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121 Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley
122 Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon

I love this song but I don't get how its depressing

I cries every time I heard to this song it goes through my soul and I could hear it everyday (( I usually put it on repeat )) I really could relate to this depressing song. besides Bmth is my favorite band ever

BMTH is my favorite band but personally I find Hospital For Souls more depressing thatn Sleepwalking even though I love this song

123 Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5 Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5
124 Motion Picture Soundtrack - Radiohead Motion Picture Soundtrack - Radiohead

Kid A feels like one big song sometimes, and among the likes of "How to Disappear Completely" and "Idioteque," this song can be missed. It is subtlety brilliant in it's atmosphere, and when the second half of the song begins, you are left in a contemplative state of wonder.

125 Million Questions - Patrick Jorgensen Million Questions - Patrick Jorgensen V 2 Comments
126 Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth
127 Indian Sunset - Elton John Indian Sunset - Elton John
128 Johnny Wanna Live - Sandra Johnny Wanna Live - Sandra

See the video - you would see what they do with animals. It's disaster

129 Everytime - Britney Spears Everytime - Britney Spears
130 Gouge Away - Pixies Gouge Away - Pixies

This is a good angry depression song. The loud and quiet dynamic of the song is original and fitting to the music. -

131 Time - Pink Floyd Time - Pink Floyd
132 With or Without You - U2 With or Without You - U2

It's youthful and sad

It's truthful and sad

133 Turn the Page - Metallica Turn the Page - Metallica
134 My December - Linkin Park My December - Linkin Park

The perfect song to listen to on a silent snowy evening for thinking about life.

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135 Small Bump - Ed Sheeran Small Bump - Ed Sheeran

Sad. Abortion is the worst thing to right about. The fact he had the strength to write this let alone sing this amazed me.

136 All by Myself - Eric Carmen All by Myself - Eric Carmen
137 Make It Stop - Rise Against Make It Stop - Rise Against V 1 Comment
138 Suicide Is Painless - The Mash Suicide Is Painless - The Mash

For this to not be on the list is blasphemy. Just look at the lyrics: The game of life is hard to play, I'm gonna lose it anyway, The losing card I'll someday lay, so this is all I have to say. One of the first songs about suicide, and yet stunningly realistic today.

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139 45 - Shinedown 45 - Shinedown
140 Terrible Things - Mayday Parade Terrible Things - Mayday Parade

This is a one of those truthful songs about the pain of falling in love. It has a beautiful story about love, loss, and how people handle it.
The lyrics are so well written and beautiful. They are also very truthful. "Don't fall in love there's just too much to lose."

Sad about his wife dying and him having to care for the child alone

One of the saddest songs I've ever listened to. Gets me every time.

I cry every single time

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