Most Disappointing Albums of 2010

The Top Ten

1 My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber

God, I hate this guy/girl so much. I used to be able to tolerate him as just a bad singer, but now he's become a scumbag. He almost ran over a little girl recently!

It is so obvious that this is the worst... BABY BABY BABY OH! (GIRLY GIRLY TONE! )

2 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

Why is my world 2.0 here? This is the most disappointing albums, not worst. Now this album on the other hand, what happened linkin park, this album is a mess, muddy background music, boring music, the entire album was boring. - devincooper

Wow the album is pretty good, but the last three albums were AMAZING. There are like 5 song I like on this one, but on the others I liked every single one. So the fact that this album isn't completely awesome is a disappointment. - Atliens

new stuff by linkin park sukz I remember the days of papercut and in the end y can't they just do tht aggen

just not like their old stuff

3 Mousetrap Heart - Thirsty Merc
4 Recovery - Eminem

Eminem is more entertaing and a better rapper when he brought out his 1st few albums but then relapse, encore and recovery came along he turned into a mainstream rapper.

5 Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
6 Aphrodite - Kylie Minogue
7 Hands All Over - Maroon 5
8 B.o.B. Presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray - B.o.B.
9 Rokstarr - Taio Cruz
10 Replay - IYAZ
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