The Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater


This song would be rather easy on Guitar Hero, but actually playing it is a totally different story. The song is not really fast (the tempo is around 120-132 to the quarter note), but don't underestimate it. What makes this song so hard is its time signatures. There are over a hundred meter changes throughout the song, and they often come without warning, so unless you know every measure of the song forwards and backwards, you're almost guaranteed to get lost somewhere. There are a few sections in the song that are entirely in 4/4, but even THOSE sections have extremely odd rhythms. This song definitely proves that guitarists shouldn't be judged solely by how fast they can play because if a guitarist lacks technical skills, this song will kick his/her ass. Not to mention that this song is probably harder to play on other instruments.

I've hear before too many guitar gods and even they do not have too many records or so famous with their bands does not means they all sucks into riffs. But definitely Mr. Petrucci is the most advanced guitarist I've ever saw or heard. (Talking about Prog, rock or hard rock) He plays so well with the harmony, not just playing ultra fast as Dragonforce guitarists, with a limited harmony resources; I can compare Mr. Petrucci with the complexity of Frank Gambale, Pat Metheny or imaginative riffs of Steve Howe's Yes lead guitar, he posses in my own opinion all techniques possible it makes a guitar player, the word in itself: Guitar Player.

Err... Good joke. This song is miles ahead of anything up top. Search for a live performance of Through the Fire and Flames and try not to laugh. Anyone can record an insane song like that in a studio. Dream Theater can play impossible songs live, and play them 100% perfect, every single time. Eruption isn't hard either. The Dance of Eternity has over 100 Time Signature changes, good luck finding a drummer who can do that for your band.

This song like most dream theater is technically written in changing times, progressice and even most experienced players would never learn this (even if its because of patience and master of puppets? No.

In terms of actual playing technicality, this is a close second to afterlife. But then you have to take into account that the ridiculous soloing (which is going on for over 6 minutes without staying in any key or time signature for more than 20 seconds) has no constant form, is almost impossible to keep track of, and... Well, requires real people to actually play it. Not to mention that guitar isn't even the hardest instrument to play this on.

There are 108 time signature changes in this song. The drummer who wrote it (Mike Portnoy) even has difficulty counting it. Based on those chosen as more difficult, I'm guessing that the people voting don't even know what a time signature is. If you think that Eruption or Through the Fire and the Flames is difficult, I'd love to see you attempt Dance of Eternity.

Technicality wise this song is overall the hardest from start to finish, out of all these songs afterlife has the hardest solo but I think this list should have The dance of eternity 1st eruption 2nd and master of puppets 3rd

This should definitely be higher than hysteria and afterlife. Seriously, no. It seems like most of the people that voted don't even play guitar, or at least not very long. Everything about this song is difficult, guitar part, and try counting it, the time signature changes over a hundred times. The cannibal corpse song should also be higher

So far on this list this is the hardest song. Only very few songs have the technicality of this song and none have the beauty of Dance of Eternity. Also think a jason becker song should be on here eleven blue Egyptians is the hardest song I can play. Never learned Dance of Eternity but just by listening to it you can tell

Master of puppets more difficult than The Dance of Eternity? TDoE is a holy masterpiece. But not only is difficult for guitar. Drums, bass and keyboard are impossible to play

I lose faith seeing people voting for bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Dragonforce. People need to expand their knowledge of songs beyond that which is featured on Guitar Hero. Not only is this extremely difficult, it is actually a brilliant song as well.

Extremely insane, hard instrumental song that I've ever hear through my life. There are so many time signature here which mostly I can't figure out what meter it is, not to mention the guitar, bass, and keyboard notes and solos. This song is crazy as hell. Period.

Hail to Dream Theater!

I am sorry but any idiot can play Eruption with practice of a week or so, Through the Fire And Flames is hard to play I agree but it is certainly not harder than The Dance of Eternity. I have been playing for almost 7 years and I still cannot get it right.

This song is by far the hardest I've seen on this list! Insane pick sweeping, crazy time signatures and tempo changes throughout. The rhythm alone is insane. Playing the lead parts on this track are beyond difficult.

Any Dream Theater song trumps all. John Petrucci IS the greatest guitarist. Muse, Eruption, etc. Are you KIDDING me? I don't even need tabs/ notes to learn them, they are SO incredibly EASY. What's wrong with people here?

This is WAY harder than Master of Puppets and Eruption. There's 109 time signature changes, a ragtime solo, a crazy bass solo, and tempo changes. This is the hardest to play as a lone guitarist and even harder as a band.

I'll tell you something. Eruption and Master of Puppets were really easy. One by Metallica is harder than those two. Anyways, nothing matches the difficulty of this song. It is ridiculously hard to play on both drums and guitar.

Seriously, how is this even a contest. This is a no-brainer for everyone who has ever played any serious guitar. This is by far the most technically challenging piece on the list, and while some others may be faster at points, the note choices, signature changes and neck positions have you put in some serious hours of practice. Well, let's be honest, months.. If I ever get there..

Dream Theater tends to make insane, difficult and unique music, guitar hero will never count because it is not as hard as playing a real guitar, this song is a very good fast paced song great for people who want a challenge

Comparatively speaking, this song seems much more intricate in the way that the guitar as well as other instruments are used, thus I don't see why this song is higher on the list.

With over 130 time signature changes, not only do you have to play the correct notes, the timing is key, the others on this list you (or I) could wing and still be excepted. For this one however.. Try not get lost!

If you don't have good technique you just wont be able to pull it off. It requires high amount of self control and musicality to make it really shine when you are playing it.

This is an amazingly challenging composition, with rhythmic experiments pushing the boundaries. This is a tough song, not only for guitarists but for all musicians!

Currently 3 minutes into learning this song. I practice 4 hours a day on 30 second sections. This song is especially challenging because of the movement on the neck of the guitar. You'll find yourself jumping to positions over the entire neck from 1 to 24th fret and traversing through every fret inbetween. It's just a beast of a song.

Really? Eruption and Through the Fire and Flames are ahead of Dream Theater? Herman Li can't even play his own songs live.