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141 From Y to Y

I found this sad because It's about a girl trying to move on from her ex boyfriend/crush with the hope that they can be friends again and she felt that her love was a "sin". I find it quiet relateable, and I'm sure a lot of other young girls who were dumped could also relate to this - MLPFan

142 Orphan Keeper Song
143 Cyber Diver

Cyber Diver is one of Haku's less popular songs, but even so there is meaning to it that can be hard to see. In the first verse of the song she is looking for a place where efforts and thoughts will be rewarded, and then finds that place, the sea of light. The second verse explains how the sea is her escape, and how she can finally can be properly understood by other people, and by herself. The bridge also imply this, as it says that she found truth, self confidence and hope, and that it will help her to move forwards with her life because of that. It is sad if you know what the sea of light is. So, what is the sea of light?

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144 Remember
145 Steel Cage Princess

This is the first song in the Dark Woods Circus Series. This song is when Miku goes insane.

146 Blue Ice Castle

This has to be the saddest Dark Woods Circus song (in my opinion.) it reveals that Miku was married before she went insane. This song describes her suicide by cutting off both of her arms and her leg. That is what the ice on them mean.

147 Red Swamp Bottom

When Miku is sent to hell for killing herself in Blue Ice Castle.

Second saddest song after Guard and Scythe, I guess Machgerita always makes me cry

148 Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness

This is connected to the Dark Woods Circus series but isn't included in the series. This is when Miku is sent to a insane asylum. (If this were to go into the series I'm sure it'd be the second song.)

149 My Everything, All of It to You - Kagamine Len

Go and listen, once you've done that, listen to To You, and cry rivers,
A sad tale about a friendship love that will never be

It's just... Len... When.. Rin... Ahgghh! This was the sequel to To You Kagamine Rin Len, which is just as sad... ;w;

By Tue end of the song you'll scream WHHYYY RIN

150 Remember - Piko Utatane

Jesus the lyrics! And the fact that Piko's voice is young sounding

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151 Rain Dream Tower

Rain Dream Tower is sure have a emotional melody and lyrics. I usually gazing the sky while listening to this song. Brings a lot of emotional feeling, sad, angry, and somehow depressing.

152 Hikari - Miku & Mikuo Hatsune

This song sort of taps into an old fear of mine, to live in complete isolation... No one ever being able to hear you and even if they did, dismissing it. Mikuo becomes Miku's little hope spot, but one that's cruelly yanked away from her. There's also a spot of fridge horror when you realized Miku probably will stop singing, and will be seen as bugged. Where do bugged programs go?

But hey, at least she'll be back with Mikuo, I guess.

It's kinda sad for me since I'm an avid fan of miku x mikuo it's about miku getting lonely of singing all alone and mikuo comes in and comforts her sadness but apperantly he was a "bug" that needed to be deleted in miku's voicebank he spends his moments with miku until they finally fell in love mikuo looked so sweet and charming singing in this song and the miku x mikuo moments... Gosh they were wonderful but I got sad when mikuo was gonna be deleted the last time miku felt him and he vanished and the way she tilted her head down... Man it was so sad she was lonely again this made me cry a bit since I very much support the miku x mikuo pairing

153 Someone Like You - Luka Megurine

It's about Luka heartbroken that Kaito moved on and married miku she was so hurt by it but she wishes nothing for him more than the best go hear this song and you'll actually see how miserable she seems hiding it behind her voice

154 Story of Love and Automaton Clock - Kaito

This is a very lesser known song by Kaito, I can't even find any English subs yet, but it's just so sad sounding. He sounds like he's lost his one true love.

155 Mozaik Role

To me, this song is about a girl that is maybe upset, and she has two sides: one that is peaceful, and one that is vengeful. She has an inner battle between the two of them, the vengeful one is about to win, when the peaceful one, well, settles it through peace. I know it is a bad interpretation.

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156 Today, the Day After Tomorrow, Any time

SUng by Len, just-
This song cannot be put in words, just listen to t alraedy

157 Monochrome Blue Sky

Its about suicide and is very sad! It was probably the first truly depressing song I ever heard, and I just wanted to cry while listening this. It's about suicide, and about life being useless, there is also that line that says 'can I just throw myself off the roof? ' SO SAD! It beats servant of evil, BIG TIMES

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158 Meltdown

I wonder why this isn't higher. It does sound rather upbeat, but when you look up the lyrics you can see why I think this should at least be in the top 50. It's about a girl who feels like she's trash and hates herself so much she attempts to kill herself by diving into a fusion reactor.

She was done being herself in a world where everyone didn't want her. Rin thinks suicide was the only option. She wanted to jump in a nuclear reactor and see something happy and pretty for once

I honestly don't find it sad because it sounds upbeat. Not like it's about suicide at all... Same with Suicide Song by Miku

Just goes down because the lyrics actually aren't about suicide

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159 Close to You - Niki

Between the lyrics and the emotions potrayed in the song, I honestly don't see why this isn't in the top ten. It's such a beautiful song, and I cried the first time I heard it. You should give the v flower version a listen, as well. Amazing song.

160 I Built a Spaceship

It seems like a weird alternate ending to Servant of Evil where Allen builds a spaceship and flies to Riliane

Are you kidding me...? This isn't part of the Evillious Chronicles. And spaceships didn't exist when Allen and Riliane was alive. Also it's Oliver singing

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