The Servant of Evil by Kagamine Len


This song takes the cake. I only had to listen to this song once to start bawling like a newborn baby. It had a large plot that held feelings and different sides of the same story. It shows that despite the fact that his sister was considered evil and cruel, he still loved her above all and was so affectionate over his twin that he was willing to take her place be killed. The song also shows that the so-called "Daughter of Evil" was not so cruel when it came to her brother. This song was practically a universe of sadness. Overall, no song

"I love you so much, that I shall be evil for you." The lyrics are so emotional. No, I didn't cry, because I'm not that kind of person that cries at songs. But, this song is so sad. Len sacrificed big things for Rin: his love at first sight (Miku) and his own life. He doesn't deserve to die, but he died for his twin sister, Rin! Very touching.

I enjoy this song so much. I just adore how Len loves Rin. And he protected her. When I first saw this, I was like "That was so sad! And cute! " I even had tears on my bed after that! I really like how it actually ties in with Daughter Of Evil. Daughter Of Evil made me believe that Rin (the evil queen) is killed! But this song told the truth about EVERYTHING! This song is one of the reasons I ADORE Len so much!

I can't believe it he took his own life for his sister! I cried the first time I saw it! Although he was a servant who was probably not treated that well based on how needy his sister was, he was still willing to switch places with his sister and die for her. That is one of sweetest and saddest stories I have ever heard of!

People continuously hate in this song... It is one of perhaps three songs that have made me cry.

I actually put my hands up to my face and peeked through the cracks, I was so shocked. And then it was just a torrent of never ending tears. The ultimate sacrifice, in so many ways.

This is most certainly not "an over dramatic fairy tale". It is a story of lost love, pain, life, death, and most of all, loyalty.

This song deserves its place at the top.

Okay, I only like Asami's version, but I get it. The first five times, I cried. First off, Rin deserved to lose her brother. She's a sinner who deserves more shame than ever. Only a true psychotic would get a village burned down because of one COMPLETELY INNOCENT cute girl. And the girl (Miku) had ALREADY been killed! And the "Innocent" side Len sees, is a delusion. SHE HAS NO INNOCENT SIDE! She may have a beautiful laugh and a sweet smile,but she is truly the Daughter of Evil.

Honestly, I think this music video and art style for Servant of Evil is perfect. While others may not like it, it fits the plot, story, and melody of the song. However, I wish this song didn't rely so heavily on its lyrics, and the fact it has so many sequels is annoying and ruins the overall charm.

The first time I listened to the song while watching the video, I cried. It was in Japanese. When I listened to it again in English. I cried harder. I listened to it every time I took a shower. When the song plays, I can easily recall the events that took place. I still feel saddened by it.

This song has a deep meaning, about a boy who become his twin servant. This song makes me almost cry because is so dramatic... How do you feel when you have to kill the person that you love so much, and that ordered by your own twins?

I don't think this is sad; it's just touching. I mean, not every brothers/sisters nowadays can die for their siblings. I almost cried, not for its tragic, but because Len is such a wonderful brother.

This song is more touching than it is sad. These days you don't see many people willing to sacrifice themselves for their sibling. I don't like the song (that's just my opinion) but it also does tell a beautiful story.

This song is my favorite of all. Not only for the vocals but also the story and meaning of this song. Even though this song is really beautiful, I didn't cry at all even after I heard this countless times (not because I wasn't move, because I don't I easily cry)

Imagine your twin sister just told you to kill a bunch of people, including your crush. Then imagine dying in place of your sister, who you traded clothes with and she fled...

That's the story for you. I cry whenever I listen to this...

I think this song is really touching, it makes your tears start to roll in your eyes... Imagine your twin's head just gets cut off down the guillotine...

When I first saw my song I felt like crying but I didn't I was so shocked I could not believe what I just saw I showed it to my friend and she agree with me how tragic the second time I watched it and said I like the song but not the video that was so sad

I personally think the classical version has much more impact than the original because of the slow and drawn out piano ending when you get a glimpse of Rin sobbing at the death of her brother.

Okay, seriously? This song is not sad. At all. I didn't cry at it ONCE, and I've watched this 10 or more times. I actually cried at Reboot and Feathers Across the Seasons. This one is just too overrated.

I really love this, at some point I began to realized that this could be fix if Len instead of doing everything for Rin also help her to be more kind. But I discovered the real story and soon realized that the story is way more deeper than this.

Rin and Len in this song, Allen and Rillaine are one of the peoples who just got in a bad situation thanks to people from the past...

SPOILER: Len did not kill Miku, it was another one. And everything has been planned from the start... Argh, so complicated...

Should be #3. It isn't real, while Paper Plane by Rin Kagamine is real and made snot flow down my nose instead of tears that's how sad I was!

This song showed that he puts his sister first before him. It's truly touching. Even if her sister goes evil and forgotten him as her twin. He never gave up. A truly wonderful song!

I COULDN'T STOP CRYING. Surely servant of evil is the most tear jerking. About a boy who dies in the place of his sister out of love. IT MAKES ME SAD JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.

It really is sad because it is about a twin brother sacrificing his life so that his twin sister would live, even if she kinda deserve it.

I've watched it so many times that at the very beginning I'm already bawling... I wish I had a brother like Len... The whole damn video Rin is being so selfish it makes me so mad! I sobbed so much.

Servant of Evil was my first Vocaloid song and one of my favorites. It is very depressing. Especially at the end when Len dies, but it is a nice song.

First time I listened to it I bawled my eyes out I didn't even know what was happening when I listened to the English subs it was worse.