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21 White Chocolate
22 Donut

Donut, donut, donut, donut, donut!

23 Ice Cream Brownie Sundae

I've have only tried this about 3 times, and it is the best thing you will ever have trust me! And especially I got to choose my 3 favorite ice cream scoops, to go on top of the ice cream: Rainbow, Orange, Cookie-cream. Sometimes I choose Rocky Road though - alehoran

24 Apple Pie
25 Melted Chocolate With Strawberries, Bananas and Cream

Yum! I could it this every day and not get board with it. It's like taking happiness and deliciousness and shooting it through a double rainbow - yamabiko

, I love this dessert, It fills my slim tummy so well and my tummy starts gurgling. Probably all that
food moving in me. Plus I'm a girly girl. I can't stand tomboys. #Girlygirlzrulzez!

26 Meringue
27 Opera Cake
28 Bananas and Custard

Filling, tasty and a mix of foods. (well, bananas and custard, but who would have guessed? )

29 Root Beer Float
30 Italian Ice
31 Pandoro
32 Cream Soda Float

Mm with vanilla ice cream

33 Blueberry Cheesecake

I love cheesecake its sensational

34 Whipped Cream & Strawberries
35 Panforte
36 Pampepato
37 Semifreddo
38 Zuccotto
39 Tartufo
40 Huckleberry Ice Cream
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