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61 Hello/How Are You?

I really like how Miku's Soft Append was used,

This is clearly relatable for ALL OF US HERE.

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62 The Game of Life

It's not really depressing, it's kinda crazy

My first vocaloid song, its hard to think that life is just a game

It's not depressing, it's interesting.

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63 Motivation is Dying

Motivation is dying is a song about living in the modern world and suffering with depression, the song suggests that the singer (Miku) is depressed and her motivation is dying and is trying to distract her self by doing everyday things. This is an interesting spin on the depression topic because it not only tackles depression but also tackles the lack of motivation to do anything then be depressed which most sufferers have. Miku goes on to say stuff like "from the moment we are born we are dying and from the moment things begin they are ending" and in the end she is still depressed and so are others around her

The song its self is upbeat and is good to listen too and the PV is just as interesting as the song its self.
I'm surprised it wasn't on this list.

64 Hello, Planet

For those who like listening to sad songs, this is a good one to get you to cry. I've listened to both "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku" and this song, and this song beats her disappearance by a long shot, in my opinion. Listen to the song and love it!

This one needs to be higher up the list, got me crying for a good amount of time. It's really sweet and cheery, but the lyrics and especially the video will get tears falling...

Image how sad can it be when you are the only one left in this world... Your only wish is to meet the one you love the most and...

This one made me cry, and this is coming from someone who almost never cries from music.

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65 Hocus Pocus

, in the end you can almost hear Miku screaming "No, please come back! I'll be good I swear, mommy come back! Maybe if, HOCUS POCUS! HOCUS POCUS! Please, no, don't, come back, bring my mamma back..." I always cry, every time!

The melody of the song alone makes you feel sad but with lyrics, it just clenches your heart. Its just really sweet and sad at the same time. - samputen

Its such a sweet song with a sad ending it makes me cry every time I listen to it

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66 Circus Monster

The Song itself without even understanding what the lyrics means is sad the music matches the video I tried listening to it (IA Cover, Luke Japanese Ver, Luke English Version).
It depresses me. its like giving up but there is no way to give up and you have to push on to your own demise slowly and painfully

How would you feel if you were locked in a cage forced to perform?

People treated her as a 'circus monster' pretty depressing if you ask me

Listen to Oliver's version. Scary and sad..

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67 Bokura No Let It Be - Hatsune Miku

I was searching this... Recently I have been listening it. My favorite version is Yuki (Kaai Yuki). The song shows such a pure love born between two children without them knowing, and by adolescence they begin to understand it. But given the circumstances, the promises made to children become so heavy for them (especially for him).

This is a sad song, no.. THIS IS TRULOY THE SADDEST SONG I've ever heard, yes there are lots of Vocaloid songs out there that is so sad but this song truly will strike in your hearts, The melody is sad too, I don't know why this is not in the list, it snot popular though but this is a MUST see/watch/listen. I hope you try it.

Go listen it guys and enjoy crying

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68 You're a Worthless Child/ Kimi Wa Dekinai Ko

It sounds so happy and joyful until you read the lyrics! The song in my opinion is about two people siblings or lovers, and Person A constantly talks about how person B is worthless and can't do anything and even the kids at school can see this while Person B probably has either an illness or special needs and doesn't understand why they are constantly bullied and abused. They both grow older and Person A is still picking on Person B but eventually Person B either commits suicide or leaves and Person A then realizes that they are the truly worthless one because they no longer have the other to keep them company and they become lonely and wish they could reverse time to be nicer to Person B. You'd never guess it if you just listened to the audio. The best version I've heard is by Matsudappoiyo and another utauloid.

I am in love with this song.

literally, this is what my mom says to me all the time. It's always, 'Adéa, you're a useless child! " Man, I hate my life.

69 melody... by Hatsune Miku (w/startup sequence, setup.exe)
70 Paradise of Light and Shadow by Rin, Len, and Miku

I love Rin & Len voice in this song! - LenRin

Synchronocity series, go and watch it, you'll understand everything

The whole Synchronocity series should be on here, honestly. Ok, maybe not so much the first one. But definitely the second and third ones. Very sad...

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71 The Thought To Tell by Meiko

Not many lyrics, and not very well known, but this song is SAD! I could watch it without the English subtitles, and it still made me cry. The song has just a mournful feeling to it, and Meiko is used SO well! Go check it out if you don't believe me.

72 Rugrats Theory

People say this is scary, but actually it was sad. Being neglected, she created friends in her mind (talking about Angelica)

This song makes me very uncomfortable. But, Kaai Yuki's voice is so amazing.

This ruined the Rugrats for me, and my name...-.

It's not scary it's creepy

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73 Eight Hundred by Miku Hatsune

At the start it sounds like a cute song but as it progresses and you see the true meaning/story behind it makes you feel so sorry for Miku.

I feel so much sympathy for the boy throughout the whole song.
This at least gets me teary eyed every time.

This is such a sweet song about Miku <3 It's about a tsundere Miku and a boy that she was friends with. He kept telling her how much he loved her, and asked her if she could sing for him, but she always denied it and said no. Some other things happen on in the song, and it is definitely a heart-crushing song, but it helps you realize that no matter who they are, you miss them when they're gone.

74 Akahitoha

A girl and a boy are best friends until he goes off to war and dies. She never realized that she loved him before he was gone. the lyrics are so beautiful. "Sway in the wind, slowly, gently fluttering. Over your shoulder, a single red leaf. Let's stay together until I understand that my sadness will only rise into the sky. or this lyric: "There's a memory I'll never forget, over your shoulder, sakura leaves. They fill the world with their beautiful and fleeting color, I will deticate this love to you.", or "Sway in the wind, Oh gently scatter now, they'll dye the night in you crimson color. I just want to be near you and held by you, until my sadness reaches the sky." Made my cry like a baby. This deserves to be in the top 10. Sadder than most of these songs up here. It's a must here!

This song is terribly sad it made me cry so much because the story of a girl Who is best friends since childhood goes to war and she doesn't realize that she loves him and he's already dead.

, in the end you can almost hear Miku screaming "No, please come back! I'll be good I swear, mommy come back! Maybe if, HOCUS POCUS! HOCUS POCUS! Please, no, don't, come back, bring my mamma back..." I always cry, every time!

Sorry I meant to post the last message on hocus locus oops! LOL!

75 Bacterial Contamination

Really, despite the video being creepy the song is about bullying and how much it hurt

How the heck did this song ended up on 62 place?! It's more depressing than any of the songs above COMBINED!

I can relate. I get bullied everyday

It's also a very true song

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76 Tawagoto Speaker

I can't believe this song is so low on the list. I'm starting to assume this list is based off of popularity and not the actual meaning behind the songs. I have friends in real life that have to deal with an abusive family. Nobody can relate to some stupid story about a queen being overwhelmed by her responsibilities that she messes up so bad that her people want to kill her (which is the number one song on this list for some reason). Sure its sad but it doesn't relate to ANYONE unless you live in the 1700's-1800's or something.

About Miku dealing with self harm and seeing her mother as the worst person and that her mother is hurting her greatly.

This song is honestly very relatable. It is about the singer, Hatsune Miku, who is dealing with self harm and is eventually pushed into suicide by her mother

This song is so sad because I can relate to it so much...

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77 Wrist Cutter

This song needs to be a lot higher on the list. The title is very straightforward and describes exactly what the song is about, yet the lyrics are extremely vague and poetic. Mix in some amazing rock instrumentals and one of the best uses of GUMI's voice I have ever heard, and you've got a song that describes what every suicidal person goes through.

This song is about self harm, and it's so sad. You can feel the pain ;A;

So beautiful and yet also depressing

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78 Soleil

Rin and Len encounters a god of dead trapped by darkness. She decides to take his darkness away, turning him into a white bird. Lost souls came and Rin relives them of their suffering. Soon she is overtaken by the darkness. Seeing this, the white birds grieve and triy to retake some of her darkness. Len does the same and using the darkness turns into a bird and fly above the clouds so Rin could see the sun one last time. They both die together and the sky is left full of black grieving birds. This song is beautifully sad.

The great lyrics, awesome illustration really capture the meaning of the song

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79 Yonjuunana (47)

This is an incredibly depressing song. While Servant of Evil was essentially a sad fairy tale, and while Rolling Girl was an example of depressing stuff happening to real life boys and girls, Yonjuunana takes it a step further. This song is essentially based off of a REAL EVENT that happened to a REAL PERSON, a member of AKB48 who was involved in a dating scandal. This song is from her point of view, and hearing her emotions sung through Miku Append Dark's depressing yet beautiful tone only makes it sadder. Especially near the end, when she sees her boyfriend in the crowd...just, ugh. It makes me break down every time.

80 Glow - Keeno Ft. Hatsune Miku

This song should be higher up the list than at 132

I literally cried when I heard this song.

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