Religion: Why I'm An Athiest

Hello everyone. It’s me, and this is my first long post in eons. Today we’ll be talking about religion. Specifically, my religion and what lead me to be atheist.

This is quite a sensitive topic, and before I begin, I have to warn that this post is…..politically incorrect. And if you’re kind of squeamish, then take three deep breaths and keep a paper bag by your side before continuing onwards.


I’m an atheist because I suffered too much for so long.

I got molested before I was even a teenager. My parents were, and still are, abusive. No matter how much I prayed and tried to do good things, nothing ever changed.

If God was real, why would he let his creations undergo so much trauma? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Stuff like poverty, war, famine etc. What sort of God would let all this happen?
I have come to the conclusion that God does not exist. But you might be wondering for the meaty bit, about religion.

To all the squeamish people, take three deep breaths again. And you might want to get an extra bag.

I was born in a Muslim family. I spent a large chunk of my life believing in this horrific, misogynistic, backwards filth of a religion.
Yeah. Ex-Muslim atheists are a thing. You’ve most probably never heard of them, because most atheists here were formerly Christian or Jewish. So, uh. Hi.
I’m going to say something everyone here is afraid to say. Islam is NOT a religion of peace.
In fact, it’s the most violent religion to ever exist.
I first started doubting that God was real when I was around 12-13.

It was basically when I started to get sick of praying for things to change.

I also got depression at that age, and I felt like an utter pos.

And then, I decided that, hey, maybe I should reread the Quran and see if there’s anything that could rekindle my faith.

The irony.

You know how Islam apologists always like to say “You shouldn’t hate Islam, you should learn about it instead and you’ll like it”? BULL. S***.

Honestly, reading the Quran did make me realize more about Islam. It made me realize that Islam wasn’t a religion of peace. It was a hellish experience. After reading everything, I was gobsmacked. I can’t believe that for all these years, I defended and believed in such a vile religion.

I can’t believe the ISLAMOPHOBES knew more about Islam than I did.

What am I talking about?

Well, take a look at the Quran, and see what it has to say about terrorism and non Muslims.

Page after page after page you can find legions of text dehumanizing and bastardizing non-Muslims, calling them stupid, dogs, dumb, deaf, blind, and so much more. It’s not even funny. It even allows and supports violence and jihads. I’m not going to pull them all out and analyze them because then I’d be here all day, and Google is a thing.

Another reason I fled Islam is because of their Prophet, Muhammad.

In case you don’t know, the same way Jews follow Moses and Christians follow Jesus, Muslims had their own guy called Muhammad.

Unlike Jesus and Moses though, Muhammad was not a good person.
He waged wars against innocent people. He invaded multiple countries, and gave them a choice of converting to Islam or death, or paying money. He even allowed sexual slavery.

But the worst thing he did wasn’t to a non-Muslim.


The worst thing he ever did was to one of his own, a fellow Muslim.

So Muhammad had this wife called Aisha. He married her when she was 6. And consummated their marriage (ie: he raped her) when she was 9.


Islam apologist: Uh, no. That’s just a translation error!

No, it isn’t. Several companions of the Prophet narrate that she was underage, there’s even a passage where she says she was playing with her dollies with her friends when she was married. Also, I’m sure it’s a TOTAL coincidence that the Quran also contains specific instructions and procedures on divorcing your underage child brides!

Oh, and speaking of women, let’s get on with the “feminist” parts of Islam!
To this day, it has boggled my mind on why feminists defend Islam. I actually feel sorry for them. The “religion of peace” has some…..interesting takes when it comes to women.

According to sharia law, a women’s word is half a man’s, because apparently women’s minds are weak and women are ‘emotional’. Oh, and even better! If a women is raped, she should have four witnesses (and that number grows if one of the witnesses is a female, because remember, a woman’s worth is half a man’s). Because rapists are totally dumb enough to go out in a public place where multiple people can observe them. And if a women fails to produce four witnesses? Reject their testimony forever! ISLAM IS THE MOST FEMINIST RELIGION1!1!1!1!
I haven’t even gotten on how a daughter gets half a son’s share when it comes to inheritance, or how a man is allowed to have four wives but women can’t.

Oh, and you know earthquakes and volcanoes and stuff? Totally on women. Apparently they lead men astray, so that’s why they have to wear those awful mailbox cosplay outfits, er, hijabs. And it’s so stupid when feminists glorify these disgusting mailbox** outfits, it’s not “empowering women”, it’s normalizing a patriarchal religion’s way of oppressing females. Not to mention, as these idiots prance around pretending to be sentient mailboxes, women who actually live in Islamic countries get whipped and murdered for not wearing them. But who cares about them, right?

Left wing feminists are bad enough for their astronomical hatred of men, but this is absolutely disgusting and takes it to a whole new level. To claim you fight for all women, yet don’t do anything about the most oppressed women in the whole world and instead side with their oppressors***.

It’s even worse with the gays. They’re put in literal concentration camps, thrown off buildings and stoned (not as in drugged) to death, but leftists would rather focus on stuff like not getting a cake from a Christian bakery. I’ve seen gay people SHAMED for hating and calling out Islam on this.

I bet the only reason SJWs defend Islam is because Muslims are mostly non white, and SJWs have this mentality that all non white people are poor oppressed little babies.

Now let’s move on to Islam apologists.
Whenever anyone brings up a valid criticism about Islam, they’re told to shut up because it’s “Islamophobic”!

Islamophobia cannot exist. A phobia is defined in the dictionary as a fear that is irrational. Is it irrational to fear Islam? They don’t even treat their own fellow Muslims humanely.

And nowadays, people are being called Islamophobic (which is not a real word) over the dumbest things ever.

There was this YouTuber called Karim Jovian (not sure if I spelled it correctly) and he made a video (which I’m suspecting is staged, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt) where he asks a girl for her number. But when she learns that he’s Muslim, she immediately freaks out and runs away, saying she hates how Islam treats women. Karim acts like a sad virgin over this, and the comments section were filled with people sympathizing with him and bashing that girl. I have a message for Karim: you’re an incel and I hope you die a sad virgin you stupid cherry boy.

Also, in France, someone threw a tantrum because they weren’t allowed to build a Mosque. Uh, you know, the place where most terrorists tend to be radicalized? Oh, and you’d think with all the multiple attacks France has been hit with, this guy would have some sort of sympathy, but no, apparently his magical man in the sky matters more than the safety of innocent French people. Also, you don’t even need a mosque when you can just pray at home.

Countries that refuse to take in refugees such as Hungary and Poland get so much flak. They have a good reason not to. Ever since Germany and Sweden took in many refugees, the rate of rapes have increased horrifically. Even CHILDREN aren’t safe. Citizens repeatedly cry out that they don’t feel safe anymore. In the Netherlands, a politician committed suicide after she was raped by one of these refugees. The more open a country is to Islam, the more dangerous it is to women. Remember when Rotherham happened? The victims said the Muslim perpetrators justified it because Sharia Law allows sex slavery, and since their non-Muslims…

Slovakia also made a law banning Islam. Funny how people get mad at that, yet say nothing about how Non-Muslims are treated in Muslim countries and how being an atheist is punishable by death in 13 Muslim countries. And they did have good reason to do so- like I said above, mosques are where most Muslims get radicalized. Better safe than sorry.

Islam has also ruined the UK. Stuff like Rotherham can go on for decades in the name of political correctness, but teaching your pug to do a dumb Nazi salute (which was done to MOCK the Nazis, btw) can get you jailed. Burning the Quran is a crime, but burning the Bible isn’t. Double standards. People such as Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone are denied entry.

Another thing Islam sympathizers like to say is that hating Islam is racist. Since when is Islam a race? And why don’t people who bash Christianity get called racist as well? How do you be racist to a political ideology?

Islam apologists also say that the word Muslim has been racialized to mean brown people, so when you say you hate Muslims, it’s racist. I can use that claim’s own logic against it. Islam preaches hatred against non-Muslims. Non-Muslims have also been racialized (eg Christians – white people/Europeans or Buddhists - Asians). So by that logic, Islam itself is racist. And when you say you hate Islam, you’re hating a racist ideology.

Also, that claim also falls flat because not all brown people are Muslims, and some of the biggest haters of Islam are brown people. Take India, the country that has the biggest population of brown people in the whole world. That country is so anti-Islamic an entire chunk of it had to partitioned because they couldn’t put up with the Muslims.

There’s also “you blame all Muslims for terrorism but you don’t blame all white people for school shootings”. You can’t compare Islam and white people. One’s a race and the other’s a religion. Also, it makes sense to blame Islam because Islamic teachings and the Quran encourage and say that you should do terrorism (Quran 9:29). But you can’t blame a race because everyone in that race is a different individual person. Also, unlike Islam, there’s no violent book that white people follow that tells them to kill people.

People also bring up the Crusades, but the Crusades were done in retaliation to Muslim aggression. The Knights Templar were formed to save themselves. By the time they had begun Muslims had conquered two thirds of the Christian world. I’m not defending them or anything, just wanted to point this out.

The Quran also gets in the way of free speech. It deems the slightest criticism of Islam as a crime, and says anyone who does should be killed. Which is hypocritical asf because it degrades non-Muslims to the nth degree.

Now, if this isn’t enough, I’ve saved the best part for the last. Wanna hear what it is?
The punishment for apostating Islam is DEATH.

Islam wants my very existence exterminated.

Don’t worry. My parents don’t know. I always lie and play along when they tell me to pray and whatever, but I’m writhing inside.

Luckily they never forced me to do anything a la Ayaan Hirsi Ali or anything.
They’re not very religious, but they do take these sort of things very seriously. It’s pretty easy to fool them.

If they ever do find out about this…it’s not going to be pretty.

When I first started pondering about atheism, I was scared. I thought I was going to hell and I spent so many nights staying up and freaking out.

But later I found out I wasn’t the only one.
I did some research and I found out there are a lot of ex Muslim atheists like me.
On Tumblr, there’s actually a large ex Muslim community. And anonymously, I started talking to them and they helped me get through. I’m so grateful for finding them.

Also….in case anyone who’s reading this and pondering about being an ex Muslim (or any religion for that matter): don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright. You’re not a bad person.

Islam and sharia law are old, outdated ideologies that have no place in the modern world or the West. Islam is a cult. Only a cult would dictate every part of your way of living, and threaten you with death if you leave.

Now, just one more thing I want to get across. I don’t believe all Muslims are terrorists. I just think Islam should be curbed. And no, I don’t approve of hate crimes against Muslims or the disgusting things that are happening to them in countries like China and Myanmar. It’s sickening.

I’m okay with respecting people’s faiths, I’m not one of “those” atheists. But I do have a right to criticize them. I’m not going to shut up in the name of political correctness.
If I get any messages from Muslims/SJWs who think I’m “misguided” I’m blocking your arses.

Thanks for reading.

- Ya girl Twily

*(crap your pants beforehand so you don’t do it while reading this)
** this mailbox is mine and this triagonal sign
*** Looking at you, Buzzfeed


Very good post, Twily! I have the same philosophy as you too, but mostly my philosophy is logic and reasoning rather than morality. For right now it's both. I'm so sorry to hear that you have a hard life in the past and that you pray to God many times that it's rather hopeless and the whole concept of religion, yes. Since that you state about Muslims, I very much agree with you so much that they're mostly the reasons why we have such pity religious conflicts because they're very much like a bunch of feebleminded degenerates. We all atheists shall rise soon. - Kevinsidis

Thanks. Yeah, I know, I felt so helpless during it all. And yeah, Muslims are responsible for a lot of conflicts in the world but not all of them are feebleminded degenerates.

I'm okay with respecting people's faiths, but those faiths need to respect me back. If they say something like I'm an infidel who deserves to be killed then don't expect me to not criticize them.

Atheism power lol - TwilightKitsune

Oops, I sound overboard now... Yes, I know that not all of them are "feeble-minded degenerates", which some of them are civilized as us. I could be tolerant if other religions respect me back instead of me being a man child militant atheist about it... But I think I just said that I'm a militant atheist because I've grown tired of the concept of religion of why does it have to exist in the first place as the symbol of " hope" and religious people making me mad by mentioning religion in a peculiar way and spreading such peculiarity and bigotry upon me. That reason with religious people though, or both, stimulates me to have well-pointed arguments. You are very nice and pleasant of a girl that you don't deserve this kind of life, Persevere through tyranny and you shall triumph to victory as always. - Kevinsidis

Very good post. I’m Christian but not one of those Christians who bash people who don’t believe. I respect those who are in a different religion. But not those who disrespect Christianity. I’m sorry that you felt like God didn’t answer your prayers that’s honestly the worst feeling. If you ever need more support I’m here and I will support your decision. - Randomator

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