Master of Puppets - Metallica


Tabbing isn't the hard part, it's the strumming on the riffs that get you

Seriously, you cannot play this song without your strumming hand getting very painful, that goes for the riffs

I tried playing this on the guitar and I have to admit that this song is hard. I mean how to they perform it all the time? I tried playing the solo... The next minute... My hands were bleeding literally

I tried this, after about a month, of playing guitar, and couldn't play it, till someone told me to alternate pick it (cut me some slack I didn't now nothing back then) and the the song was fairly easy. This song is a good song to get introduced to metal genre and get to know what its about... But its not the 6th most difficult for me

You dickheads have no idea this is just so hard that my strumming hand almost falls off. This song is almost Impossible to play Cleanly and as good as they do. And the thing that makes me wonder if james Hetfield is Human, is that he plays this song even Faster Live.

I struggle to play this song with alternative picking... I honestly believe playing this song correctly at around 208+ BPM with all down strokes should make this number 1. Plus compare the solo in this to dragon Force Bam Owned.

IF your 14 and you only learned this in a month you have done something wrong... Possible the second riff... Between each note you can hear there is an off.

The main riff is down-picked... Any guitarist in the world wouldn't argue that that is probably one of the fastest down-picking riffs ever... James Hetfield owns

To people who can "play" this song, clearly don't even know what their doing. They probably believe that the faster you play, the better you are. This WHOLE album in fact, is extremely hard too.

This song is 8 minutes 35 seconds long... Consists of 3 solos, the first one that james plays and the other 2 that kirk plays... The 2 kirk plays is extremely diffucult and I don't think without a guitar lesson you could've even play it half as good... And in a month... Yeah right ;) its very hard would vote this number 1 or 2, sure its harder than Eruption but that's only my opinion no offense everyone.

I've played guitar for years and still can't get this solo down

It's a very well put together song and its definitely worth learning

It took me 7 hours to learn the whole song and another 7 hours to memorize the whole song including the solos

Really the only hard part is accepting the fact this is on the top ten for hardest. it's a super easy song

Actually, this is learnable in a month. Not that hard to be honest with you. Just a ton of picking.

This song is fairly easy @all the people saying "BUT it should be number 1! " It's the first real megal song people learn and the downpicking sure is intimidating, but after a year of playing total you should be able to get this start to finish minus solos in a few weeks tops. Songs like holy wars you won't even be able to touch (play we'll for that matter) for at least 2 years.

This isn't even in the top 5 Metallica songs and the hardest is and always will be dyers eve

This song doesn't belong above Voodoo Child. It's the first song I learned, and it's not that hard. by the way, I've never had a lesson, and I only played for 1 year before learning the riffs in this.

The last part before the end is actually reversed by Hammett

You think this one is hard? Try dyers eve or seek and destroy.

This song is really easy. I learned it in 3 days when I was 12. - idrinknitrogen

Oh please. Children of Bodom are worse.

Awesome solos by Kirk and James

It's not that difficult I'm 13 and I can play it, just power chords and a fairly simple solo

Is this a joke? I was 14 when I learned this song.

How the hell is this hard on guitar. I learned this song when I was in grade 2 of Rockschool. I found it very easy. If you are looking for a hard Metallica song on guitar then I would go with Fade to black. It's much harder than master of puppets.