I have played almost every sport there is. Swimming, football, track, tennis, basketball, hockey, etc... and those are walks in the park compared to motocross. Football is 5 seconds of sprinting followed by 30 seconds of rest. Swimming is a minute or two all out. Motocross is 10-30 minutes of going as hard as you can, and never letting up. There are a thousand and one things to think about when racing, and skipping one of them might end up losing you the race, or putting you in an ambulance. There is no off season. You are running and lifting the day after the season ends in order to be in shape for next season. And the horrible thing is, it is never enough. No matter how good of shape you are in, you are still gasping for air the second the helmet comes off, trying to uncurl your cramped hands that are dripping in blood from blisters popped and skin tore off from just holding on. God help you if you ever go down with any significant speed. The best way to demonstrate crashing on a ...more

I haven't been involved in every sport but have had involvement in the popular US sports. Motocross requires every single attribute of the human body and mind. It is so physically demanding that if a normal human being could borrow the skill set for just one minute on a Amatuer National Outdoor track, not even going to mention the seriousness of a Pro Outdoor National track, the person would never be the same physically again. You would be measurably shorter from the impacts to your unfit musculature that allowed your spine to compress, your arms would be measurably longer due to the force being applied to them from a very angry motorcycle that would like nothing better than to pull them off. If you can manage to hang on and not kill yourself you have to be ever aware of your competitor's trying to kill you. They may not do it on purpose, I.E. what jumps up in the air on angry motorcycle must land, or you may think you own the line you and your motorcycle are pointed to, but folks ...more

Well let's sum it up this way. In professional football it's a hour long game if you go by the quarters not including time outs, ref calls, and the possible injury for in which all of those things stop the game for more than enough time to catch your breath, get your heart rate back to normal, and get a drink of water if needed. But when it boils down to playing time? They only have 11 hard minutes of action. Yes they are some ridiculously big men slamming each other around but it's only for a short amount of time. Now you have motocross. A sport in which I practice 4 days a week and am at races the other two. When you reach AMA pro level your Motos jump to 30 minuets and 2 more laps. So depending on the track could round out to about 35 minutes. For those 35 minutes of race time imagine having a 230lb motorcycle between your legs that is so much stronger than you are it hurts you to hold onto it, but you have to keep your hands tight and make the bike so what you want it to do. When ...more

I have played other sports such as hockey and rugby and can personally say that they are a walk in the park compared to motocross. Not only do u have to withstand 2 20+ minute races trying to hold on to a 40+ horsepower bike, you also have to face the hardest obstacle which is the track. Motocross tracks demand full alertness and quick decisions on taking the fastest route. The tracks change every lap and become more rough and challenging as the race goes on. Not to mention worrying about the other 20 riders who you are surrounded by who are all doing whatever they can to beat you. Motocross demands such a high level of strength and endurance to be able to go through these motos that can be ridden rain or shine, 50 degree weather or 100 degree weather. My hat goes off to the pros of this sport who train everyday, give up there social life, and are on strict diets in order to be the best at the sport they love. This is definitely one of the most underrated physically demanding sports ...more

''The man hunched over his motorcycle can focus only on the present instant of his flight he is caught in a fragment of time cut off from both the past and the future he is wrenched from the continuity of time... In other words, he is in a state of ecstasy in that state he is unaware of his age, his wife, his children, his worries, and so he has no fear, because the source of fear is in the future, and a person freed of the future has nothing to fear.'' Speed is the form of ecstasy technology has given us. 'Why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared? '

No matter how many times I crash, how bad of a ride I'm having. No matter how Sore I am.. It all goes away when I'm on the bike letting it sing. Ride it in the moment. Feel sore the next day haha.

I've raced and ridden motocross bikes for 40 ( yep 40) years, started when I was 15, I've played rugby, football, mountainbiking, hockey, I surf, none of the above come anywhere close to the physical output required for motocross, not even mountain biking because you can actually rest your legs on the downhills! And you know what, I still love motocross as much today as I have ever done, the only problem for me is my body doesn't fully get rid of the lactic acid from my muscles for three days after riding! Must be an age thing? If you think you are fit and want to try motocross give it a try, there are tracks that rent bikes, bet you can't do more than three laps before you need to stop and catch your breath. Then think about racing as hard as you can for 12 laps! That's tough!

I never really knew what it took to ride a dirt bike at a track. But then I bought one and it was the biggest workout of my life. First time riding I could hardly make it 2 laps without having to stop and catch my breathe. I was sore as heck. The amount of physical and mental strength you need is unbelievable. Hardest sport I have ever played. Also the best sport everyone should try. So much of your life is dedicated to training on the track and going to the gym to improve your endurance out on the track. Almost losing the battle from over heating. Forever and always motocross.

Training year round, riding in full riding gear including a helmet in 100 degree temperatures at times on top of maintaing a heart rate in excess of 160 plus to 200 beats per minute, while battling 20-40 other riders trying to take you out with a 220# plus machine. Motocross requires training year round in various terrains and weather conditions. No air conditioned gym here. And the mental game is huge, you watch tape, condition yourself to think you can do anything, push yourself to the edge of control just to reach the next plateau. I haven't even mentioned the expense of $100-$350 average per race with gate fees, entry fees, membership fees and travel expenses. Motocross is not for the faint of heart.

Hands down, without a doubt the most physically and mentally depending sport in the world, heart rates from 175-200 BPM for 30min non stop, handling a 230lbs bike wide open, full tilt, like riding a bull trying to kill you the entire time, no breaks. The constant 100% focus you need to hit 100+ft jumps, finding the smoothest line and the right rut at 30-60mph. One tiny ounce of lack of focus and miscalculation of a line and throttle position and your on the ground with broken bones. I've been racing 15 years, broken just about everything, and still am at the track every week, I love it and it's a passion. I've had friends say that so easy, so I give them one of my bikes and bring them to the track and 10/10 times they all come back completely wore out and can't get outta bed for a week because they are so sore. I laugh my way right back out to the track the next day.

I believe enduro / cross country is more demanding than moto x. Many races can last much longer than a moto x race, also the races are in very technical terrain requiring the use of muscle groups not heavily used in moto x. Out of this list though, moto x is definitely the most physically and mentally demanding. I'm glad to see moto guys and girls finally getting some credit for this. The best way to humiliate a star ball player is to put him on a dirt bike and make him do 30 miles of single track in the middle of August!

As with any sport effort put in is a massive factor, the difference with motocross is there are not time outs, no shift changes, no half time break, all you get for rest is a couple seconds in the air if you are lucky. I understand that there are other sports that you don't get a break but the strength/danger/mental factors are not the same. For those not willing to try motocross for themselves, it's like trying to play a contact sport like hockey for 30 minutes against a whole team that is just a little better than you.

100% YES! Most people that don't do it don't understand. They say it has an engine. I say okay try it. Full body everything work out. No other sport pushes the body's limits both body and mind. Absolutely none! The complete body is on the gas for 30 straight minutes no break with a heart rate consistently at or near the highest levels a human can take. the 220+ pound bikes have to be persuaded to change attitude and direction on a constant basis every millisecond of time. Next time try to do a sport with a 220+ pound weight attached to you trying to tell you who is boss every millisecond. Absolutely No sport like it period!

This is the hardest sport when it comes to overall fitness. It requires the perfect blend of strength, cardio, and flexibility. One of the reasons the top motocross riders are the best athletes is due to the amount of Adrenalin they are exposed to from the fear and excitement experienced while riding. This adrenalin rush allows them to push their heart rate and strength loads to levels you cannot duplicate in the gym, pool, biking etc.. This is what gives them the advantage over other athletes. It is not because they are more driven or passionate than other athletes. Without the extreme danger and excitement they would not be able to get to the levels of fitness they are at in my opinion. Try to maintain your heart rate in the 185 to 205 range for 30 minutes. It is much harder to do while running, biking because you are not motivated by staying alive to do it.

I've raced motocross and made the switch to cross country (on dirt bikes) racing. When I started cross country I was not fit. I would say cross country is more demanding then motocross. But really any sport with two wheels and a motor is more demanding then any game without.

Motocross is defiantly the hardest, you race for 30 minutes longer if you're professional, every muscle in your body is being used simultaneously, arms, legs, core and neck are all being used for the entire duration of the race, as a result of all the gear you're riding gives it an added factor of pain. You are battle 52+ horse power under your feet, judging how far to jump? What line should I take? Getting hit by the mud of the rider infrong (roost) there is a reason the pros train every single day, swimming, cycling, running and other athletics go in to the preparation to be a motocross rider.

Besides the CONSTANT use of your physical and mental abilities, the injuries clean any other sport out of the water also. And that's a good reference point to determine how brutal it is.

One crash landed me a grade 4 liver laceration, gallon of blood loss due to torn iliac vein, right kidney failure, both collarbones and shoulder blades broken, right lung collapsed, 6 surgeries, and a full thickness skin graft on my arm. Clinically dead for quite a bit.

No sport will get you nearly anything as devastating as this sport, which PROVES it's more demanding than any other sport.

I only raced a dirt bike 1 time back in the early 90's and I will have to say that, it was probably the most Demanding, Strenuous thing I have ever done in my life. It was a Total Blast and I am glad that I at least did it 1 time. I wasn't that great of a rider but I did finish both motos. I give Everyone that races a dirt bike, quad or whatever a lot of credit because it is Not Easy what so ever. If anyone ever has the chance to at least try racing a bike one time, I definitely suggest doing it to really see how hard it actually is.

I played division 1 football for the University of Wisconsin and a 20-30 minute moto isn't even in the same league in terms of its difficulty. There is no breaks. No half time. No time outs. No substitutes. It's just you and your bike. If you as much flinch, things can go from good to death threatening in a blink of an eye.

With arm pump from hell trying to hold on to the handle bar over a 90 ft jump next to a guy trying to do everything possible to pass you its not only physical demanding, its psychological though as well. The speed, the adrenaline, the bumpy track.. Everything is your worst enemy and at the same time your best friend... You just have no other choice then to embrace it and race hard. As a motocross rider your sport is as much on the track as off the track.

Motocross has been my life sense I was 3 years old. I am now 17 turning 18 tomorrow. Over the course of that span I have learned so much from it. I've been to the top in football and wrestling, I've done track and field even a little basketball. But the only one that comes close is wrestling and even that is a very long way off from motocross. I started breaking bones in kindergarten. And one of my worest injuries was breaking both my legs in 3rd grade. If you aren't mentally and physically ready a dirt bike will make you regret ever getting on. I have broken more then 10 bones and have countless concussions. Motocross takes everything out of you and then some. And 20 minute motos in the B and A classes are narly. But even then a lot of us race 2 or 3 classes and that's a good 80 minutes to 120 minutes on a bike pushing your all will make exhausted for the next week and we still train everyday. Motocross is a life style.

I also have played many sports in my youth and was considered a jock. Playing football, basketball, tennis, track, etc. I also raced motocross for 20 years. Nothing I have done compares to this sport. If you want to be decent at it you have to eat, sleep, pee motocross. These professionals become like ninja motocross warriors with mind body and soul.

My son has grown into a very thoughtful, active young man. He is in great shape & is a good kid. He knows the value of a $ & has respect for me & his dad & everyone he meets.

Motocross works every muscle, the sensation of speed over rough terrain as well as the aerial action raises the heart rate higher still than the basic aerobic exercise due to the associated dangers, as well as the competitive elements of racing, recovering from a crash or a stall, plus the mental ability needed to assess and improve the motorcycle itself. Any elite Motocross athlete are amongst the fittest of any sportspeople in the world.

I have personally play soccer and after that switched to motocross and I thought that u was in good shape leaving the fields because I could run a regulation game well I was in for a rude awakening when I got into my first motocross race and not to mention now 3 years after I started racing I have had 2 reconstructive surgeries that happened within the last year so any one trying to say that other sports are just as hard there Is nothing as hard as mx because once you start that race there is no stopping until you are either on your way to the hospital or until that checker flag flies

I have wrestled played football baseball and many many other sports, but I have never encountered anything is physically demanding has motocross. It takes every ounce of strength and concentration you have with no breaks no timeouts, just pure exertion from beginning to end.