last one game.

Water polo is the hardest sports ever played.. if you have never played it you might think its easy but it not. you have to tread water and try and keep the ball in t=you hand while trying to fight off your defender. you practice and train for hours and hours a day to try and keep your strength up.

Water polo is one of the hardest sports I've ever played I'm currently playing and I'd like to see football kids trying to do it