Most Disgusting Things That Come Out of the Human Body.


The Top Ten

1 Poop

I am going to tell you now, poop is disgusting, and it smells horrid. Not only that, but it isn't pleasant to clean up.
I feel sorry for anyone who stumbles upon scat. - CandyPie

Ewww! And I'm pooping right now!


2 Vomit

Totaly disgusting! urine musnt be that disgusting if bear grylls drinks it hahaha. - dragon13304

I find vomit more disgusting than poop.

I'm very surprised that this isn't number two or three.

Yuck! - Userguy44

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3 Sperm Sperm

First time this came out of me I was like... DAFAQ!?!

That's really disgusting. I wouldn't want to see that come out. - PhilTheCorgi

Its discustg

4 Urine
5 Spit

I spit on the floor

6 Babies

The miracle of birth is nothing but creepy

The vag splits apart and a giant baby comes out of a tiny hole.

"Aww, congrats! It's a girl! "

7 Mucas
8 Blood
9 Guinea Worm

It is 1m long comes out a blister in ure foot takes a month to get out and is extremely painful

10 Pus

The Contenders

11 Ear Wax

Dirty ears = biggest pet peeve! Ew!

12 Teeth

They are if they're coming out of your mouth... Brush your teeth kids. - Cazaam

You need teeth to chew - RockStarr

Um teeth aren't disgusting ok so take that from the list.

13 Cysts
14 Ingrown Hair
15 Diarrhea

EWW! Don't even mention that.

16 Menstrual Blood
17 Kidney Stones

I've thankfully never had one but they can make a grown man scream and cry. - bobbythebrony

18 Sebum
19 Hair


20 Methane
21 Rheum
22 Plaque
23 Dandruff
24 Phlegm
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