Top Ten Most Depressing Songs

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81 The Nobodies - Marilyn Manson
82 Man That You Fear - Marilyn Manson
83 Buying New Soul - Porcupine Tree
84 Lost Control - Anathema
85 End of the Night - The Doors
86 Comin' Back to Me - Jefferson Airplane
87 Zombie - The Cranberries

I love this song though this isn't a sad song.

It's almost nihilistic in it's approach.

88 The Scientist - Coldplay

This song brings me to tears every time I hear it its amazing and shows true feelings

One of my favourite songs to listen to when I'm sad, it takes me back to the "good days"

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89 Vex & Siolence - Ministry
90 Cody - Mogwai
91 Don't Stay Here - Frames
92 Lullaby - Low
93 Morning On Earth - Pain of Salvation
94 All I Need - Radiohead

I dunno I always thought of this song as a somber yet really sweet song. I just can't think of it as depressing. I love it though.

95 Forever Lost - God Is an Astronaut
96 Adam's Song - Blink 182

Really?! No Blink 182 Adams Song?! Whats more depressing than a teenager contemplating bout suicide?! Not much, plus the history of this song is heartbreaking. Should at least be in top fifteen. Check out Adam Krieger suicide letter

This song really deserves a higher spot on the list. One of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever heard.

This is a suicide note in song form

Heartbreak every time it comes on

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97 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

Singer Gerard Way's lyrical skill is really shown in this song, how the raw emotion is portrayed through every word. The song tells a very deep and depressing story of a person dying of cancer, who refuses to say goodbye to the person he loves because he finds it too hard. It is not just the lyrical content of this song but also the melody itself which makes this song so deeply depressing.

Love this song its amazing at making you thing of your current state of mind

Such a Sad song. Cancer is a hard thing describe he does it perfectly.

This is a really sad song, but I really enjoy it

98 Blind Actor - Detlef

This guy is amazing.
He is from Latvia and very very underrated.
U HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT! It is one of the best!

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99 Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots

This song proves just how sorrowful pondering your thoughts really can be. This song goes where most don't. Its very helpful to feel better, even though it hints to suicide at some point...

I love how this band is so different from everyone else. Their lyrics are very symbolic and have deep meaning. This song is true and relatable.

I absolutely love this song and memorized all the lyrics by the time I listened to it for the 2nd time

"Now I just sit in silence.."
Just think about it, the meaning of this song..

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100 Suicidal Thoughts - The Notorious B.I.G.

Really yall, biggie tries to kill himself in this song while talking on the phone with puff daddy

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