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61 Darts

Right hand when drinking a pint

62 Weightlifting

I think Weightlifting is hard

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63 Gaelic Football

You've got to stay fit in G.A.A

64 Climbing

Whether it's mount Everest or the local climbing gym there is always a challenge. Climbing takes endurance, strength, and mental focus. When most people first starts climbing they usually get worn out with the first 2 hours because its such a demanding sport.

65 Springboard Diving

This should be top on the list of mentally and physically challenging sports.

66 Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is my pride and joy. In 1983 I became the Kentucky State Champion. My left arm was enormous but my right was like a twig.


67 Quiddich

Jesus Christ your flying on a broom chasing balls,what's more demanding than that? Abracadabra homes

68 Netball

Netball requires high class aerobic and anaerobic fitness for an entire 40/60 minutes. On top of this, an athlete must be powerful throughout every major muscle group - it's not all lower body. Good luck trying not to sweat when playing a game of netball!
This has to be one of the most demanding sports! Non-stop movement up and down the floor with the only rest being on Timeouts or period breaks. On top of the running side of things, Netball requires great Hand-eye coordination as well as Muscular Strengh, Muscular Endurance and Muscular Power. And to top it off you most certainly have to be Quick and be Agile. This deserves a higher rating!
Cost of it is also high as you have to pay for special trainers for netball, netballs, training, pay for matches, uniform etc.

Netball is got to be higher then this like fish is ranked lower

69 Cheerleading

Both of my kids participate in competitive cheer, 12 year old daughter (flyer) and s 15 son (tumbles and stunts girls). Teams practice 2 nights a week for 3 hours, every Saturday, and during competition season added practices. On top of that add entire weekends of choreography and skill building throughout the year, these days can last anywhere from 5 - 7 hours, sometimes two days in a row. If they're in more than one team, multiply those times by the number of teams they're in. We get 2 weeks off a year, for family plans. The rest of the year they live in the gym, school or we are traveling to competitions all over the country. My 15 year old son can lift a girl at extension with one arm. They deal with daily muscle aches, bruises and headaches. Their little bodies take a beating but they do it because they live the sport. I agree when people say this sport is under appreciated. But unless you're involved, you would have no clue.

I coach kids that practice 2-4 times a week for two and five hours a piece and for 10 months out of the year. Our conditioning rivals that of military physical fitness (being in the military I can attest to that) and have witnessed more injuries and serious injuries than most other sports combined. The force of a kid coming down from a basket toss and being missed is more than that of a football player and there are no pads. My kids sweat, bruise and bleed on a daily basis and use immense amounts of strength, agility, endurance and core strength that most other sports can't even begin to utilize.

I work my butt off 3 times a week to cheer for football and basketball players and may loose my voice to cheer for them and get nothing at the end also I go to competition and we have work out to make sure we can handle the hard work I am a base and I get hurt all the time will the flyers towing and we have to lift every single practice but I live what I do and I am the captain and very proud of the team

Competitive cheerleading l

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70 Horseback Riding Horseback Riding Horseback riding (or Equestrian) is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship more.

It's not just the training of the horse and rider it's the 365 days a year we care for them too. In all sorts of weathers and all times of day and night. We lug heavy bags of feed, hay, haylage, bedding, water buckets, tack and anything else our equine partners need to function. Poo picking the fields in the elements be it boiling hot or freezing icey rain or snow. The grafting at normal jobs to be able to afford such an expensive sport. The massive ups and downs we experience throughout our equestrian careers, the massive risk we put ourselves in from getting on these beasts, the heartache when it all goes horribly wrong either when your horse gets injured or the partnership gets it wrong and you have one of those "bugger this is going to hurt" moments. But equally the pride and sense of achievement when all these previous statements have paid off and we win, place or simply have a great round is something that makes all the naff times worth while.

Ask yourself when you think ...more

See the reasons horse riding is the most demanding sport are:
1. Our teammate speaks a whole different language.
2. If a horse doesn't want to do something it doesn't do it.
3. Miss a penalty? Ah bless well try missing a stride!
4. This animal weighs 3/4 of a tonne, every time you get on its back you are trusting the fact they will carry you and not do you harm.
5. We do not just sit there... If you haven't ridden a horse before then getting a horse to walk in a straight line will be a struggle.

Horses are living, breathing animals with brains. They are flight animals which means their first instinct is to run when they are scared. Their trust in us is the reason they do not.

Horses are a living breathing team mate that talk a completely different language and can potentially kill you, just over a difference of opinion, sometimes you don't have to do anything wrong, there's just something scary in the hedge... From hobby riders to high end competition riders, we ride regularly, from 2/3 times a week up to 2/3 times a day (per horse)
And that's without the day to day care of them (hard work would be an understatement) and its 365 days a year regardless of the weather or your health.

We work all year long for 2 minutes to show all of our hard work. Our teammate can kill us at any second. We fall and break bones. Our leg muscles work harder than any other sport

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71 Competitive Eating

The hours of commitment and all the food you eat is very taxing on the body. This sport should easily be top 10.

72 Sprinting

Why isn't this even on the list?!

73 Wakeboarding

Wakeboading a sport that you need dedication and practice, a extreme sport that is overlooked and actually a sport where the risks of injuries are high and a sport that you use all of you muscles

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74 Trail Running

Endless races, more than 20 hours running, following the track and fighting against a challenging trail. Temperatures ranging from freezing to overheating, some control points where you can catch your breath and eat properly for the next stage. Very little sleeping and just the exact amount of food to stay alive.
At the end of 120 or 160 km your heart experiments some arrhythmia, your muscles are almost tore in pieces and only your mind keeps you alive.

75 MTB Downhill

Best Sport in world

76 Motorcycle Drag Racing

This is actually very challenging but for short periods of time, this is aimed more at faster bikes like mine that run 8 seconds in the quarter, it takes a lot of strength to hold on to a motorcycle that goes 60ft in 1.2 seconds. Also, when you launch you sustain a lot of G-force wich you must learn to adapt to, and also you have to have the strength to control your bike when it gets out of hand at 150mph. May not be quite as tough as some of the other sports on this list but it still has its challenges

77 NASCAR Racing
78 Canoe Slalom
79 Fishing

Sitting there all day napping. It's tough man

80 Inline Speed Skating
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