Top Ten Most Delicious Fruits

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41 Asian Pear

Unlike western pears, Asian pairs aren't mushy at all.

Also known as Aisian Pear or Apple Pear are by far the best! The crispness of an apple and the juiciness of a pear. Best served cut up as a snack or dessert.

42 Cherry

Why? Why? So low! They are the best thing ever.

You never had cherries have you

Is used for many reasons like to be an icecream topping or to be on yogurt or in it or you can just have it by all by its self

My lover called me Cherry.It's my romantic fruit.As red as your red lips.

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43 Fig

The common fig (Ficus carica) is a species of flowering plant in the genus Ficus, from the family Moraceae, known as the common fig, or just the fig. It is the source of the fruit also called the fig, and as such is an important crop in those areas where it is grown commercially. Native to the Middle East and western Asia, it has been sou

How come figs are not number 1# they are the sweetest most delicious fruits in the world

Best one!

44 Coconut

Coconut should be number one on the list it is the best in the world!

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45 Bacuri

Even in Brazil a few peoples know.
For me the best.
Most popular on Belém City.
Sweet, but the taste change to a sweet-acid.

46 Grapefruit

With a little bit of sugar they're amazing!

47 Pear

Should be hugher, particularly because of that moist, wet juicy pinky flesh. I can't wait to get my mouth into one

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48 Lime

Can be super sour but a teeny tiny bit sweet is good to use in drinks and to season foods like chicken and Turkey

49 Yellow Watermelon

Yum! You can get some in marks melon patch in GA

50 Custard Apple

I'm pretty sure this is cherimoya

Most delicious

51 Bablimas

I love the fruit. If you like how it sounds buy it in Chinatown. Buy it buy it buy it buy it! I can't wait for you to enjoy it!

Thank you for sharing this information!

52 Dragon Eye
53 Tamarillo
54 Pomelo

Tastiest thing better than grapefruit

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