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1 Islam

They say that all Muslims are kind hearted and friendly people. I agreed with this for a long time until I learned about Islamic history. I can say as an observer that Islam is an extremely destructive religion that demands allegiance and punishes members of other religions and ethnic groups.

The things Islam has done throughout history are gravely concerning; the killing of Christians and invading neighbouring countries in their so called 'Jihad', killing Buddhists and destroying their beautiful monuments (those giant carved statues in Afghanistan that Muslims are destroying) and of course, the attacks on the modern world. I could go on but I won't due to this post being too long.

I will however conclude that although Muslims seem like nice people, their religion certainly isn't and I for one simply don't trust them and never will after recent events. Sorry about that.

You know who else doesn't punish ever without a purpose almost everyone that has murdered thousands of people, everyone that commits mass murder is doing it for a purpose - germshep24

Islam permits/teaches:

-Slavery. Sex slavery even. God felt the need to ban pork but not a degrading human tragedy that has destroyed many people even today.

-Sexism. Husbands may beat and shun their wives if they even suspect she is being disobedient or unloyal. Men have twice the amount of inheritance of a woman. Men may practise polygamy- women cannot. Men may have sex slaves- women cannot. Men may marry their slaves- women cannot (because it's Haram or something if a woman has authority over her husband). Islam even teaches that most of the inhabitants of hell are women. Women only really hold any value as a mother. Women cannot refuse herself to her husband, but he can if he suspects she is misbehaving. Also, men in paradise have hooris (sex slaves) and that's right- women don't. Paradise seems more like a male fantasy to me.

-Homophobia. Gay sex and encounters are a sin. Well, funny how God put mens G-spot in their anus.

-Racism. Hooris in heaven are ...more

I am a Muslim No hate to other religion but Islam is not Destructive Its terriorist they are control by someone they are not muslims they are just some freak its not Islam

FALSE! Islam forbids this, but there are terrorists who cause destruction.

2 Catholicism

Why on earth is people blaming the religion for the bad things that people do? We were not taught to do bad things. We were always to taught live a sinless life and help those who are in need. What's so destructive about that? People who are Catholics might be bad but that doesn't have anything to do with the religion since we were NOT taught to do bad things. It's the people's fault for not following their religion properly. Take a look at mother Theresa. She is a Catholic. Has she brought about destruction? No. She was a TRUE Catholic. She wasn't trying to convert people. She helped the poor. Don't blame the religion for the destruction. Blame the people who caused the destruction. Has Catholicism ever encouraged incest? No. People choose to do it. First it's multiple sex partners, next it's homosexual marriages and now it's incest marriages! This is what is really destroying the world. The people of all religions are causing it not just Chatholics. The best thing to do is to follow ...more

What about the Catholic leaders covering up for the many pastor rapists, this should have been a real easy issue for them to deal with but they constantly choose the worst options, cover up, transfer the pastor to a knew place where their not known, or out right defend the rapist members of the congregation - germshep24

Yes, I am Catholic but there is a lot of thing you can do and that you can't do, I research so much about Catholic's history and so far my Catholic teacher did not literally cover. My teacher only cover 60% of it's history and it cause all my classmate to go brainwash, I respect God and all but seriously why wouldn't he church tell us what the community actually did in the past. Some priest at church will require you to pay them just to baptize, and getting rid of your sins, even to this day some church actually still do that, and I get it they need money but really why do you have to pay to get a confession. And remember Galileo? Because if you believe in his solar theory, you're going to jail, if you don't believe in God and believe in Jewish then your going to get executed or imprisoned, this shown what the Catholic really have done over past century and yes they are getting better but hope that we don't have to hate on other religions and do harm on them just because they don't ...more

Why is there not a Christian option?

Christians love feeling superior! Christian just love to leave their phony money tracts instead of tips in restaurants while the employees slave for them. Christians LOVE money! Evangelists also like to steal money from innocent poor people so that they can become wealthy. Christians love passing judgment! Evidently the priests also are keen to having sex with children and male prostitutes while condemning homosexual "heathens".

Christianity is the most arrogant self aggrandizing religion ever to corrupt mankind. There is no limits to the destructive fallacies and hateful ignorance inherent in this religion. This religion persecutes non-Christians through it's endless practice of proselytizing brainwash while playing a victim every chance they can get and then asking for another handout. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but Systematic Abuse of Children is quite another story all together.

This is stupid, such a lie, Catholicism says that we are all children of God and no one is above anyone else.

3 Christianity

Christianity is absurdly intolerant. Just read Deuteronomy 3:6-10 which literally tells people to kill those who don't believe in God. And I guess you could argue "oh, well the Bible isn't supposed to be taken so literally." First of all, some people do take verses like this literally, an example being the Crusades which used Christianity as a justification (despite its blatant material motivation through trade) and violent Christian fundamentalist groups. Secondly, even if not taken literally, a message of intolerance is still there. Even if you don't kill a person for not being a Christian, you are justified in excluding them or not accepting them as they are. For example, as a Christian, you're allowed to exclude Muslims. And if you don't want to exclude them, what do you have to do to be a true Christian? Oh, you have to evangelize them and help them see the "truth" in the same way that Jesus did. You have to reject the notion that they might have an ounce of cognitive ability ...more

Ughh this religion is just a bunch of jerks stealing people’s money

This should really be labeled as Protestantism or Orthodox, since Catholicism is also a denomination of Christianity. This religion's history is actually very sad. "Why? ", you may ask. Well, simply put they fight themselves. It's been recorded in history (Queen Mary I, 1553-1558 and Queen Elizabeth I, 1558-1603) and even goes on today. Proof can almost be placed within this poll with the separation of Catholicism and "Christianity". But in Europe and North America, Christianity has played a very destructive past that has heavily impacted the shape of these countries.

I just feel bad because so many Christians are getting persecuted in Islamic countries for their faith, which is horrible. And I don't condone to any of that. But I will say that the First Nations people can certainly relate to what Middle Eastern Christians are going through.

4 Hinduism

Really I'm a Hindu and I have not heard of this. You all are making false aqquasations about this pure religions

There’s nothing wrong with this. Lies.

We never think anything bad of others as many of other religions do. We are Hindu and we are proud of it.

Killing people for their eating habits

5 Westboro Baptist

Shouldn't be on this list, this would fall under Christianity - germshep24

How can people even be like this?

These folks are plain insane.

These are the most annoying, bigoted, mindless people in existence. - SammySpore

6 Judaism

because talmud say very clear in hundreds of it passage how they hate gentiles and want to destroy, politically, financial and economy, ethical and religion, of the gentile... talmud clearly said: tob shebe goyim harrog (even the best gentile must be kill)

I hope she is not Christian as we are all called to love everyone...

Hitler was right about Jews! Long live Palestine! Death to Israel!

They are illuminati and evil

7 Satanism

Every religion hates Satanism

Wow! I had no idea self reliance, pursuit of knowledge and individuality were dangerous and destructive! I rather thought such things were done in order to better humanity as a whole. I mean, we wouldn't get anything done if we all sat on our butts and waited for somebody else to solve our problems. If we're destructive, it's hardly to other people. Every philosophy has extremists that aren't actually following the proper system. Proper Satanists are law abiding citizens. We practice in solitary spaces, and never get in large groups to cause havoc. You've probably even met one or two of us, and seen us in passing. We look just like everyone else. We act like everyone else. And we are no more at risk of spiritual suicide than anyone else. We do not reject God, as you can not reject something that does not exist, and we do not believe in such things as "Good" and "Evil". We are humanists and philosophers. We explain our beliefs through metaphor.

Most people don't even know what Satanism is. They just hear the name and think EVIL DEVIL WORSHIPERS but in reality Satanism isn't about all that nonsense. That guy commenting is wrong, it isn't a rejection of God for the evil Satan. A lot of Satanists are actually atheists who simply regard Satan as an idea for than an actual being. Satanism is about worshipping life and reality instead of gods and religion. - SammySpore


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8 Voodoo

Voodoo is not real stupid they all made it up a long time ago why is this even counted P.S. chuck norris rules!

Why is this under Hinduism? All of you people up there are saying that we treat women badly. Well guess what, sonny! I am a Hindu woman. Ever heard of the epic Mahabharata? Duga Devi? Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Ganga, Annapurna, Kali, and the all powerful Shakti are one of the many feminine forms of the Brahman. Nobody ever recommended treating women badly- in fact, they are supposed to be like
our mothers! Come on guys, this is stupid and immature. All religions are fine- as long as you are happy with what you are doing... although I am not completely sure about satanism. Come on, Muslim bros and girls! Defend yourselves and don't listen to what crappy people say. Same to all of these other objectified religions. (Yes, the caste system was incorrect, but those rulers used DHARMA as an excuse.How dare they.)

9 Aztec Religion

At least the Aztec religion hasn't caused countless battles and wars over it, like Christianity has (am I the only one who finds it funny that such a brutal series of events could ever spawn from such a seemingly docile religion like Christianity) we still to this day have battles being fought over Christianity, at least the Aztec religion faded into social and cultural absence. Besides, the Aztecs were still civilized in their own respective ways, and they even could have broken out of the whole human sacrifice thing by learning from the Incas or Mayans, if the Spanish hadn't invaded their territory. And yes the Spanish, who were almost all Christians convinced on civilizing every part of the world by invading, killing, overthrowing, and marking their own territory there. All without a second thought before saying, "hey, here's an unknown civilization that has done nothing wrong to us and never even knew we existed, lets take all their money, power, and land for ourselves ...more

They tore out peoples hearts to sacrifice them for the sun god. So much unnecessary killing is sad.

10 Sikhism

What rubbish! This list needs taking down ASAP. I am a Muslim, and being a good human being along with the teachings of my faith means I respect all other faith groups. Man is destructive not a religion like please. Sikh people are very devoted and are very kind hearted.

These guys have done nothing they only fight for there rights they will help people in need they haven't done anything they don't allows circumcision nothing to harm the body except they shall take action when thing s need to be turned from bad to good

How is Sikhism even on this list? Last time I checked, their morals are as strong as those of Buddhism or Shinto. Sure, there may be the racist doofus now and then, but besides that I can't see anything wrong.

They wear diapers on thr head and hate othere religions and thr country they live/.

The Contenders

11 Scientology

This doesn't even count as a religion. It's a hypocritical business of anti-social pinheads.

THey will steal your heart and soul if you let them and of course all your money!

Pulp fuction by a crappy author. For those with weak minds and low IQ.

12 Shinto

I can't believe Shintoism is actually on this list. It's not widely practiced outside of Japan, so how on earth could it possibly be considered as destructive? It preaches peace, being one with nature, etc. It never started any wars or fights.

Some religions have the principle of "Not killing others", some have not.

It can't be!

13 Buddhism

How can such a highly hospitable religion harm the people which it himself respects!? I now China isn't such good nation but Buddhism is good

@TheYoshi well mate sorry to burst your bubble but Buddhist monks have been butchering and raping the Rohingya people for years and ya know what no one speaks about it. Sick of this hypocrisy. NO one and I mean NO ONE FOLLOWS THEIR RELIGION "PERFECTLY". No matter what their faith is there are always bad people. Humans will be humans. Buddhism teaches peace but Buddhists are killing. Islam teaches peace also but people are killing in its name! Its not the religion it's the retarded individual so please, stfu.

Putting this on this list is definitely wrong. - golin

Buddhism is a very peaceful religion, but they still have terrorist groups, people. All religions and even atheists/agnostics have terrorist groups. One of the "Buddhist" terrorist groups kills Muslims I forget their name but they are clearly not following the teachings of Buddha.

14 Mormonism

Because their scriptures are contradictive. Look at the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. BoM says Polygamy is bad, D&C says it's good to cover up Joseph's affair (look up Joseph Smith History). They stole a lot of their temple rituals from the Masons, and added blood oaths (changed since 1990). Their gospel is ever changing yet they claim to remain consistent and never changing. They don't really stand for equal rights and want to have the household a traditional patriarch where the man leads the family regardless of how corrupt or evil he is. They hold the law of tithing to the extremes where a rapist who hasn't been caught that pays tithing can get temple blessings, while a righteous man who is struggling financially has added burdens and stress because he cannot pay the 10% and thus the consequences are such he cannot get a temple recommend. They teach you to judge others at a very young age, and condemn all other religions. They're more after your money than they are ...more

How is this religion destructive? - RockFashionista

15 Jehovah's Witnesses

First off, those who have died will be ressurected soon, so the suicide rates and deaths don't count. Second, Paradise is a beautiful thing, so I don't see why that would be a problem. Third, the Paradise will end all problems and wars, the military is only allowed by Jehovah God (if that makes sense), to create some sort of protection when wars do arise. Fourth, this world does in a way suck because who would want to live in a world with imperfection, pain, and sorrow for any longer? Fifth, we as Jehovah's witnesses are all a big family and will continue living happily all the way into the new world and forever after that. Jehovah will make everybody happy regardless of what may happen.

One told me all my autistic friends don't exist
In their world

You tell em not to come because you have to heal your injury
And they try to come anyway

Hi suicide rate, estimate over 200,000 dead from refusing medial treatment, shunning family members who leave the cult, and they had to wright there own Bible because the real one doesn't jive with their twisted doctrine.

Teach their kids this world sucks wait for paradise

16 Taoism
17 The Thugee

Indiana jones made short work of them. They were kind of cool though. Not as cool as the Nazis.

18 Baha'i Faith
19 Rastafari Movement

the best

They're not destructive. They smoke pot all day long and that's all.

20 Theistic Satanism
21 Jainism


22 Zoroastrianism

How? - Kawaii5-0

23 Positive Christianity

Positive Christianity was created by the nazis and it believes Jesus was not a jew and it's more like negative Christianity!

24 Church of England Church of England
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