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Both of my kids participate in competitive cheer, 12 year old daughter (flyer) and s 15 son (tumbles and stunts girls). Teams practice 2 nights a week for 3 hours, every Saturday, and during competition season added practices. On top of that add entire weekends of choreography and skill building throughout the year, these days can last anywhere from 5 - 7 hours, sometimes two days in a row. If they're in more than one team, multiply those times by the number of teams they're in. We get 2 weeks off a year, for family plans. The rest of the year they live in the gym, school or we are traveling to competitions all over the country. My 15 year old son can lift a girl at extension with one arm. They deal with daily muscle aches, bruises and headaches. Their little bodies take a beating but they do it because they live the sport. I agree when people say this sport is under appreciated. But unless you're involved, you would have no clue.

I coach kids that practice 2-4 times a week for two and five hours a piece and for 10 months out of the year. Our conditioning rivals that of military physical fitness (being in the military I can attest to that) and have witnessed more injuries and serious injuries than most other sports combined. The force of a kid coming down from a basket toss and being missed is more than that of a football player and there are no pads. My kids sweat, bruise and bleed on a daily basis and use immense amounts of strength, agility, endurance and core strength that most other sports can't even begin to utilize.

I work my butt off 3 times a week to cheer for football and basketball players and may loose my voice to cheer for them and get nothing at the end also I go to competition and we have work out to make sure we can handle the hard work I am a base and I get hurt all the time will the flyers towing and we have to lift every single practice but I live what I do and I am the captain and very proud of the team

Competitive cheerleading l

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