Ayano's Theory of Happiness



Ayano's mom remarried to a man with his 3 kids, and Ayano became a big sister. She always played and comforted them and loved them very much.

But then the mom died.

The husband went crazy and started to try to develop a drug to resurrect his dead wife, basically abandoning Ayano altogether. His original 3 kids became his test subjects, each gaining 'red eyes' which symbolize a strange power.

Ayano, wanting to save her little siblings and truly become their big sister, jumped off the roof of her school building, in the hopes of gaining the 'red eyes'. However, she didn't know that you had to die in pairs to gain the power, and she died.

At the end of the song, she is wondering if her siblings hate her, or if she has truly become their big sister.

If this isn't sad, I don't know what is!

This is definitely ONE of the saddest. I'd say it's tied with Rolling Girl.
I have bits and pieces from the anime based on Kagerou Project, specifically a few that led me to conclude this:
When you have such a happy life and then adopt (I think) three kids with terrible pasts...and you make them happy again...that's tear-jerking from happiness. Then the mom passes away, the dad seems to fall into depression, and that happy life you had crumbles away in an instant. To save them, you realize you would have to die. Ayano does this in an instant. She cares about the three kids she adopted so much that she dies for them. Now THAT'S sad.
(SPOILERS: If I'm remembering correctly, Ayano's sacrifice was senseless in the end and helped the villain. That doesn't help it much either.)

Ayano's Theory of Happiness is part of a series called Kagerou Project, and it's arguably the saddest song in the series. The three children grow attached to Ayano, with her being the first person they trusted in a long time. She taught them how to be happy again, and it ends with her committing suicide so they didn't have to die.

Ayano's Theory of Happiness is one of those Vocaloid songs that makes me rethink my life. As an older sister, it makes me wonder if I'm truly being a big sister to my younger siblings. I don't want them to grow up thinking I was horrible to them... So this always make's me cry as I slowly realize each time that Ayano would die for them.

I love all the other songs but this song is also sad and made me cry real hard. The melody is pretty sad too. I didn't see this song on this list so I thought I should put it on the list. If you haven't heard it you should I recommend it.

This song just brings out so many emotions. Hope and happiness, but then despair and longing. I always listen to this when I need to let out my emotions safely. It makes me cry, especially the last verse.

Now most of the time I don't feel sad for other people...BUT THIS SONG IS SO SAD how is this not in the top ten this is one of the few vocaloid songs that make me cry

Sad story. Very sad story. I totally didn't cry. There were just invisible ninjas cutting onions.

This is seriously one of saddest, but to really understand it you have to watch more of the songs from the Kagerou Project.

This song is like when you're hated or/and can't do something but its not your fault.

Seriously, just... Ayano's Theory of Happiness. If you follow the Kagerou Series, you'd understand.

Ayano loses her mom, she *figuritively* loses her dad, so all she has left is Kido, Kano and Seto. When she finds out about her father's *plan*, she decides that she not only wants to save Kido, Kano and Seto, but also the 2 other kids who her dad was planning on hurting. Ayano's theory of happiness, was for everyone she loves to be safe, and despite the fact that she could've killed her dad and ended it like that, she would rather end it so that possibly, her dad (and not the snake) could remain. In conclusion: *starts sobbing hysterically*

This song makes me think, it's one of the only song that almost made me cry

This truly the saddest song... It almost made my eyes burst into tears... - Kuroemon2002

This song is definitely the saddest

I've seen a lot of vocaloid songs that say that are the saddest thing ever yet I didn't really feel sad. Until I saw the PV and heard this song for the first time. I cried so much that I couldn't even believe that I was actually crying because of a song. This song is unbelievable and will always be my on my top ten saddest voocaloid songs.

This Anime made me cry because I somewhat related to it.

I cry every time I listen to this, how is it not in the top 10

Ayano is the best sister ever. This song made me cried - Kuroemon2002

Seriously? 20!?!?!? This should be 1! 1! Go AYANO!

I can never get through this song without crying my eyes out. But the 3D animation to this song in the anime made me cringe so hard.

Definitely touched me. And that's quite a feat. I also really like Yumeko's version A LOT. Her voice suits it perfectly.



After ayano's mom died it was like everything was falling apart so Ayano decided to suicide to prevent shuuya and the others from the snake gathering and so that was what happened


Love it love it love it
Is there any better way for a sister to show her love?