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21 Nepali

There are so many Nepali languages. It's similar to Hindi so most people in Nepal do speak Hindi. Even the writing is same to Hindi. The hardest part is people speak quiet fast so it is quiet hard to understand.

Very tough. There are more than 50 Nepali cultural languages.

Very hard to write.

Learning Nepali language can take a lot of time. There 26 alphabet +12 extra alphabet ( which are said to be vowels). My friend is a Nepalese speaker, after she went oversea for 2 years, she forgot how to read and write in Nepalese. She learned Nepalese but still after 2 years she still has difficulties reading and writing in Nepalese.

22 Cantonese

Cantonese is basically Mandarin but with separate written and colloquial languages. It has 9 tones in total and I didn't learn about them until I was in high school in Hong Kong. They don't teach kids this because it is hard and confusing. It has something similar to pinyin in Mandarin but it is not widely used and it is very not intuitive. I have never learnt it and still can't read it and be able to say the word right. It is hard to learn Cantonese right if you are not native or talk to native speakers for a long time. I'm lived in Hong Kong for 17 years.

The same writing system as Mandarin but with a more complex tone system

The writing system is not as same as speaking system

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23 Burmese

Super confusing. It's grammar has an object subject verb order, and there are more than a hundred particles. It is hard for English people and it's alphabet is rendered into English in a stupid way. Hard on so many levels but so interesting.

24 Kannada

It sounds just like telugu for people who don't understand it

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26 Cantonese

I can remember the words. And I also have problem a about my pronunciation.

Very difficult without pinyin

27 Punjabi

I am a native Punjabi speaker. It is a very difficult language to learn as the alphabet contains 30 letters + 5-6 'extra letters' (5-6 depending on which dialect of the language you speak, or they may be non-existent for some people for the same reason). But it is a very beautiful language. The number of speakers is very low though which is sad because it shows the language may soon become extinct at this rate. I encourage everyone to look into the language and find out some things about it.

28 Marathi

Many Hindi speakers who migrate to maharashtra find marathi hard to learn

Its an awesome languageg

Well it is one of the toughest langages to learn due its complexity of word, difficult pronunciations and thire genders pronun. Moreover it is even tough for the Marathis to speak it properly

29 Oriya

This is one of the deadliest languages available. Close to Bengali but terrifyingly more complex, your head might spin while trying to decode it's sentences.

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30 Dhivehi

Just added don't know if it is difficult or not.

31 Kashmiri

Yes it is little bit difficult to speak, as Sikhs are living here from 150 years still they can't speak it properly, they can speak but kashmiris will get to know that he can't speak kashmiri properly

Its one of the toughest language to speak and to understand...i have seen many Indians living here some r from 50 years still they don't speak it... If somene tries he even can't speak words properly...u need to know urdu,Hindi and English to communicate with locals

It is funny enough that languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi etc. languages rank higher than Kashmiri considering its mind-boggling complexity. These languages are like Newton's laws while Kashmiri is Quantum electrodynamics or string theory.

Even natives don't nail proper Kashmiri properly.

32 Hmong

Hmong is barely hard. Just learn the sounds and pronunciations right and you'll be able to get it and be fluent probably within the next month. Even though there may be letters that are VERY confusing, they're actually easy, not at all hard once you get to master them. The grammar is also very easy. Just learn that word and that, blah, blah, and you'll be able to get it. Hmong is very easy. No characters, only American letters to use for the word. Note// Hmong may sound like Chinese, but is NOT. Once you get the hang of this language, it will not be confusing at all. It is probably the easiest language if you keep on learning it. Hope it is. 0_0

33 Urdu

Urdu is very beautiful language

34 Hebrew
35 Pashto

Pashto is nice language more then 50 M People Speak it

Its lovely and historical language

36 Taiwanese
37 Sentinelese
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