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81 David Cook

Come on, the guy knows how to work a mic stand. He deserves to be higher on this list!

82 G-Dragon
83 Kim Junsu

He's awesome and talented. He's voice is amazing and so beautiful also he can touch your heart with his unique voice.

This is "most desirable", right? Forget his voice, watch the man move! (And the smile.! The smile. )

You are so handsome, funny, cute, talented and charisma! Love you Junchan..

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84 Andrew Biersack (Andy Sixx)

I don't understand! This guy should be number one! His voice is amazing, the band is amazing, his looks are amazing, and just... Just everything! I love him so so much and he needs to be number one, bro. Like... Seriously.

I think we all know he is one hot motherf***er, but he is also a great singer. His lyrics are meaningful (not saying the others aren't), and the music is great. I hope he gets A LOT higher.

I don't understand why he's 104th! He's AMAZING! He should be number 1 on every list! I love him more than I could ever scream :3

Love HIM Andy is one of the sexiest I've ever seen!

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85 Kyo (Dir en Grey) Kyo (Dir en Grey) Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

He's the most desirable singer! The Genius Kyo-sama! - Niikura_Akonya

86 Tom Jones Tom Jones Sir Thomas Jones Woodward is a Welsh singer known by his stage name Tom Jones. He became one of the most popular vocalists to emerge from the mid-1960s.

Still, to this day, the best singer who ever lived and unbelievably handsome--even now!

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87 Rain
88 Michael Bolton Michael Bolton
89 Sean Kingston
90 Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach Sebastian Philip Bierk, known professionally as Sebastian Bach, is a Canadian heavy metal singer who achieved mainstream success as frontman of Skid Row from 1987-96. Since his departure from Skid Row, he has had many television roles, acted in Broadway plays, and leads a solo career.

He had an amazing voice and was good looking. He is definitely one of the best singers that ever lived. Way better than dumb ass Justin Bieber. Also, where the hell are Glenn Danzig, Benjamin Orr, and John Mellencamp? They also deserve a spot somewhere on this list.

One of the most powerful vocal I have ever heard... it'll just carry you away with the high pitch notes of his vocals... no doubt steven tyler too is an amazing vocalist...

91 Isono Hiroshi

ah ah kyo-chan (girls in japan love him) - ronluna

92 Jason Wade

He has such a beautiful, soulful, sexy voice. There's a sincerity to both his lyrics and voice. He's unique, intelligent, and talented. Jason Wade has written the majority of songs for Lifehouse. On top of all that, he's also extremely hot, sexy, cute, adorable, etc. Explain it to me, why isn't he first on this list?

I think his style is way amazing, because he has a soft-rock vibe and his style is expressive right now in music.

His music style is so amazing and it's way different than anyone else.

93 Kim Jonghyun

Jong in my opinion is fantastic he's really cool, his voice is beautifull and he's so.. Easy... He's a yeasy boy, I LIKE... I WANT SHINee in Italy

94 Dave Gahan
95 Donghae Donghae

I really love South Korean singers like Donghae. He is my favorite singer of the K-pop boy band Super Junior.

96 Michael McDonald

May be an older artist but he is just down right classy. His voice would be most desirable if one would want a singing voice. So Smooth and classy.

97 Mawi
98 Koshi Inaba
99 Alexi Laiho Alexi Laiho
100 Layne Staley Layne Staley Layne Thomas Staley was an American musician who served as the lead singer and co-songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains, which he founded with guitarist Jerry Cantrell in Seattle, Washington in 1987. Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s. more.

Not only was Layne Staley a beautiful man, his voice and passion just intensified his external beauty. His was mesmorizing to watch.

Desirable should have been Layne Staley's middle name. The man was amazingly beautiful to look and to listen to. The passion of his voice is uncomparable to this day. Watch live videos of Alice in Chains from the early 90's, he was mesmorizing. My absolutely favorite singer.

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