Most Disgusting Things That Come Out of the Human Body.


The Top Ten

1 Poop

I am going to tell you now, poop is disgusting, and it smells horrid. Not only that, but it isn't pleasant to clean up.
I feel sorry for anyone who stumbles upon scat. - CandyPie

2 Vomit

Totaly disgusting! urine musnt be that disgusting if bear grylls drinks it hahaha. - dragon13304

I'm very surprised that this isn't number two or three.

I find vomit more disgusting than poop.

I’m surprised that this is not number one

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3 Sperm Sperm

First time this came out of me I was like... DAFAQ!?!

Its discustg

4 Urine
5 Spit

I spit on the floor

6 Babies

The miracle of birth is nothing but creepy

The vag splits apart and a giant baby comes out of a tiny hole.

"Aww, congrats! It's a girl! "

7 Mucas
8 Blood
9 Guinea Worm

It is 1m long comes out a blister in ure foot takes a month to get out and is extremely painful

10 Pus

The Contenders

11 Ear Wax

Dirty ears = biggest pet peeve! Ew!

12 Teeth

They are if they're coming out of your mouth... Brush your teeth kids. - Cazaam

You need teeth to chew - RockStarr

Um teeth aren't disgusting ok so take that from the list.

13 Cysts
14 Ingrown Hair
15 Kidney Stones

I've thankfully never had one but they can make a grown man scream and cry. - bobbythebrony

16 Diarrhea

EWW! Don't even mention that.

17 Menstrual Blood
18 Sebum
19 Hair


20 Methane
21 Rheum
22 Plaque
23 Dandruff
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