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181 The Last One Alive - Demon Hunter

Solo is short but fairly hard

182 Brain Damage - I Am Empire

It has a cool solo that looks sorta' difficult.

183 Rock You Like a Hurricane - The Scorpions
184 Speed Kills - Michael Angelo Batio
185 Wings of Liberty - Dragonforce

The solos at the beginning and the end are insane and the riffs are just as hard and fast as well. This song should at least be #4

186 Shepherd of Fire - Avenged Sevenfold

You can solo this song. You must basic because the song is solo very fast. The economy picking, D minor scale sweeping very fast.

187 The Game - Dragonforce

A very fast song that has insane solos in it.

188 Winter Madness - Wintersun

One of the hardest to play guitar solos of all time.

One of the hardest solos ever.

189 The Headmaster Ritual - The Smiths

Anything Marr does is difficult. To make a clean sound as good as his is miles harder than hiding behind distortion.

190 We Three Kings - Steve Ouimette

This song is joked as one of the hardest song ever. and for good reason

191 Indulgence by Proxy - Tourniquet V 1 Comment
192 Sea of Lies - Symphony X

Tapping at its best!

193 John 5 - Black Widow of la Porte

This is one of the hardest songs ever, trust me.

194 Clap - Yes

If you can play this whole song then your a expert - Sabbath

195 Ner Ner - Guthrie Govan

This song has it all: sweeping, shredding, jazz soloing, tapping, slide... This song contains jazz, blues, heavy metal and funk. Mastering one genre is one thing, but playing 4 in one song is just insane.

196 Go Insane - Lindsey Buckingham
197 Guitars Suck - Ron Thal

Fast, full of tapping, with an exotic sound and playing an unstable group of five notes per beat this song really shreds. And also has a fretless solo that is more relax than the rest of the song.

198 Brooklyn Steakhouse - Bumblefoot

This song is really weird, but the solo is totally crazy, full of shred, with a lot of sweep picking, tapping and thimble tapping. It also has a diminished sound.

199 Turn It Again - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The verse isn't hard but when he Castries on the chorus to the solo is hard. John fruaciante is a good player

200 (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Intro isn't too hard, but once you get deeper into the song it gets progressively more difficult.

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