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121 Lavender Town Syndrome

If you didn't know, there's a creepy pasta that links lavender town to suicide... They say it's the high frequency music. It's not true, but oh-how-sad it is to see that...

122 Goodbye of the Physicist - Miku Hatsune

This is the saddest vocaloid song I've ever heard, besides Error (UTAU), Servant/Daughter of evil by Kagamine Rin And Kagamine Len, and Lie by Megurine luka. This song is about Miku being a scientist type thing, and at she got hit by a car, and in the song she is singing about her death and everything she has done for the world.

123 Tell Your World - Miku Hatsune V 2 Comments
124 Sarishinohara

This song is so sad :'< I don't know why a song this sad is in the 80th position._. Try to watch Rib's cover of this song. It's so depressing!

125 Forgotten - Miku Hatsune

Ahhh this one is so sad and touching. It's got the sad little bell chimes going on. I think it's about her first love being such a big impact and important to her, but the person she loved doesn't even remember who she is now.

126 Cowardly Mont Blanc

This might not be the saddest song but still...

127 Daughter of Evil

First we got the overrated Servant of Evil, and now this. What's next, Mailman of Evil?

Servant Of Evil is higher on the list and deserves it. This one is also sad but not as sad as Servant Of Evil

I don't think this is all that sad...

Sorry about the hateful comment I wrote before~ I'm a big fan now.
P.S. This isn't sad, it makes SoE a lot less sad though, because you discover what Princess Riliane (Rin K) is really like

128 Last Battle - Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku

About them battling today's messed up society

Watch it.
It's a simple song actually but...ahh just watch it already!

V 1 Comment
129 Little Traveler by Jimmy Thumb - P Feat. Hatsune Miku
130 Waiting In Earth - Kaito

I cried when I first heard it. When I read the lyrics I cried harder. If you heard the lyrics you would know the story.

This song is so relaxing and sweet sounding but the lyrics make you wanna cry!

131 Blink - Kagamine Rin (Sweet Append)

In the song, which is connected to the Story Of Evil series, Rilliane (Now Rin) observes the sapling Michaela and wonders if she will be alive when it grows into a large tree, and if she will be forgiven. She wishes for eternal peace.

This song is short, but contains a lot of emotion. The slow pace mixed with Rin's Sweet Append creates a nice, sad feeling.

132 Mozaik Role - Gumi


This piece is just so breath taking!
It is about a girl who has depression,and self harms herself almost every day.She feels as if her life is falling apart every second she is alive,and is faded because of her depression.She tries to kill herself,but ends up being alive.She hugs her depression as it fades away,as the walls of the cave of her depression crumble away.When her depression completely fades away,and the walls are no longer there,she gets all of her color back,and this shows that she is back to being happy.
It has a good ending,but in the beginning and middle it is very miserable,and you start to feel sorry for Gumi.Personally,I think that this should be higher up on this list,but that is only my opinion.

133 Deep Sea Girl by Hatsune Miku

It tells about a girl who is so depressed and she keeps sinking into depression (the deep sea) and she somehow finds someone who understands her and brought her out of it. This song really tugs at my heartstrings.

This is my theme song. I am an 11-year-old with EXTREME depression. I almost committed suicide but my best friend pulled me out of it... my other friends thought I was a freak but he understood

OH MY GOD I NEVER COULD FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS SONG IS ABOUT! I never interpreted the water as depression! Wow. This song just took on a whole new meaning.

134 Wrinkles - Gumi

Oh my gush. Gumi's Wrinkle is so good. To be honest I love it.

If you listen to it, the beat and everything seems so good, and the best part is, when you look at the animations, you'll crave for it.

The story is that two highschool, girl and boy fell in love. They both texted, laughed to each other, holds hand, and both decided to be married. When they got married, the girl was so HAPPY (Of course the girl is the one who'll be happy) and she cried while smiling. Soon afterward, they got a baby, and they're so sweet. Until they got old... But even though they're old they still love each other, I don't know who died the girl or the boy.
But as long as I know... Gumi - Wrinkle does relate to the animation.

No matter you have wrinkles in your face. I will still love you.
Remember our wrinkles are increasing one by one.

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135 Kimi Ni Uso

This is a Miku song where I believe both people love each other but split apart to follow their own dreams. Person A wants to tell Person B that they still love them but by the time Person A can tell Person B, Person B they find out Person B died.

136 Blink of Goodbye

This has got to be the song to get the deep emotions inside anyone's heart to bleed out as you realize that, after a lifetime with someone, they need to go away, and as you wave goodbye, you remember the good times and the times when they were there for you...

Not depressing, but inspiring. This is the song I listen to when I'm sad or depress or just want to feel lots of positive emotions about someone...

This song made my heart strings tug and tighten. It made tears come to my eyes. This was an amazing song.

137 Cruel Clocks V 2 Comments
138 Two Faced Lovers

Unwanted pregnancy.

I have to stop myself from crying every time I listen to this.

I still don't get the message.

139 A Happy Death
140 Kagami No Mahou - Kagamine Len

The story is really sad, and the second part is as tear jerking as the first one, plus it makes me remember the sentence
'not every fairy tale has a good ending'

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