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81 Summertime Record

Why is this 141? I can't even count how many times it's made me cry.

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82 Blossom In the Spring - Luo Tianyi
83 You're a Worthless Child/ Kimi Wa Dekinai Ko

It sounds so happy and joyful until you read the lyrics! The song in my opinion is about two people siblings or lovers, and Person A constantly talks about how person B is worthless and can't do anything and even the kids at school can see this while Person B probably has either an illness or special needs and doesn't understand why they are constantly bullied and abused. They both grow older and Person A is still picking on Person B but eventually Person B either commits suicide or leaves and Person A then realizes that they are the truly worthless one because they no longer have the other to keep them company and they become lonely and wish they could reverse time to be nicer to Person B. You'd never guess it if you just listened to the audio. The best version I've heard is by Matsudappoiyo and another utauloid.

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84 Heaven - Hatsune Miku

This song made me bawl my eyes out! Especially the part where the boy's spirit hugs the girl.

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85 Niji - Iro Chouchou V 1 Comment
86 Magnet

A song about two people engaging in forbidden love and disgusted by others. Truly sad.

Even though I like this song it is pretty sad to think about that

Two girls have a taboo love for each other. I can relate ;-;

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87 Duke of Venomania - The Madness
88 Orphans

If this is orphan keeper than yes this is one of the many sad songs I ever heard

This is sung by Rin and Len, who are homeless orphans, one day, Rin saw a poster about a ball, then she wanders if she can wear beautiful clothes and dance with Len,
Len smiles and then dances with her,
Go listen to this and cry

Orphans won't you feel sad for homeless orphans?
and in he end Rin dies if that's not sad your heartless

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89 Melancholic by Kagamine Rin

I don't understand...I always thought it was just an innocent love song...

90 Requiem of the Endless World

Oh my god, this song tears your heart to shreds! It's so tragic (more tragic than Servant of Evil, in my opinion, and I LOVE that song), yet the fact that they, for once, died united makes you feel happy, too. The music itself is wondrous, as well. Len and Rin's duet parts sound SO good and SO beautiful. There's one part where it genuinely sounds like Len is crying as he sings, despite the fact that he's a, dare I say it, computer program...

Just go listen to it already!

I cried at the end. It's also a really pretty song. this should be higher than 48!

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91 Guard and Scythe

This song deserves to be at least in 10th place, even though it's obscure. Every part of it makes it depressing. This is my favourite song for a reason, whenever I listen to it, it just gives me this horrible feeling, but I don't mind it. Why does no one find this song beautiful? I guess I just have horrible taste...

Yes, Guard and Scythe is a part of the DWC series. This song is when Miku becomes the Grim Reaper and has to kill her husband. This song wraps up the Dark Woods Circus series. The multiple "na"'s at the end make the song so sad and dramatic. I don't know what is the saddest part about it. The song or the fact that it's the last song in the series.

I have no words for this song. Also my favourite song of all time.

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92 Rockbell - IA

Sad songs about animals are the saddest songs.

It's like Deep Sea Girl, it's depressing but with a happy ending

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93 Glow - Keeno Ft. Hatsune Miku

This song should be higher up the list than at 132

I literally cried when I heard this song.

94 Orange

This song is so sad, it's about a twins that used to be a lovers (it's said that if a couple suicide together, they'll reincarnated as twins) so the one of the twins kill her other twins so they not reincarnated as twins anymore. Ah sorry for my bad English haha.

Just, Len's feelings are really captured through the lyrics,
Just listen to tis and cry

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95 Wrist Cutter

This song needs to be a lot higher on the list. The title is very straightforward and describes exactly what the song is about, yet the lyrics are extremely vague and poetic. Mix in some amazing rock instrumentals and one of the best uses of GUMI's voice I have ever heard, and you've got a song that describes what every suicidal person goes through.

This song is about self harm, and it's so sad. You can feel the pain ;A;

So beautiful and yet also depressing

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96 Seasonal Feathers - Kagamine Rin and Len

I kept waiting to see this one -. - I mean, come on. A poor married couple live happily until Len gets sick. Rin works her fingers to the bone, literally, trying to afford the medicine to save the love of her life. He tells her her hands are beautiful and she asks if she no longer had beautiful hands would he still love eher? He replies "Of course" and this goes on when she asks if she didn't have a beautiful singing voice anymore to end on "If I was no longer human would you still love me? " He replies of course. Apparently Rin was orginally a cran and she gives up her human life, taking all of her feathers to weave something beautiful she can sll to buy Len's medicine. He replies "Of course." (but it also implies that he knew all along that she wasn't completely human)

How was this NOT in at least the top twenty?!

PSA: Make sure you have at least one box of tissues when watching/listening to this song...

Ahem, this is already on the list.

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97 Calalini - Kaai Yuki

I didn't find this sad. There. Throw rocks at me. It just didn't hit me in the feels. It never did. Here's an extra bag of trash for you to attack me with.

How in the entire UNIVERSE is this #103?! people think kokoro, servant of evil, and paradichlorobenzene is sadder? what is wrong with them?!

Wait, this got higher up on the list? I'm the one that wrote "How in the entire UNIVERSE is this #103?! people think kokoro, servant of evil, and paradichlorobenzene is sadder? what is wrong with them?! " And it got higher! this is starting to make me mad!

This made me cry so much ;-;

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98 Hedgehog's Love - Hatsune Miku

I honestly cried when listening that.

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99 Transparent Answer

I can get through this song with dry eyes easily. I've almost cried to this before, but not usually. Makes me wanna dance for some reason.

One of the album-exclusive songs in Kagerou Project. It relates the relationship between Shintarou and Ayano in high school. I can't help but shed a tear at Shintarou's monologue, especially at the ending of the song.

Ok so out of all the kagerou project songs, this one hit me the hardest. Like this shows how Shintaro became a shut- in and the guilt he was feeling for a classmate that helped him. I honestly love this song and it is recommended

100 The Immoral Memory, the Lost Memory

This song was beautiful and made me break out in tears. The way all three of their voices blended together was incredible.

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