Top Ten Most Dangerous Weapons In the WWE

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1 Sledgehammer

Triple H's signature weapon could smash a human spine and even crush a guy's skull. That's one sick, diabolical object ever used in the ring!

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2 Barbed Wire

Just watch Mick Foley and tell me that anything else is as destructive as the barbed wire

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3 Ladder

Can be used in many ways.

4 Table

Ray and Devon's favorite weapon to use with to weaken their opponents. "Devon, get the table! "

5 Steel Chair
6 Thumbtacks

Takes time to pluck these tacks outta your body, but the worst part is that they might sting you in the eyes or accidentally swallow one of them.

7 Trash Can
8 Kendo Stick
9 Pieces of Wood Covered In Barbed Wire That Have C4 Explosives

How would a barbed wire wood with C4 do that to a wrestler? WWE doesn't use explosive weapons, only for storylines like Mr. McMahon blew up in a limo. Did some little kid put this item on this list?

Watch the video on YouTube of Cactus Jack and Terry Funk in the IWA King of the Death Match. I've never actually seen it used in WWE, but it does exist.

This exists, I kid you not


10 Lead Pipe

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11 Steel Steps
12 The Ropes
13 Baseball Bat

Sting's signature weapon. Sting swinging a bat would hurtmore than triple jabbing you with his sledge hammer

14 Axe V 1 Comment
15 Microphone
16 Knuckles
17 2×4

Used by Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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1. Barbed Wire
2. Sledgehammer
3. Thumbtacks
1. Barbed Wire
2. Trash Can
3. Kendo Stick



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