A dangerous sect which spreads through fear.
Controls believers lives through obsessive rituals.
Segregation of sexes.
Very scary for gay people and non-compliant women to imagine an islamic future.
Halts the advancement of science.
Allows people to lie for the advancement of islam.
Used as a system to gain political control - there is only one true law, islamic law, it is the only one they will support.
Any free society will have to reject Islam and get over the fear of confronting and controlling it in order to maintain its freedom.

Should not allowing pedophilia rape be enough to prove this is EVIL. Muslims took over two thirds of the christian world and that's why the crusades happens. What happened in the crusades was perfectly justified.

There will never be a euristan. Many ex Muslims hate the religion too.

Muslims are currently spreading their disease across the whole world. If they were kept in the Middle East, their ridiculous birth rate would kill them through pandemics, but it might be too late to send them back.

We need to support people who wish to ban Muslim immigration. Like what Geert wilders of the freedom dutch party is saying.

This is what the koran supports. Pedophilia, anti-antisemitism, anti Christianity, Killing non believers, sexism, beastiality, rape and worst of all it is against everything the non muslim world stands for.

Extremist Islam is destructive, as is the imposition of Sharia law to minority populations in Islamic states (eg lack of equal rights to Christians in Saudi Arabia, Iran etc).. However it is wrong, very wrong, to judge an entire religion by those who commit violent acts. Nowhere in the Koran does it say you will get virgins if you kill non-Muslims. There are many wonderful Muslims, but unfortunately Islamic States and terrorist groups hijack the religion and abuse human rights, kill innocents etc.

Really dumb people. No matter how much you try to explain them that all human beings are equal they'll just go on denying it and prove Muslims as superiors and tell that due to the inferiority of other religions they deserve dying by the hands of Muslims. They can never be friends with any religion, never!

First of all, who started this list? All religions teach us about peace and being good. It's just because some selfish people who use religion to justify their unjust demands. I am a Hindu and will always remain a Hindu but still I respect teachings of other religions, in this case Islam. No religion is destructive, it's just some psychotic people.

Another faith that brings brutality to a new level. Don't believe me? Then just wait a few years - when they are the majority in Europe, and it will be soon, we will live in fear. And they will love it. All the progress on equal rights will go down the tubes. They are breeding us out - thank God I am older, I may be spared witnessing what will happen to our young people.

There might be many bad people in Islam for example (Jihadi John) and they might be destructive but just because lots of bad people are in that religion doesn't mean the whole religion is bad. I am a Muslim and I respect all religions. The bad people even kill their own kind. Also there are criminals in every single country and this religion is the most referred mostly by Christians. I have been made fun of because of this and I don't like it and believe it.

We seriously need to put an end to Islam - abolish its teachings, stop allowing people to practice (destroying their so called "temples" (mosques), etc. Some Muslims might be good people, but even the lowest of Islam extremists are following a barbaric and cancerous religion. It needs to be stomped now before it is too late.

Awful and cruel religion based out of jealousy of the Jews and Christians of their day. This religion cannot exist in a modern world and is continuing its push for an all war ending the lives on earth and they even have the audacity to believe that Jesus will help them bring an end to the world. Ugly, dirty religion that brings chaos wherever it spreads!

Head of this religion do not allow its followers to use their own wisdom to understand and interpret the religion on their own way. these heads use them as blind followers who have no individual status, freedom and quality of life whether it is man or women. Most of the sayings of their religious book are misquoted or interpreted by their religious Heads.

From my readings, Islam strives only to completely destroy all people who do not agree.

The west needs to wake up to the ever growing threat of Islam our leaders are burying their heads in the sand this is not a religion of peace it is an ideology of hate and the sooner everybody realise that the better

Extremist Islamists are the most dangerous people, religion on Earth at the moment, this extreme side of the Islam religion is full of brainwashed people who are extremely dangerous because they have been brainwashed into doing evil acts against humankind, extremely dangerous and extremely brainwashed and disturbed in their heads.

I also agree with that Muslims in the world are too much destructive and too much odious religion. Among all the bad incident happened in the world with Muslims presence like jihad,ISIS and many more,And the worst community in the world is Muslim, they don't respect others religion, they always want to the whole world becoming Muslim, they always growing birth population to becoming the major percentage of population, and that is very very bad for future world. Killing, raping, marrying so many are not the bad things in point of view of Muslim community.

Looking at these results breaks my hopes in humanity. Out of mere ignorance people point fingers at Islam, the top arguments? Oh, women have no rights. Terrorism aargh! Kill all non Muslims! Jihad. Shariah law gtfo. in my opinion these arguments are baseless because you are only reacting. Reacting to what media shows you, false things you read on the internet, and the violence throughout Muslim countries. All these reasons are on common ground - Ignorance. You need to think for Yourselves. Islam is such a compassionate religion that teaches respect for women, for elderly, for all beings even animals. Everyone I know that practice's Islam with their heart is the most beautiful soul I've met.

Islam is destructive from the very root. Muhammad having had sex with his dead aunt and a 9 year old was able to persuade people to a miracle called Koran. A miracle indeed that people follow that book filled with contradictions and errors. No benefit to Islam except if you die in jihad you get 72 virgins. Wonder what ladies get if they die in jihad? Not to mention the countless jihads since Muhammad.

Most of the violence and terror worldwide is caused in the name of Islam

Muslims & their Mohammed are just warmongering & egoistic people who are incapable of respecting other religions!

Worst religion ever. Muslims have destroyed many ancient and very valuable Hindu monuments and scriptures in past. At present they pretend to be very sweet and nice and love playing victim card but in reality they all are terrorists, rapists, dacaoit, have no concern over nature conservation. Their madarsas train them to be so right from their childhood. They just wanna destroy the whole world. I wonder how beautiful world would have been if there was no Islam. non Muslim majority countries should try to completely eliminate such fascist ideology so that at least some people can be saved from this curse. May God punish them

One of my Muslim friends once said what's wrong with Islam. It's the people, not the religion that's destructive. The religion is fine but the followers are the worst.

The only religion whom like wars

I don't think all Muslims are bad, and the religion isn't the problem. It's the country. Some Muslims are awful, but they can have hearts, like everyone else.

Throwing stones at people until they die? What?