Paper Plane by Kagamine Rin


This, along with the song that comes before it (Prisoner) are probably the most depressing, but beautiful out of all of the songs by Rin and Len. It depicts Len being a prisoner in a concentration camp (most likely Auschwitz from a scene in Prisoner) and Rin being the daughter of a nazi, with sadly no chance to live through her illness. Through communicating using only paper planes thrown over the barbed wire, the two develop a beautiful relationship, and love each other dearly. In the very end, when Rin takes her last breath, in the camp, Len is doing the same. Both taken unfairly, Rin by illness, and Len by force, they meet again above, being able to hold hands for the first time, and both are finally able to be truly free. The story is beautiful, and probably one of my favorites.

This and Servant of Evil are the only times Vocaloid has made me cry. Maybe I have a thing for two-perspective Kagamine stories, I don't know. Just getting that out of the way.

Having heard Prisoner previously, I thought it was that she'd moved away, and as such couldn't see him at the fence anymore.

I was very wrong.


1.) She was sickly, and was running from the hospital to see him.
2.) It was HER DAD that ripped up all of the paper planes.
3.) He dies without knowing she was dying. (Though I guess that factors more into Prisoner.)
4.) She can hardly walk and still visits him one last time.

This has been, reasons why Anon is a massive wimp who shouldn't bee left around sad Kagamine.

Although the music isn't the best, the lyrics are by far the saddest. Like all love songs, the two aren't allowed to touch each other, but in this one, they're both trying to do everything, even though it makes both of them die. Then Rin regrets trying so hard to be with him because she can't read his letters... And then they meet after dying... By the way, this was the only song that made me cry.

Alright, folks, who's seen the Last Hope video?

Rin and Len remember where they've been? Lots of sadness? Someone dies?

Well, when the final moment comes for them both to remember their past lives and their love for each other, what iconic, mournful tune plays?

Paper Plane and Prisoner's haunting yet lovely theme.

This is a beautiful song, I highly recommend it.

AMAZING song. It's just so sad, though I anticipated what would happen, I never, EVER expected what happened to was quite shocking, actually. When Len started singing, I just felt...that the song was a masterpiece. It's incredible. (Though, I have a heart of steel. I've only teared up to Regret Message. Though, I think this is sadder.

I can't remember what the name of the movie was, but when you said the girl is the child of a general, and she's seeing a boy on one side of a fence, it reminded me of a movie I saw of a boy who was the son of a general and he would talk to his friend on the other side of a fence that held in people at a concentration camp. - Lady_Alois

I cried my eyes out from this song. Anyone who's heard this song know how incredibly devastating it was. The Kagamine twins are known for making sad songs sometimes, but this was beyond tears. It was a great story about forbidden love, which we know can be common in the Vocaloid genre.

When I watched this video I actually cried. I watched this video than I watched Prisoner and I cried even more. I know you're suppose to watch Prisoner first, but at the time I didn't know. Now I watch them both in the right order, and I barely stay strong.

I can't make a paper plane after hearing this song... My heart is just snapping... The feels train is running me over... This is probably the saddest on this list easy

I just listened to it for the first time... One of the lyrics literally made me start sobbing... After that I couldn't stop crying. THIS SONG HAS TO BE ONE OF THE SADDEST SONGS EVER!

I've seen this song so many times, and it still makes me cry! Even thinking about it makes me cry! I think that this is the saddest Vocaloid out there!

After hearing this song, which is a sequel to prisoner, I cried and it was the first time I cried in 12 years after I cried at my parent's funeral.

Why it isn't the first?! Yes, I cried when I listened to servant of evil but I have to watch it for the second times to have me crying! And I actually cried when listened to this for the first time... It really break my heart when I listened to this song (TT)

Rin dies WAY more then Len. Rin dies like forty something times while Len dies like twenty something times!

Both this and prisoner are the saddest songs ever but this takes the cake

When Len started singing, I just burst out crying ='(

This is the only one that has gotten me to cry more than once.

I cried the first time I saw it, It deserves more attention beause of how detailed it is. This and Prisoner was truly sad. You will understand by listening to these songs, and listening to the lyrics as well.

This one should totally be first gosh it made me cry so much! I think that the overall story was really moving... Like how is The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku abouve this? SO SAD

I'm least they met in afterlife...I used to hate Rin but now I envy her. I know this isn't real, but still...

OK, granted, yeah, I saw 'Prisoner' before I saw 'Paper Plane', but Rin's side of the story had so much more detail in it, so it made me cry a replica of the Pacific Ocean... Ja.

Seriously, Servent of Evil isn't THAT sad. SOE is for newbs. At least Rin is still alive AND is socializing. Paper Plane has both died. Seriously, I don't really think SOE is sad. SOE is just Kokoro sad.