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321 I Surrender - Celine Dion
322 Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger
323 Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys
324 Walk Away - Geri Halliwell
325 This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
326 River - Joni Mitchell
327 Brave - Jennifer Lopez
328 Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins
329 Mosquito Song - Queens of the Stone Age

I love this song.. it's so dark and so different to anything else of theirs, except maybe a bit from their latest album

330 Ruled by Secrecy - Muse

Come on.. This song is about a man who kills everyone at work and has to deal with it when coming home.. how can this not be in the top 50

331 Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel
332 Oh Father - Madonna
333 Didn't We Almost Have It All - Whitney Houston
334 I Look to You - Whitney Houston
335 Mama - Genesis
336 Viva Forever - Spice Girls
337 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

This song was from the movie, Armageddon.

It's really one of my mom's favorite songa.

338 The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
339 Love Is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse
340 I Plead Insanity - Belinda Carlisle
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1. There is a Light that Never Goes Out - The Smiths
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1. Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.
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