Most Depressing Vocaloid Songs

So... we all know that Len died like fifty times... which one of them is the saddest? And not only when he dies. Everyone can cry at the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. So which song made you cry the most?

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The Servant of Evil by Kagamine Len

This song was my favorite though I changed my way of view about this song. At first, I was frantically fallen in love with the song that I played it every day or not every time I can spare. I love the way he loves. It's so deep. He's empathetic to her twin sister. HE understand too well that he want to take all of your pain if he can and if not, at least, he can reduce or share with the suffering. He would even sacrifice other important people in his life and even his life that it's so touching. He's very kind... But recently, my way of viewing it changed. Instead of showering it with positive thoughts, I began to realize the negatives. I ignored it at first cause I thought it was unnecessary a small detail which was wrong... Rin became the new queen and great expectations, traps, hatred and jealousy, responsibilities became a must to be met. Rin tried to be strong and her natural soft and kind side became hidden until Len came back to her and ease and help her in every way... In ...more

This song is such a tragic story. After being separated for many years Len and Rin are finally reunited, and Len makes it his duty to play the part of making her happy, and having a life she deserves. He could've easily refused her orders to do cruel things, such as kill Miku, but his love for her was everything to him, and he didn't care what he had to do as long as he saw her happy. When many people are going against Rin, Len stood by her side, even though he could've overthrown her evil rule over the kingdom, but he didn't because he cared about her more than himself. When they finally went to kill Rin, Len without question switched places with her, without a care for himself, and he could've easily left her to die, he didn't have to die for her, he chose to do so. He didn't ask her to switch places, he ordered her to, and sacrificed himself so she could have a second chance at life, and when the time came to have him killed, he didn't dare look at the crowd, he knew his sister was ...more

The first time you listen to this song, sure, its sad, but you just cannot cry. The second time you listen to this song, you will notice tears rolling on your cheeks. But it strikes me the most how I remember every single detail of the story while listening to the song on its own. When len appeared to rin, when len killed miku, when len died... EVERYTHING, and I mean you will remember EVERYTHING. Then you will see that you are going to cry (or want to cry) whenever you listen to servant of evil again...

This song takes the cake. I only had to listen to this song once to start bawling like a newborn baby. It had a large plot that held feelings and different sides of the same story. It shows that despite the fact that his sister was considered evil and cruel, he still loved her above all and was so affectionate over his twin that he was willing to take her place be killed. The song also shows that the so-called "Daughter of Evil" was not so cruel when it came to her brother. This song was practically a universe of sadness. Overall, no song


I saw this a few years ago, and to be honest, the visuals and the brutal story scared me. But when you look into it deeply, it is a very sad story. A boy is taken into a concentration camp and is treated in a horrible way, but then falls in love with a girl beyond the fence and sends paper planes to communicate with her. He knows that he cannot gain freedom, but believes that he can overcome anything if she is there. The girl becomes the light of his life. However, the girl one day says goodbye to him, saying that she is going to go somewhere far away. He then says that living his life full of suffering, he has cried the most in his life that time. He doesn't even know the girl's name, but wants to see her. The girl's father is a general, and finds the letters that the boy and his daughter has been exchanging. He rips the letters and sends the boy into a gas chamber where he dies.. Truly tragic. I also love the guitar throughout the song. Len's vocals are also soothing.

This is the first tragic song I ever heard because I like there other songs like gemini and magnet then I saw this I cried a lot

How is this second! Servant of evil is not sad at all. It has a sad story but still! This is so sad! I love these kinds of forbidden love stories, but UGH, It's just so heartbreaking. At the end, all he wanted to know was her name. They were both slowly dying and all they wanted to do was be with each other. I just don't even know anymore. by the way 10/10 for whoever wrote this song!

Honestly, this is about death and Nazi concentration camps... Why is servant of evil at one? This is far more sad I didn't even cry at servant of evil. I cry every time I watch this one

Witchcraft Maiden
Regret Message

I know Servant of Evil is sad, but Regret Message is even sadder. The PV made me cry my face off (not literally, but you know what I mean... )! In the PV near the end you see Rillane (Rin in Story of Evil) crying her head off, yelling, and screaming while standing (and eventually kneeling) in the ocean. When I saw this part, I started crying with her. Pretty intense. I can't BELIEVE that Regret Message is number 24. I thought it would be Number 2 (Servant of Evil is obviously going to be first. It's Len's most famous death... And more). BUT NO, It is number 24.

Imagine thinking about how your twin just died because of you. Many other people died too. All because of you. Now, you are trying to send a wish into the ocean via a bottle. A message (of regret) in a bottle. You wish you had realized your sins before everything had happened. That is Regret Message for you.

The lyrics are sadder than servant of evil, and I wish this was the more popular song out of the two

Imagine if you were selfish all your life and then your sibling/loved one/someone who would love you unconditionally died for you. You then realized how selfish you where but they were gone. You have to live all alone now, and every single day you send a message wishing that they would only come back, and in all your regret, you fall down to the ocean wishing for them to come back while you scream and cry in the ocean. You then think you see them, but you really don't. You promise to see each other in your next life.. Then you die tragically. Why.. Regret Message made me cry, a lot.

Regret message is the first Vocaloid song to make me come close to tears. Yeah, I know a lot of people think Servant of Evil is really sad (and it's my number one favorite song), but Regret message is like elaborating on the pain you feel when you listen to Servant of Evil. It shows how sorry that Rin is and makes you wish Len didn't die even more than the many other times he died. It shows how cracked Rin's heart was and makes you feel her sorrow. It makes you wonder what would've became of them if they both survived the revolution.

Paper Plane by Kagamine Rin

The first time I ever heard this song, I could feel my heart being torn in two. A forbidden love between an army general's sickly daughter, and a young prisoner boy from on the other side of the large fence that separates the two. When they began throwing the letters to each other in the forms of paper planes; I could tell that both would cherish them greatly, and read through them every chance they got, which they did as shown by Rin. After her father forbids her from any further contacting Len, her illness takes a turn for the worst, but she still goes to see him one final time at the fence. Throwing over the paper planes; she goes to leave when he shouts out to her that he will wait for her to come back, that he will treasure the letters she sent over. This part broke my heart because she knows full well that this would most likely be the last time she ever met him again, and goes to say something, but cannot bring herself to, so begins to cry. The bridge starts and it has Rin in ...more

Yes, this song really deserves to be the first in the list. It was so sad it made me cry :'( Some people I know think the way they communicate is just stupid, but I think it was sweet and cute the way they used paper planes. God, while watching this, I REALLY felt like punching the hell outta Rin's stupid dad.

Sure, he cares for her and everything, but he had no right to separate her from Len! I mean, she's sick and probably doesn't have a chance of surviving (I'm really sorry for saying this) so she needs to be happy while she can! Poor Len, he dies in the end too.

Not the BEST Vocaloid song, but I still love it. This song has one of the saddest lyrics EVER. I lost it when they met each other again after dying. You should also check out the music box version; it's very calming and almost as good as the original version, meaning it can also make you cry.

While listening to it (music box ver. ), I imagined Rin and Len sitting under a tree. It was snowing at that ...more

This song, along with Kokoro, made me cry rivers. The story is so heartbreaking on so many levels. Rin plays a girl who is rumored by fans to have ALS and is the daughter of a Nazi. She one day meets a prisoner boy (played by Len) who is in a concentration camp and they fall in love. Rin sent paper planes to the boy as a way of communication. The girl kept on coming until a few months later, when she got very sick due to her disease. Also within that period, the prison guards (including Rin's dad) found Len reading the paper planes from Rin. They then went up to him and tore the paper planes to shreds right in front of him. Infuriated, Len punches the guards. Due to this, Len is sent to the gassing chamber, where he is later gassed and dies. Back at the hospital where Rin is being taken care of, the disease has really taken a huge toll on her. She can no longer move and she goes into depression, and she says "If I hadn't pretended to be tough, it would've been fine". The ...more

This, along with the song that comes before it (Prisoner) are probably the most depressing, but beautiful out of all of the songs by Rin and Len. It depicts Len being a prisoner in a concentration camp (most likely Auschwitz from a scene in Prisoner) and Rin being the daughter of a nazi, with sadly no chance to live through her illness. Through communicating using only paper planes thrown over the barbed wire, the two develop a beautiful relationship, and love each other dearly. In the very end, when Rin takes her last breath, in the camp, Len is doing the same. Both taken unfairly, Rin by illness, and Len by force, they meet again above, being able to hold hands for the first time, and both are finally able to be truly free. The story is beautiful, and probably one of my favorites.

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

This is a really sad song. My interpretation of it is that Miku's 'master' is disappointed in her, and decides to uninstall her. Realizing this, Miku pleads for her master to keep her, but gets no answer. Desperately, she tries to sing one more song before her time runs out, which is why the song is so fast. She then thinks she is just an imitation of a human being, and that she should accept her fate, trying to remember the taste of her chopped leeks. She thanks her master for everything, and is removed from master's computer.

This is very sad... To be with someone and getting attached to them, and getting deleted by them suddenly is so sad. Especially the part where she knows its because of her, but she still struggles to pour all her gratefulness to the person for all the good times they had, all the way to the end... ;A;

I found this really, really depressing because, just imagine if when you were born, you found out that you were just a figment of someones imagination or that you were the last one left and slowly fading away, even if everyone was smiling at you as you disappeared, fading from everyones memories, it's still depressing.

How can anyone forget the "farewell song at highest speed"? And all the depressing lyrics at the end. She tries so hard to tell "Masutaa" how much she want to sing... That she's being deleted right after she was installed... And even though she doesn't sing well, she wants to fulfill her dream so bad...

Paradichlorobenzene by Kagamine Len

Len's frustration with the world shows with the way he tries so hard to defy it. He tries to go against everything in the world, because of envy and jealousy. He sings about how his pent-up frustration is released into the world by means of overwhelming jealousy, knowing that he has no right nor reason to say those things. Rin's counterpart, Antichlorobenzene, shows different views on the same world problems, and also highlights how destructive he became, almost inhumane.

It's about his extreme frustration with the world with its rules with all the crap he just wishes to be crazy in his own way and it's fine and since it's not he wants to sleep

Not very sad, but it's depressing. Basically about how life means nothing

Life really does mean nothing, right...

Fifth: The Pierrot

This song just made me cry, I mean especially with senya's voice and pv. It just like, I can't explain it but you can really sympathize because I'm sure once in out life we tried being a pierrot to someone else. I let my emotionless friend who doesn't cry on sad songs or movies hear and see it and she cried and it totally shock me at how her tears just fell from her eyes like what you mostly see in anime

Wait... But Fifth the Pierrot isn't really said. Are we talking about "Pierrot"? Cause that was sad

This song made me cry, I thought it really did explain how she felt about what people think of her

This song really made me cry, yet it took a few times of listening to it to realize he dies...

Soundless Voice

My bff hates this song, it makes him want to inhale 10 grams of crack and jump off a bridge. He's obsessed with rin

How is this one not at least in the top ten? Anyone who has ever lost a loved one (so basically EVERYONE) is prime game for the feels with this song.

Fell so sad when listening to this. Don't worry Len. I feel your pain.

I just can't hold my tears back if I hear for this song.. Really, I'm Fall in Love with this song.T. T


This is an explanation for this song:

Okay first of all you would need to know these three songs:

Daughter of Evil

Servant of Evil (listed in this list)

And Regret Message (short summary: Rin lives on and remembers when Len told her that if you put a message in a glass bottle and put it into the ocean, it will come true one day, so Rin does goes to a beach and does that and wishes that if the two twins were to be reborn, they hope to be twins again.)

Re_Birthday then tells about how Len is in some pitch black place place (in my opinion I think wherever sinful souls go to when they die) where he is chained there to repent for all his sins from Servant of Evil. It then tells about how he got the message from Rin in Regret Message and how he will be reborn in a new time and place (most people think as a Vocaloid).

You thought they turned into Vocaloid? Listen to keep waiting for a response.

I walked around the house aimlessly after watching this.

I cried after watching this.

The Contenders

Proof of Life - Rin Kagamine

I know most people think Soundless Voice is sadder, but in my opinion Proof of Life is right up there with it. In this song, Len sings his grief as well as in Soundless Voice, but we also get confirmation that Rin can feel him. She IS scared, she IS lonely, she doesn't want to leave and it's hurting her. She's not just the comatose object of Len's song this time, she's a dying girl fighting to thank her brother before she accepts her death and the entire time she's staying strong, "I don't want to sing a sad song." As much as I love Soundless Voice, and as much as I love the twins the same, this will always make Prood of Life just a little sadder for me.

This, along with Soundless Voice, is as sad as heck.

Many people don't know of this song and I don't know why, I've never cried so hard at a song in my life. The main story is about Rin knowing she will die soon and how all she wants is to leave something behind as proof that she was alive. As the song progresses Len begins to sing saying that they share a soul and that he can't take it being alone without her, Rin tells Len to continue to be happy and sing happy songs as that is all she's ever wanted to do and that she'll be by his side so he won't ever be alone. However Rin is scared and feels alone but she continues to be strong throughout the song and at the very end she thanks Len for her life. I've listened to a lot of sad vocaloid songs but this one is definitely at the top of my list and I HIGHLY recommend that any vocaloid fan to listen to it ♡

The tone, the meaning.. Damn it really teared me up.

Rolling Girl

This is one of the most relatable songs I ever listened to. It's about a girl who is bullied, and slowly becoming insane, thus the second line of the song. She tries to think of a way to end it all, to escape from this cruel world. In the end of the PV, she commits suicide.

This is the most depressing song to me. I've never cried while listening to it (I'm not that type of person) but I can relate to it so much, in so many ways, that I definitely look at life a different way now. I know nearly every person has explained the lyrics, but I'll try to do it anyway. Rolling Girl is about a girl who is (or thinks she is) a failure in life. She's really misunderstood, and it got to the point where she is ready to kill herself so she doesn't have to "roll on." At the same time, though, there is a little part of her that wants to roll on one more time, and that voice, along with all the "stop rolling" and insane voices in her head, overlap and really display what the girl is suffering through. You can get this much from the song alone, but the PV is...well, I don't know. I guess it's sort of relatable? Listen to it if you haven't already. It gets more crowded, the vocals start to sound a little like desperate screams, and the girl is completely ready to commit ...more

Servant of Evil is no more than an overdramatic fairytale. There's nothing to cry about, it's not a true story. There's really nothing that depresses people. Rolling Girl is about a real life issue. Everyday people commit suicide because of their life problems. That's something to cry about. It's about a girl who doesn't feel understood and like she doesn't belong. Like she doesn't deserve to be in the world. People kill themselves for the same reasons. The girl tries to strangle herself and just die to end it all. Yeah a guy who loves her saves her from dying but that's not the point. It has a happy ending to it, unlike Servant of Evil but the story teaches you a lesson. I cried listening to the upbeat tune. The lyrics give it it's true meaning. Listen to Rolling Girl and you shall understand.

All throughout my life I have always been able to relate to rolling girl. The story tells a tale of a traumatised girl who gets bullied every day. She has a voice in her head telling her to end it all and at the end of the story she kills herself and the music accompanies it with the lyrics "maybe I should just stop breathing".

Kokoro by Kagamine Rin

Well there is two version of Kokoro that I know;The lambada organ version and the normal one. Me and my best friend don't like Rin at the first time so when we found this kokoro video which shows that Rin died me and my best friend are yelling"FINALLY! "but when we knew what's the meaning of this song we kind of cried. Rin wanted to understand humans and becomes one although she's a robot, she thought if she had a heart she could understand them but when she got one it's too much for her to take which made her having some kind of errors and make her programs shutting down. And the Lambada Organ one, Rin was a genius that lived in a free-bacteria lab. She told everyone at first, She's not supposed to be alone, she's supposed to be twins but somehow she was born alone without him. So she tried everything to make a human which will be her twin, and the stupid but sweet part is that unborn human was in a bio-liquid cylinder thingy which will dissolve everything that you put in and it will ...more

This song is about a Scientist who had lost his daughter/wife/sibling/someone close to him and made a robot (Rin) out of grief. He was almost done with the project before he passed away. Centuries later, the robot seemed to have awoken itself. It's AI was intelligent enough and was able to use her creator's computer and know the password as the scientist gave it to her before dying. The robot tries to find a heart and eventually finds it by searching through the scientist's files/creating one on her own. Finally gaining the heart, she can feel emotions. She sets off to find her creator and comes upon his grave. The robot then sings songs dedicated to her creator before the heart becomes to big for her and short circuits, causing the robot to die/power off next to the scientist's grave. In her last moments, the robot had a smile akin to an angel.

(I'm not sure if this is really true. I just gathered the information from the PVs and Project Mirai.)

You know when one person is cold as ice and the other wanted company desperately, that's maybe the most depressing situation known by human beings. Len used his whole life to try to make Rin understand "being human" but still she asks him, "Why do you cry? ". Then Len died, with regret because he couldn't finish the kokoro. Then there's my favorite part, Rin gets her kokoro after hundreds of years and Len arrived again. The the part that made me, who never cried once during a video or book, starting to rain tears, was when Rin started crying because of "unknown emotions". I mean, Rin, you can just admit that you miss Len alright...

The song that proves that I'm more of a Rin fan than a Len fan...Len's livin' through Happy Death Day 2 U, while Rin's just...let me cry a minute, okay?!

Alluring Secret Black Vow by Kagamine Rin and Len

How could this romantic song not be any sadder, Rin an angel makes a deal with the devil to become a boy so Miku would love her and Kaito tries to kill Miku because he was jealous and Rin gives her life for Miku. How in the hell is that not sad.

This has always been one of my favorite VOCALOID songs. It shows how much someone is willing to sacrifice for the person they love. It's a beautiful songs and very tragic.

This has always been one of my favorite Vocaloid songs. Just the instrumental contains so much emotion, it gives me goosebumps. A tragic love that was never meant to be.

It's not very sad enough to cry about, but tragic and depressing nonetheless. Catchy though

Ayano's Theory of Happiness

Now then, this is definitely one of the saddest songs that I have ever listened to, like, EVER! I suppose if you haven't listened to all the other songs or watched the anime it would be a bit hard to understand why, so basically:

Ayano's father and mother adopts 3 orphans, all of whom has red eyes and strange powers. They were isolated by the other children but Ayano cheered them up by saying that red is the colour only heroes would wear and made up a hero group(brigade or something like that), to make herself have something red as well, she wore a red scarf. But then, their mother died and things just starts to go wrong, with their dad being possessed and thinking of sacrificing the 3 kids who, of course, had done nothing wrong. Therefore, as the good big sister Ayano is, she learns about this curse that the 3 kids have by experiencing near death situations or something and decides to save them, she has to commit suicide, which Ayano eventually did by jumping of a ...more

If you watched Mekaku City Actors (Kagerou Project), you would understand the story:


One day, Ayano's mom and dad adopted three kids from the orphanage. They had red eyes and weird powers, and were called monsters. Ayano comforted them, saying that red is the colour of heroes, and always played with them.

When the mom dies, and their dad almost dies, the dad is possessed by the worst snake (power) of them all, who will do anything to grant his wish. In order to do this, all the kids with red eyes will be sacrifices.

Ayano, on the other hand, wanted to understand more about this "curse". She went and found her mom's research about it, which says that snakes will possess children that go into near death situations in pairs. One dies, and the other is possessed with the powers. Ayano also finds out about her father.

She decides that no matter how much she wants her mom back, this can't happen. She decides that she wants to save her ...more


Ayano's mom remarried to a man with his 3 kids, and Ayano became a big sister. She always played and comforted them and loved them very much.

But then the mom died.

The husband went crazy and started to try to develop a drug to resurrect his dead wife, basically abandoning Ayano altogether. His original 3 kids became his test subjects, each gaining 'red eyes' which symbolize a strange power.

Ayano, wanting to save her little siblings and truly become their big sister, jumped off the roof of her school building, in the hopes of gaining the 'red eyes'. However, she didn't know that you had to die in pairs to gain the power, and she died.

At the end of the song, she is wondering if her siblings hate her, or if she has truly become their big sister.

If this isn't sad, I don't know what is!

This is definitely ONE of the saddest. I'd say it's tied with Rolling Girl.
I have bits and pieces from the anime based on Kagerou Project, specifically a few that led me to conclude this:
When you have such a happy life and then adopt (I think) three kids with terrible pasts...and you make them happy again...that's tear-jerking from happiness. Then the mom passes away, the dad seems to fall into depression, and that happy life you had crumbles away in an instant. To save them, you realize you would have to die. Ayano does this in an instant. She cares about the three kids she adopted so much that she dies for them. Now THAT'S sad.
(SPOILERS: If I'm remembering correctly, Ayano's sacrifice was senseless in the end and helped the villain. That doesn't help it much either.)

I'm Sorry I'm Sorry - Hatsune Miku

This song takes a view on a poor brainwashed girl who is obviously being abused, who decides to run away to be with a man that has been nice to her, only to find out that he is repulsed by her body. In the end, she just gives up and comes back to her abusive father and his friends, all the meanwhile repeating "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I must surely be a bad girl." This not only shows how abusers can gain the trust of the ones they abuse, but how easily the abused can be broken when they have no one to turn to.

Is it bad that I actually like this song? I don't like it because of the lyrics, video, or idea of the song because those are all horrifying. But, I like the song because I can imagine certain anime characters screaming out this song at a talent showcasing because they couldn't think of anything else to sing. That, and the fact that I like screaming along.

Story about rape, abuse and cannibalism. Pretty strong theme, but great metaphoric message. Kikou is truly a open minded thinker.

The song isn't exactly depressing in the way you would usually think. It's depressing at how you realize, that, something like this does happen in the world. Terrifying AND depressing. But still a great song.

Magic Mirror (Mahou No Kagami) by Rin and Len Kagamine

When I listened to Magic mirror, I only started crying at the very end when len says "Everything on the other side of the mirror is "the mirror image" of everything on this side. Our completely opposite fates will never permit us to be together. "I merely return to you what you have given me. "

The phrase "I merely return to what you have given me" was just so sad. heres my theory. A mirror is the opposite image of the real thing. since len was the reflection of rin, he was the total opposite of her. So when he grants rin her wishes (curing her illness so she can walk/ ending the war/ allowing her to live a rich life as a princess) he has to return back to his own world where it is the total opposite of rin's world. By granting all of rins wishes, he had to sacrifice his own life. so when he returns to his world, there will be war, he will be poor and stricken with illness while rin lives happily. I feel that this song is so sad because of this ultimate act of sacrifice

To be honest, whenever I pay attention to the lyrics of this song I cry. Hear a new cover? I cry. Sing it? I cry. ;_; It gets me every time. It's probably the only song that makes me cry so much too!

I first knew about this song when my best friend told me about it but I was not really clear on the story yet and I still haven't read the lyrics.

Then the next day she explained it again to me and let me hear the song.

I swear as soon as I heard the mirror breaking, I almost choked my best friend. I was really upset after that and my mood went from hyper to depressed at once.

When I first heard the song, I wasn't even 100% sure what the song even meant because I didn't pay attention to the lyrics. But you can HEAR the emotion coming from Rin and Len. When that mirror broke, I had a mental breakdown, I could not stop crying.

Psychotic Love Song / Yandelenka

Love makes people do crazy things. It has a nice sound to it, but it really is depressing seeing how vocaloid songs are just songs about what happen in life and just get distorted a little. I cried while listening to this because any one of us can do this and that thought is terrifying.

This is so sad, Len was in love with a girl. He was really in love with her. She started hanging out with this other guy. It made Len jealous and angry. His mind fell apart and he murdered her. He immediately regret it after he killed his love. We can only assume from the PV he killed himself after.

Very depressing lyrics and story, but a catchy beat. It can probably fall into the horror category.

I cried plus I relate because I love somebody who doesn't love me back

Witch - Megurine Luka

This song strikes me as beautifully tragic. Miku's jealousy leads her to lie about Luka knowing fully that she will be killed because of it. Gakupo is tricked by her lie and reluctantly believes her. When Luka is about to be burned alive she grows a pair of black wings and flies away. I like to believe the interpretation that Luka was not a witch, but an angel.

This one makes me physically sick with sadness and nerve. From what I've gathered Luka is accused of being a witch so is put on the cross through Miku's Believe and/or jealousy? Anyways, it's messed up. BUT I LIKE IT!

I had no idea what this song was about before I watched it. It made me really sad. I it is also such a good song. I recommend it.

This made me cry... And I never cry...

Seasonal Feathers

This is a very emotional song,Len is human that married a crane (Rin) but he didn't know that she is a crane.The first thing that they told you that the two met in a snowy day like today(in the story) and soon the setting change into the season after winter and Rin was out singing with the birds then Len said "you have a nice voice" and the Rin asks "If I no longer have this voice would you still love me? " And he answers"Of course" with a warm smile.The next thing that happen that it turn into summer and they told that Len collapsed on the mountain and being the poor couple they couldn't afford the money for his medicine and so Rin started to pluck her feathers and made a cloth with it until her fingers got scarred and when she's treating Len he noticed but didn't say anything about it but he said "you have beautiful fingers" and Rin asks again "If I no longer have these fingers would you still love me? " And Len answers " of course" ...more

Also known as Feathers Across the Seasons...another tear-jerker.

This song is so sad I cried harder than koro sensei death also did they get the medicine in time

One of the saddest Vocaloid songs I have heard in my life. I bawled my eyes out (not literally) for the next ten replays (which is a record).

Kept Waiting for a Response

I think that this song is the saddest. Not because is the only one that was capable of truly make me sad, it's because the lyrics are depressing. Maybe you will think that they are even if you aren't too sensible.

(Sorry if my spelling or grammar is bad, English isn't my first language)

Although it's not canon as stated by mothy, but it's the saddest song about Story of Evil. It got me every time! I hold the tear to the Kaito's part and can't hold back anymore. There's something in the melody and the lyric make you sad, truly utterly sad

This one, they say took place after Servant of Evil and Regret Message. Rin is now a nun in an orphanage, and she's about to die. You HAVE to see what the orphans do for her. It will make you cry in the end.

I always start to tear up at the part where Len and the other kids (Yes, there were other kids! ) found Kaito. Len wrote a fake letter of response to Rin and by that point I was like ". Need more tissue! "

The Lost One's Weeping - Kagamine Rin

WARNING: My opinion and interpretation. You don't have to agree.

How the actual heck is this not in the top 10? This is literally the most relatable song out there. Servant of Evil is an overdramatic fairytale that people somehow cry at. Lost One's Weeping covers a real-life issue of how people can break under the pressure and stress of the school system. The boy in the story, like all of us, is forced into education and tries his hardest to do well, and while he succeeds in math and science, he is useless at Japanese. We can see that he begins to have suicidal thoughts as the song progresses, especially in the end.

In the chorus, the boy talks about himself, questioning if they even know how he feels and what he's going through, and if they can stop him from hanging himself. The lyrics become desperate at the end, and the boy questions what growing up is and whether it is worth it. He is uncertain who he should ask. And the last line in this song implies that he hung ...more

This song explains how a young boy is so pressured to do well in his education that he cannot remember his past dreams and who he used to be, and thinks the only one to blame for this is himself. He contemplates whether or not living like this continuously is the right thing to do, and when the time where he can grow up and escape from it all will come. But he doesn't know what it truly means to grow up or if its even worth it anymore, because if he doesn't find a way to succeed in school his life won't matter anyway.

School...makes me feel like an utter failure.
I remember seeing this in a "most depressing vocaloid songs" video, and searched it up... to see if anyone knew how I felt about school, and that if I wasn't alone.
It became my most favorite vocaloid song, as I could connect with it.

This song was one of those songs in which I could actually see myself...and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Sure, a lot of songs on this list are terribly sad, fanciful stories, but it is songs like 'The Lost One's Weeping' that actually resonate with me. The message behind it is so painstaking, so REAL, that I feel emotional every time I listen to it. It primarily critiques the school system, illustrating how a student's mental health is belittled and interspersed with the dissatisfying and relentless work, and the trapped loneliness of this. If you want to hear a really emotional version, I seriously recommend you listen to MafuMafu, because he really does it justice!

Little Mermaid - Megurine Luka

Its just so sad! It follows the original version of the little mermaid and pulls off the mood so well! The lyrics were lovely! And the way it was sung was just wonderfully tragic! I just love it!

I thought that that everything would be fine but then I heard, I listened, to the very end of the song. I cried. I wonder though, if their were someone, mermaid or not, that still sings for their loved one? Even if they can't hear them, they still do?

This is barely sad. It's beautiful of course. It's amazing and it fits the story really well. It follows the original story more than the Disney version. So don't get me wrong, I love the song. But it never made me sad.

I cried so much!

Lie by Megurine Luka

I believe most of these songs you just need to experience for yourself to really hear the music right. Maybe some people don't understand, but I do. I feel the struggle all over again in this song, being torn apart by one particular person. That's what makes this song one of my most favorites.

This song is so sad. Especially if you watch the music video. There's so much emotion in Luka's voice and this song will surely make you cry. I personally love this song even though it's so sad and makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Damn straight depressing I mean she keeps it in that she loves someone but is scared to reveal it and she wants to try to forget thinking what it will be like if the one she loves is "in the arms of someone who loves you like I do" and the way she sings it is sad

This song is probably one of the saddest and most emotional things I've ever listened to. If you're looking for sad writing music, look no further.

Just Be Friends by Megurine Luka

Very very bittersweet. Shows perfectly that some things aren't meant to be but sometimes it's for the best. This song broke my heart in every way possible the more I listened to it and understood it. The saddest Luka Megurine song for me.

The music is so good that I listen to it quite often, I don't know Japanese, so when I remember what the lyrics are about, I just get depressed. Every. Time.

This song is just.. I love the beat and tune so much, but every time I hear it al I can think of is a relationship that didn't bring anything but pain.

It has such a happy beat and tune to it... I got so sad while watching this. poor luka

Witch Hunt

The tune is catchy but the meaning is depressing. It really frustrating and depressing when the person you love doesn't believe you anymore and is one of the people who sentences you to death.

This isn't sad or depressing but hey if you guys think it is then so be it

I love this song, but never really understood the meaning behind it.

This is a 5 in my list

Sigh Rin Kagamine

So Rin was depressed in the beginning, sighing all the time and not knowing what to do with herself. An angel, which was Len, reached his hands out for her to give her a nice time. Rin grasped onto his hands then in her world everything was black with yellow flowers growing around. Angel Len would give her things like teddy bears, flower pots, and many more. One day she was taking care of the flowers when she noticed her world was crumbling down. She saw a vision of some sort that showed Len in a hospital bed, and he had a cloth over his face to show that he was dead. I'm sure that this vision could be when he died before he became an angel, but that's in my opinion. Anyway, so she felt her world breaking and crumbling till it exploded to show only white. This part shows that she opened her eyes finally, and now having to see the real world instead of her own world. She cries out, wanting someone to hold her, and what appeared was Len's angel behind her, hugging her from behind but ...more

Poured in tears when len died

My favorite and saddest vocaloids song

This is also illustrated by Suzunosuke ans composed by Hitoshizuku
It started with Rin sighing, then she starts to wander why she was always sighing
Until one day...

Anime PV: Reboot

This was the third Vocaloid song I have heard, but even today I listen to it. Now this is what I call a beautiful song. The tuning, voice, and meaning of it is just beautiful. The song sounds amazing, and it's hard to explain in words. Not only that, but the animation blew me away. The PV is probably the saddest thing I've ever watched. Watching it the second time while I was alone in my bedroom, I just couldn't help but burst into tears. I was sobbing as I heard the voices and watched the PV. It wasn't in a bad way. It was in a way that made me feel good. This song encourages me and makes me feel happy, even when I'm sad. The story and meaning is beautiful, too. I want to thank the person that made this song. It is the saddest Vocaloid song in my opinion. But the fact that Zimi was made for this song and never used again just makes it even sadder...
I can still sing this song to this day as a young Vocaloid fan. This is one of my favorite Vocaloid songs and I still get the feels ...more

How is this not #1?! This is actually very relatable for me. I had a friend who attempted suicide because another one of my friends was calling her names and I got extremely mad at that friend and it ended in her blocking me and her cousin too (who was defending her). The saddest thing, though, is that my best friend was involved and her mother is friends with the girls mom and her cousin's mom so she took their side and said, and I quote, "My daughter, nor any of her friends, should be exposed to someone like her," to my mom. She also called me other things, like toxic, a bully, manipulative, and part of what's wrong with the world. Basically, I lost a bunch of my friends, including my best friend, due to arguments and attempted suicide. This song speaks to me on a personal level. It will always be one of my favorites and definitely the saddest one I know.

This was the first depressing Vocaloid song I ever saw, and it was the middle of the day when I saw it, so I was scared someone would walk in on me and find me crying. One of the next songs (Hatsune Miku-Crier) really didn't help lift my spirits. But I love both these songs nonetheless!

This song mad me burst into tears...
It makes you realise the true meaning friendship, and how it can never break.
It breaks some things though... Like my heart :'(

Sayoko - Hatsune Miku

This should really be higher up there because unlike some others like Servant of Evil this is REAL. This is a perfect depiction of how it can feel to be suffering depression and wanting to kill yourself . This is a song that many people can relate to because it's based on real emotions that many people feel, and anyone has the possibility to feel.

This song is most depressing cause it represents reality. This is really how a real person could feel unlike a slightly unreal plot like Servant of Evil. The song address suicidal thoughts and the loneliness that comes when you suffer from depression. This song never fails to make me cry and it's so powerful and real that it is definitely the most depressing vocaloid song in my book.

This is the most depressing song to me because it's so real. What's talked about in the song could happen to any of us, many of us have suffered through it, or some people have even been taken by the same feelings heard in the song. Scary and depressing.

This song made me remember wishes and feelings I'd buried long ago. I'd probably cried effortlessly, yet harder than I ever could have in a long time.

Megpoid Gumi - Wrinkle

It's a story of a wife having her first and her last love died because of aging and he dies first, and at the husband funeral they promise to each other to smile when one of them died first, and they did it

Wrinkle is definitely one of the sweetest songs I've come across. You gotta love it.

Hirari Hirari

Really sad song! I tried really hard to cry but I couldn't help to put a depressing face

It's just so sad, It's full of emotion and even the lyrics were so soft and beautiful

If you just pay really close attention to the words it has a very deep meaning ;-;.

One of Miku's saddest song


About a boy named Campanella (even though he is portrayed by Gumi, as singer) who want to meet again with his deceased best friend, so he sent all his love with every methods: paper plane, hot-air balloon, even rocket. It's sadder if you also read the novel it's based of, "Night on the Galactic Railroad".

So extremely sad. It made me cry like a baby. I love it

I love the song but I have to agree, it is quite depressing...

A Faint Wish Rin and Len

This is related with Risoukyou and New Millenuim, the series is basically an infinite loophole


This song always makes me cry! Seeing such a strong bond be broken by ICE CREAM! Two angry young girls! To see the girl who seemed to be in the background the whole time go and pick up the golden start and sadly, get hit by a car. It was heartbreaking! Seeing Luka and Miku at the end made me sob.

This is literally one of the saddest songs ever!

Spoiler alert:

What do you think! There is crying and death!

This song was so sad. At the end of the song I was crying like a baby

I can relate a lot to this. I think that is why I cried.

Dark Woods Circus

This song instantly reminded me of American horror story and how people are sometimes born deformed and then get put in a circus and get turned into fools. The point where people beg to be killed is also a depressing thought since that proves you are giving up on life. The fact you want to die is depressing on its own since that means you've hit rock bottom. Totally depressing.

This song is incredibly sad, especially when you think of all the pain the characters went through, locked in their cages. Having once been normal, and having people gasp and stare at your current disfigurement while all the while you beg for death? I find that more depressing than scary.

Believe it or not, this song is not only depressing, but it's a true story. Not only something that happened in the best, but the overall idea of this "fun circus" is still occurring all over.

You can ACTUALLY hear the pain in their voices. It almost made me cry. I kept on praying to God to let the children who experienced these gruesome things rest in Heaven. They deserve it

15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy

Miku wrote all these poems for a boy that died 15 years ago so she could take them with her to "heaven" when she died. The boy wrote her a letter before he died, saying not to open it until 15 years later.

Miku gets hit by a train and loses all her memories, except for the one about her love. She doesn't remember his death. She only remembers she loves him.

So for a few more years she writes poems for him and throws them into his house.

Another year, Miku is hit by a train again. She wakes up in a hospital bed, and it all comes back to her, causing her to break down into tears.

She races out of the hospital and looks for the place the boy buried the letter. She finds it and keeps it.

Well, what can I say? It made me cry. People say it's stalkerish, but I say it's touching.

The first time I heard this song, it was in a NaruMitsu fan video. By the end of it, I was in tears. A person losing somebody they love is sad, but for fifteen years afterward still trying to accept that they're gone? That's absolutely tragic. That kind of love is hard to find. How can people call this stalkerish? I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Listening to it, I thought it was cute originally, but close to the ending when the person realizes the one they love is dead, I couldn't stop crying. If you can imagine what that person must have been feeling at the moment of this realization, then you're probably crying too.

My god. Imagine you love someone. You write poems everyday for this person for fifteen years straight yet that person does not reply. Then you realize, that person you loved died when you first started writing poems for them. I bawled like an infant at the ending.

Definitely a sad song. I found it very sweet at first, but then I saw the sad ending, and that was a real tear jerker..

Endless Wedge

I first hear about Soundless Voice through the game project diva 2 and when I listened to it it killed me. I soon figured out about proof of life and that also killed me. Although recently I figured out about the third and final song to it called Endless Wedge and holy tostadas I cried an ocean. THE FEELZ -

It's just a trip down Memory Lane, heading to the Falls of Feels. It's just beautiful.

The threequel to Soundless Voice...
About how Len moved on after Rin's death.. Oh god... When he.. Just... Man, the feels is there! WATCH IT! NAAAww!

Yes, it is a threequel,
This is about how Len is a few years after Rin;s death,
Just, the lyrica, the sadfghjkl
With the Len's voice, depressingly sad lyrics, and the sad picture, you'll cry rivers, espesically...

Self - Inflicted Achromatic

Just like "Goodbye," this is losing to really bad depression, being so lonely, and feeling so useless, unimportant, thinking you're better off just dying, nobody would care or notice anyway, in fact, they'd all be better off. And from that then, eventually getting back up because of someone that found their meaning in them, as hinted by the one of the last sentences, "why can you only smile for me?"

Whenever the opening notes of this song play I find myself hit by a wave of emotion. The tune is so catchy but still somehow sad, and the melody seems to communicate a yearning for something by itself. The song speaks of how the protagonist wishes they could be like everyone else, that they could stop thinking the way they do and acting the way they do, as a depressed and suicidal individual who cannot express themself in any way and is perhaps afraid also of one day not feeling at all. They want to be somebody who can laugh and smile as easily as other people and that they could stop wanting to disappear, but the depression and hopelessness won't go away. They want to be happy for others sakes and enjoy their life but it's so hard when they don't understand how everyone else can be so carefree the way they are. Nobody seems to notice or care about them, and they wish the few people that did would stop because they want to die without making anyone else suffer because of it. So they ...more

I think this song is by far the most depressing song with kokoronashi and hated by life itself (but they are not here ;-;) because the song can be very relatable to some, but the overall meaning is about someone who is not being wanted in the world and keeps wishing that they were like some people and that they could live in the world that they dream because in the "real" world they are just hurting people by living and people are mean to them and that they are just nobody to hundreds of people. Then they start to understand or realize that they should just die, and they also start to realize that in the end they will all die or fall it will happen over and over and they will never get up and that they will never just wake up, but in the end someone stops them from dying and keeps smiling and then they wonder why can't they smile it off too? This song is probably one of the only songs that have ever made me cry my eyes out because I too was going through hard times and this ...more

This song is one of the only songs in MY WHOLE LIFE that made me cry. I just understand so much that song. Too much. It is about a girl who thinks that if she dies, people would not care or would be happy... I always feel like this whenever I'm in a new group since I was young. Like you don't have place in a vast world. I know the pain.

Tokyo Teddy Bear

Honestly this song could relate to almost anybody.
The way Rin lays out the song in a catchy but sad manner is almost like she is hiding the real meaning of the whole song by making the song really catchy and cool.

Really catchy, but so much more. It is about basically "Just listen to me! " Rin runs from home after losing herself in lies when she realizes she isn't real in this song. The bear symbolizes herself in a voodoo doll type way, as she sews it up, stabs it, and hugs it. This song doesn't have a happy ending either. She leaves herself (the bear) behind in the end and leaves. The song says "Am I alive? " then she opens her eyes and basically blows up and tears up, singing her heart out! I relate to this song so well and it is so depressing

Servant of Evil is a fairytale. This is based on something that happens all the time. Suicides are common. And princesses and servants, marrying, "tragic" deaths, blah? Pfft. Something you'd see in a Disney movie. THIS is the definition of depression.

This should be WAY higher up! My interpretation is that it's about a girl who is shunned in school and ignored by her family until she snaps and runs away! She may or may not be cutting herself too! And her only friend is a teddy bear! she keeps trying to change herself by ripping apart and fixing the teddy bear. And I don't know anyone else who thinks this, but I believe she kills herself in the end! How is that NOT depressing?

My True Self: Hatsune Miku

This song, you'd just have to hear this song. It's so heartbreaking and I know we all have the feeling Miku has in this song at one point or another. Especially for everyone on the face of the Earth! We can't go through life saying that we've never felt inadequate, like there's no reason for us to be on this planet. If we disappeared, no one would notice or even care for that matter! We push people away even though we're so desperately lonely. We hate ourselves for the stupidest reasons, and I know exactly how that is. If someone walks by laughing we just assume that they're laughing about us. Our heart yells for help and we just ignore it, trying to be tough. I don't know about you, but I need someone to find me.

When the opening lyrics to a song are "Why is my heart tired from crying? Why do I hate myself so much? " You know It's going to be a hard one to top in terms of depressing lyrics. I've never heard the original Miku version myself, but KAITO's version had me crying for days.

Word for word I felt the song related to what I feel inside and how I am. Wanting to be loved the way you are. Wishing someone, anyone would see though your tough act and stay beside you.

I Love this song... Its Totally sad, It always make me Cry and feel relifed, because I'm not the only one suffering... When I heard it for the First time, I found myself in it... I hate my Self... I want to know if someone would cry for me if I disapear, Is there even someone in my Live who would do this for me... and I mostly feel like, everyone is laughing about me... My inner me yells for help, but I don't know what do soI just cry... Someone... Find me... as soon as possible... Please...

Daughter of White

This and the counterpart (Wooden Girl) made me cry. And I can't kinda relate because I've been discriminated against because of my race. And not only that. She had no friends. Her parents died and she was adopted. She took care of a little bird but the bird flew away. She found a girl and took care of her and they were friends. She was abused. Her adoptive mother died. Her and her friend left town. She fell in love with her friend and had to watch her get married to another. But before she and her confessed their love to each other, but it wouldn't be accepted. She became an alcoholic. Then was the first to find her friend in a well, taking her last breath. She watched everyone from her village be killed. She had to flee and befriended a girl, soon to realize that the girl killed her love. She goes to kill the girl and is stopped by a ghost! If that life isn't already sad enough, she was suffering from major depression and some suicidal thoughts. So, this is definitely the saddest!

For me, this was the most depressing song in the Evils series. First of all, Clarisse is shunned because of her hair. HER HAIR. That's just prejudice and haircolorism. Don't say prejudice isn't depressing at all. Then after she finally gets one friend (Michaela), that's taken away along with everyone she knows. She has only Michaela and everyone else hates her, yet says that's all she needs. She wants to be social but can't. Then, when she finally finds someone else (Rilianne) that can accept her, that someone just happens to be the one who killed Michaela. I really don't see how this isn't the most depressing song ever.

I cry every time I listen to this song. It's catchy but it's sad at the same time. I mean Haku was an outcast and when she finally found a friend, the friend died. Haku forever

One of the saddest. This is one of the few songs I cried in, simply from when she said 'Everyone, everyone was gone'. You hear her sadness, her despair, her anguish and guilt.

Haku's voice truly shines.

Not to mention the fact that the entire story is tied in. I get shivers running up and down my back when I hear the infamous queen mentioned-

"Aku no musume."

Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story

Its about a child who didn't know why people hated them so much and lived his life wanting to die until he meets someone who is genuinely kind to them only for that person (speculatingly) to die or be killed.

Only at 57? Wow,this deserves to be higher up on the list.Just listen to the english lyrics and you're either on the train to a catchy song or on the train to a sad song.

People don't find this sad,but I do.The story is that a boy was considered a demon child from the day he was born,probably due to his hair being an unnatural color and his skin being lighter than any other character's skin,with the exception of IA.IA then finds the boy,and they escape together.They eventually find freedom.Let's see the lyrics:"I won't die,I won't die,Why is it I won't die? " Those lyrics alone show that he was almost beaten to death several times.

Irony - Hatsune Miku

I just can't believe this song is not even at top 20, this is the most depressing Vocaloid song I've ever heard. There might be lot more depressing songs which tell someone's sad stories like Kagerou Daze, Servant of Evil, and such but Irony is just close, too close to you. While those others songs made you cry because of the story, this one made you cry because how relatable it is to your life. Scop is just a genius in making song based on general depression cause that youngsters nowaday have.

It's a song about a girl being depressed about life and can't reach the happiness she wants.

I heard the Lizz's version. I think, Irony is really really so so depressed song. It's really sad. It's right, those other songs is also really sad, but it's because of the story in the song itself. While Irony is so sad because the lyrics is too relatable with someone's life. I hope it's not you...

I love this song so much, I cry every time I hear it

Abstract Nonsense

Only song that was ever able to make me cry. It's horrible how relatable people find this song. She is forced to live her terrible life because she is too afraid to kill herself. Imagine living a life of bullying and depression. At least the people who kill themselves don't have to suffer anymore. No, I am absolutely NOT saying suicide is a good thing, because it's NOT. But after death, you don't have to live a terrible life, unlike this poor girl, who has to give up on her suicide attempts and live the rest of her terrible life. It's awful, and this is my favorite song along with Tokyo Teddy Bear to this day. I don't know how it's number 47, Servant of Evil is nothing but a stupid tale. Abstract Nonsense, Rolling Girl, Lost One's Weeping, Tokyo Teddy Bear, and so many more songs cover real life issues. Servant of Evil may be sad, but it's nothing compared to these real life issues.

SO DEPRESSING. This definitely should be higher than 44
So here this is about a girl that just wants to fit in. She's hearing all these rumors, and it's making her numb and sick of it, or a "monochrome puppet." She's getting sick of putting that fake face on only to be bullied, so she tries to kill herself, starting with injecting her wrist and escalating to her trying to drown and shoot herself. Then she gets into bullying others her self. There's that one part before the end, where she realizes that she needs to stop, and her voice is breaking and it kills me. In the end she just realizes she's normal trash. and she doesn't even try to die. She just accepts that she has to live this terrible life. And the very last line, she's hoping it could rain, and she's hoping it could just wash away the sins she's done.

THIS. It's SO depressing. It's about a girl who is bullied and keeps trying to kill herself but lacks the courage. When one day the most popular kids say if she bullies others she can have more friends, she starts bullying and then realizes it's wrong, saying "I'm nothing but normal trash." Finally, she gives up on killing herself and accepts her terrible life-which in a way is even more sad than just killing herself because now she is even more depressed.

Seriously? number 69? it's a song about a girl who gets bullied so much she wants to die. So she gets everything she can find that would kill her. She tried to choke herself, shoot herself, shove a knife through her chest, ran out into the middle of the road on a busy highway, and even INJECTED herself. But even though she wanted to die, she knew that there was more to life than friends, but ends up backing out because she is too scared.

Servant of Evil

Isn't this already further up on the list...?

Can't I Even Dream

A song that stays with you for a really long time. A song that someone would sing when they feel like they are left behind alone. The aura of the piece is depressing yet somewhat pleasing...

Besides the actually lyrics being depressing, the piano keys you into a feeling of loneliness. I don't actually find many vocaloid song depressing, but this tops the list.

About Miku chasing after her prince charming but never reaching him.

Don't Look at Me In That Way

It's about a dead child telling their parents not to look at their existence in such a sad way, because they would feel ashamed to have thought that dying felt good.

If you look into the lyrics it seems like it's about abortion

I'm pretty sure it's about abortion and


It's a beautiful song! I don't actually find the song that depressing, and I've hardly cried from it. But it is certainly empowering and full of emotion.

This is the song that gave me most chills when I listen to it... The meaning of the lyrics made me cry, and sometimes I actually can remembered the sad times in my past... Good song

The lyrics are open to interpretation; it's such a beautiful message, and it feels like whoever is singing is just screaming their lungs of from pure emotions!

I didn't even know what this song was about but I still cried.
Then I looked at the lyrics...

Kokoro Kiseki

THIS SONG okay okay, this is sadder than kokoro for me because, he is describing the miracles of having someone after he was lonely for a long time, it really is a miracle

This song is so unknown D:

Last Night, Good Night

Shoot. When I heard this song. A LOT of emotions poured in. I thought this. When she mentioned the lyrics (last night good night) she sounded like someone died last night. Then to forget it. Good night. I felt like crying. - Drillox.

Why is Lie ahead of this? This is so sad D:

My mom love this song!

I love this song...

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