Most Disgusting Items You Can Buy On Amazon

The Top Ten Most Disgusting Items You Can Buy On Amazon

1 Party Pooper Fake Human Poop

Why would they put this on Amazon? People are disgusting these days- - MaxTheBorderCollie

I would buy this!

Ewww it looks real and disgusting and it's on a toilet. - andrewteel

Very disgusting. Who the HECK would buy this!?

2 One-Pound Fat Replica
3 Dirty Coffee Mug
4 Cherry-Filled Bleeding Gumball Eyes
5 Toilet Mug

I would buy that for my little brother - BlazingParasol

6 Crazy Cat Lady
7 Blood Bath Shower Gel

I would buy this

8 Bloody Banquet Brain in Meat Tray Prop

I would buy this. - AliciaMae

9 Cockroach Wall Decal
10 Bloody Shower Curtain

Looks like Norman Bates sold something on Amazon - RedAce66

That looks like My curtain

The Contenders

11 Sanjay and Craig Vol. 1


12 Dora the Explorer DVD
13 Kimmi Anime Love Doll

That infamous doll that Chris-Chan got.

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