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Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.


Every day after practice in Wrestling, I would walk out with another injury. It went as far as having a concussion take me out for a month. That was the one day it was really major, but every other day I would have orange-sized bruises on my knees and swollen ankles and wrists and pulled muscles. Wrestling definitely should be in the top 5 just from the practices alone. When we step on the mats, we let all hell loose and we don't stop until the ref calls it by pin, min-maj decision or injury. So all of you non-wrestlers voting, please keep that in mind next time you vote.

Wrestling is VERY dangerous and I know why.. When I was fourteen I started wrestling and at first I felt like I could do it but then my enemy attacked me so angrily I broke my two legs my nose and one of my teeth came out. So from now on I get beaten up a lot and I always injure SOMETHING in my body and yeah cheerleading is dangerous but not dangerous enough to come TOP. The whole point in wrestling is HURTING somebody! So you get beaten up hurt or injured much more in wrestling.

I've wrestled almost my entire life, since I was about 5 years old. I have never seen so many injures in my life. The willpower you have to have and endurance to win over your opponent is incredible the only sports I would rank above wrestling would be gymnastics and motocross and I know this first hand also since I was eight years old I've been riding dirt bikes and I've had countless injures but both of my sisters compete as full throttle gymnasts and they are hard core these girls bust there asses to do one more flip, or whatever they're doing so step down cheerleading your not the most dangerous sport

Seriously Cheerleading is not the most dangerous In wrestling I go out on that mat with fear that I wont come back but I do it I have a bad back I broke my nose didn't know it and kept wrestling I wrenched my knee bite through my lip almost broke my arm in one match and I have only wrestled for nine years

Anyone want to explain to me how soccer is a more dangerous sport that wrestling? Is that a joke? Wrestling is the only sport played in high school, were you go into a match focused on hurting another individual. With no pads, and only a mat to lessen the shock. Ask any soccer player if they want to come and get slammed by a varsity wrestler. Wrestling is a sport were you expect to hurt others, and expect to get hurt, but that is the warrior mentality that comes with it.

I've been wrestling for 2 years and I know that wrestling is more dangerous then cheerleading... we go out on the mat with the idea of breaking the other guy. Wrestling is where 2 people use hand to hand combat to win the bout... we are the most dangerous... people have broken necks suplexing, people get broken noses from crossfaces, people get choked out in headlocks, people get concussions from being slammed... we are the most dangerous

Wrestling is the way more dangerous then football cheerleading, A lot of people get hurt when you are able to throw people around on the mat and get points by how much there feet get over there head. I am a girl wrestler only been wrestling for 3 years and I have broken bones doing it. I learned a move called the back breaker does cheerleading have that.

Broken Necks, Cracked Skulls, Torn Muscles and the overall wear and tear of years in wrestling makes it easily one of the most dangerous sports in the world! Hell, the amount of wrestlers dying young (steroid allegations aside) and the amount of wrestlers experiencing heart attacks because of the sport (see Jerry The King Lawler suffering a heart attack just minutes after taking 10 elbows to the chest) easily puts wrestling in the top 5 at least.

Come on you got 5 point throw where most people goals are to drop you on your head from 5+ feet with them helping to get you hit the mat harder

Wrestling should be number one I've played many sports baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, football, and hockey. But in wrestling you get way more injures. I've wrestled for 4 years, baseball 9 years, basketball 5, lacrosse 6, soccer 5, football 4, and hockey for 3 years. Wrestling has became my favorite sport even though is still love football, lacrosse, and baseball the sports I still play currently. I think wrestling is the toughest it's practices are a hundred times harder and I've been injured more in wrestling than any other sport in my life. I've torn my ACL, sprained my knee, broke my hand, had 2 concussions, MRSA which is worst than staph infection, sprained and broken fingers, twisted ankles, and a broken nose, all in wrestling.

I wrestle and I defiantly think it should be in the top 5! I am a girl that has wrestled for 4 seasons now and it's hard getting slammed on the mats which aren't very soft there defiantly harder then cheer mats. And the fact everywhere you look around tournaments you see broken arms, legs, ankles and dislocate shoulders and kids knocked out. It should defiantly be top 5!

I'm in my second year of wrestling and it is way more dangerous than cheerleading, I have already dislocated my shoulder and still have to wrestle and have seen a kid snap his wrist and collar bone in one match, also ask cheerleaders if they have people snapping their fingers in half and you would understand what is more dangerous

My uncle Bob taught me how to do this and a lot of times he taught me new ways to make them tap out but we always did it hours and we were always sweating and he taught me that its good to rub your body in lotion when you get into it. But, his dick got stuck in my hair and it fell off.

really cheerleading... of course theres 20,000 reported injuries a year, its a bunch of prissy little girls jumpin up and down, there arent injuries in wrestling because we want to wrestle, ya ever heard of kurt angle, yeah the guy who won an olympic title with a broken neck, lets see a cheerleader do that, oh wait its not even an olympic sport thats right

I think it should be number 3 because cheerleading is more annoying than dangerous in wrestling you get your arms yanked off and get put into the most uncomfortable positions and how I know all this because I wrestle and plus you get more head aches from listening to cheerleaders than hitting your head on your opponents head.

Wrestling being less dangerous than cheer? And soccer?... In wrestling there's always a chance when you step on the mat that you may get injured (I got a concussion. It was fun alright) Unfortunately people have dropped out of the sport lately and nobody brings it up as much as other sports.

I wrestle and I'm 13 and I have been wrestling for 9 years. I have traveled the country and I have seen some pretty bad stuff. I have seen 2 broken necks, 3 sprained necks, multiple and multiple broken arms and these an be pretty nasty, wrestling is super dangerous because you can throw people right over you on there neck, and its encouraged because it's the most points! I use the move, its called a suplex and its real fun but people seem to get hurt by it by pulling mussels. I have seen a lot of torn ACL's, two of my friends have torn it and have been out for two years!

Many people don't know how hard and tough this sport really is. I have been a wrestler my entire life, and you don't even know how many kids I have gotten injured. Me personal haven't gotten injured, but I have gotten plenty of kids hurt. This is the most physical sport out there.

I am just voicing an opinion here but I think wrestling should be in the top 5 at least this is because of the 5 years I have wrestled I have seen kids bust there head open and keep wrestling iv seen kids get slammed on there nose it becomes crocked see I am a aggressive I have broken peoples ribs by running a half and I think wrestling deserves more credit for how dangerous the sport is again just stating my opinion.

I've played soccer, football, hockey, motocross, and wrestling. Guess which one I got hurt in. Wrestling is the hardest sport, and the most dangerous. I broke my leg in practice! This sport should be number one.

Listen, I've been a wrestler for 6 years and I'm 12 years old. I've tried motocross and I would say that they are both very dangerous! But I would have to say that wrestling is #1 and motocross and bull riding and tied for #2. GO WRESTLING! :) I thank all you guys that do a sport...

I have done 5 long, frustrating seasons of amateur High School wrestling, and I have to tell you, never has a sport pushed me to the point where I punched a stone wall after I lost a match. This sport can really leave you battered and very emotional.

Every match I've ever wrestled, I've left with an injury. One tournament, I left with an injured shoulder, tricep, Head injury, and an injured knee. That was just the first tournament!

I highly agree. Wrestlers have the risk of skin problems on top of the other major injuries. Wrestling should be in the topp 5 with football, rugby and lacrosse. In don't know how soccer, gymnastics and cheer leading could get higher. Wrestlers must be tough and be mentally and physically strong

As a wrestler I've seen more seasons ended by torn ligaments and broken bones than any other sport at my school, which has football soccer and cheer leading which are all ranked above wrestling.