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161 Cactus and Mirage - Hatsune Miku
162 Nameless Song by Len Kagamine

If you know the lyrics to this song, it just makes you pity whoever's singing it.

I agree the Serious version is better,
The song is simple yet conveys a lot of pain about loneliness,

The songbis simple yet convey a lot of pain, the humming akes it even better...Watch the Append Serious version!

163 Uninstall
164 Rin and Miku Last Battle

This song is very relatable for depressed people with tough problems in their life. In this song, Rin is a girl who is scared to do anything because she is afraid she might lose the battle of her life. She is very lonely, and wishes for help but no one saves her. She hates everyone because she sees them as her enemies, the people who didn't help her. She becomes very anti social and tries to solve her problems but only moves on from them by running away, not finding a solution. Then, one day she meets Miku, a girl, but Miku is very kind to her. Rin snaps at Miku for being so nice to her, and Miku offers her help but Rin stabbed her and refused her help. Later on Rin regrets what she did and wished that she could have became friends with miku but it's too late. Rin finally realizes, inside, that her only real enemy is herself, and her fears that she has to overcome. Rin is now determined to get through this "battle" by herself. At the end, it shows that Rin is at her "last battle" but ...more

165 Sayonara No Kawari Ni - Megpoid Gumi

Sincerely this song has made me cry a lot of times. Most of the Vocaloid songs about cats are pretty sad, and this one is by far is the most sad song of all of them. I invite you to listen this song, watch the lyrics and experience it for yourself.

166 Paradise Song - Kaai Yuki V 1 Comment
167 Kokoro by Megurine Luka

Her version is so deep that I wanted to cry :(

Her version definitely is deeper :(

168 Ama No Jaku - Gumi
169 Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl
170 Ten-Faced - Gumi
171 White Vow Alluring Secret - Hatsune Miku

This song is very sad. It shows how miku lost someone who was very preshus to her. it basicly told about mikus side of the love. sorry for my bad English

172 Laika
173 Pianissimo - Hatsune Miku

A heartbreaking song about a separation. The piano is played wonderfully by Marasy8

174 The New Millennium - Len Kagamine
175 The Portrait Glassred Drew

I just love Gumi's voice in this! She just keeps blaming herself for 'changing' Cherubim into this.

God, this was heart-breaking. Gumina (Gumi) is basically confessing to the original Sateriasis, Cherubim (Gackpo). And she keeps the blame to herself, saying that if she didn't do the things she did, the whole Venomania event probably wouldn't have happened!

176 No More - Hatsune Miku

About Miku having deppression and anxiety. She knows she needs help, but she doesn't want it. "There is nothing inside of me" meaning she feel empty, alone, left behind etc.

177 I Love

I like this song a lot. You have to had experienced it first hand to really hear the song, but I understand. I know what it's like to have lost a true love to someone else. And even after it all, you still just can't walk away. You can try to distract yourself with someone else, but you always come back to that one person. You know it may never work, but you have the urge to try again. To reintroduce yourself. To reset. It's frustrating. But you know you can't do anything about it, so you leave it alone. This song perfectly show's the thought process behind it all. That is why I (Love) this song.

By gumi I was in tears after this song it goes with the song lie by luka

178 Soitogeta Android He - Hatsune Miku

That song is really sad,I cried a lot in the end, when the yellow haired girl died.

179 Pinky Swear

I like this song a lot. It shows a complicated relation between two lovers. When the relationship comes to it's end, she remembers the promises she made. All the pinkie promises. She decides to take them back, standing on the other side of a railroad, holding a box and a bandage wrapped on her pinky. I think it's a great representation of these promises.

180 Forbidden Fruit - Kaai Yuki
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