Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do

The Top 10 things people can do that are extremely disgusting.

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1 Rape

Talking disgusting gross, or disgusting evil/immoral? If it's the later then this gets my vote.

Rape is a HORRIBLE thing that NO ONE should ever have to go through...

Holy crap, this is so bad it's 100 times on this list. Which cruel disgusting person would even think about this?!? - SoloPotato

Horrible - Mranonymously

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2 Pick Up Poop and Eat It

People can die from it

I heard this can kill you... Still, it's very disgusting. - Powerfulgirl10

When I saw the first item,i thought this would be a serious list,then there was number 2 - DapperPickle

I remember seeing this list as a guest. - MaxAurelius

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3 Poo In Public

I can't believe it's really happened before. YUCK!

India, the government built 7 million toilets in the past few years. USE THEM! - KimJongFun

I just can't do this...when I poo, I like it private and quiet, as well as clean. Honestly, you're basically touching strangers' butts. And when people poo in public, they don't wash it! Seriously, who wants to walk around with poo in their pants and underwear? I don't know if it's just me, but I use a bidet. It's so gross when you only use a tissue to clean your buttocks but not water. EWW

At my school a kid pooped in the hallway and his friend recorded it, and they were in 8TH GRADE. - Popsicles

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4 Poo On Someone's Head

Okay nobody is going to poop on your head. - Catacorn

This list just got interesting.

All of these are really disgusting

We are not pigeons or seagulls right? - Userguy44

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5 Clean a Baby's Diaper

That is okay because baby's diaper needs change

They need it. But it's still gross. - Powerfulgirl10

Changing diapers is normal. It's only gross if they do it in public places or at the table in a restaurant when everyone else is eating (which happens often in Chinatowns everywhere, because Asians do it all the time. I have witnessed them myself.)

This looks normal for a mom/dad to change baby's diaper but it's also disgusting - ElSherlock

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6 Bite Your Toenails

Immune system

Does anyone know what in those things?!

I wasn't gonna eat today anyway - DubstepLover

This is what nervous people do...

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7 Eat Other People

Okay, that just seems wrong. Really, do you know what that is called? CANNIBALISM! Eating other people! Ugh, I can't stand it! And to think, its actually allowed! GROSS!

. Seriously, people are already doing this. In China, they are selling Baby Soup! Can you believe how Un-Human that is? Honestly, eating babies is REALLY gross. People like this deserve to be thrown into Jail!

The thought makes me lose weight... Yuck!

Canniballs ugh! - Userguy44

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8 Not Wash Their Hands When They Come Out of a Bathroom

I love when restaurant bathroom doors require you to push door open in order to exit. I hate when it is a pull and then the trash can for the paper towel I am holding is a mile away. I say toss that towel on the floor until they either rework the door or move the trash can. I can't tell you how many men I inadvertently/peripherally see leave a urinal and exit without washing their hands. I wish I had a megaphone and could announce, "May I have your attention this guy, who is now eating pizza (and has handed the cashier money for the pizza (That cashier will be handling YOUR food) didn't wash his hands! "

I know you can get sick if that person touches you then you could get pneumonia then you could possibly DIE

The amount of germs that collect on your hands as you use the bathroom is disgusting to think about. I've seen at least half a million people go to the bathroom without washing their hands afterwards. I despise it. Kids of a young age have got no excuse not to wash their hands; even I did when I was that age.

This is pretty yuk. But the thing is, the girl's always find time to brush their hair and check their make-up before leaving without washing their hands. Eww! - Britgirl

LOL that’s totally me!

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9 Scratch Their Butt Then Sniff Their Finger

That is not cool man one my freinds he's 15 used to do that when he was 7 in school

I love it not mean ing to do it though

That's gross who ever does that has issues

Dude, that is so so bad. I mean that is weird!

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10 Rape Children

People who rape children deserve to be put in prison for life. After all, they have ruined an innocent child's life forever. Nobody EVER fully recovers from rape.

Oh god, people do this? I mean, I thought humanity was pretty messed up before, but seriously? That child will be scarred for life! My god, people. - SansTheComic

Happened to me, as I said on number one. I was fifteen and was traumatized.

Number 10?! This entire site is sick. #1 child rape #2 put child rapeas #10 #3 eat non USDA organic food that has biosolids #4 do nasty stuff to people's food like put sperm in it.

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11 Smoke

I have asthma and smoke can give a asthma attack were I can't breathe and one time me and my brother were in a car without our mother in a parking lot with the windows open a little and two old ladies were smoking near us and the wind was carrying the smoke into the car I was in it smelled horrible I had to breathe under my shirt and try to my head out of the way my brother was shouting at the woman to stop smoking and saying his sister had asthma but they were too busy talking and smoking to care luckily after a while they drove away still smoking

It smells bad, tastes bad, it's bad for you and for those around you. It can kill you! Let's see, "is it smart to smoke"? No, IT'S DISGUSTING!

Ugh, I hate it whenever I come near people who pull out a cigarette and then smoke a huge fume to give everyone around them potential lung cancer carcinogens. It's one thing I hate about being around at my community college, since almost every day, despite it being a "tobacco-free campus", people can't bother to read the signs and just smoke anyway. I always have to try to hard to cover up my face with my shirt just so I don't breathe in the smoke or smell of it. I pray for the day the tobacco industry dies so me and everyone else won't have to put up with it anymore. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I still don’t get why people smoke. It has no benefits at all. - Userguy44

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12 Have Sex

I'm confused here. If you wanna have kids, you have to have sex. Then the next thing you know, health teachers are saying, "Oh, don't have sex! You could get HIV and AIDS! "

It's only bad if it's like abusing it or something, but it's just natural. I sound like a creep right now, but it's the truth. - Anonymousxcxc

I hate Sex Ed but I don't think sex should be here - BreakFastBeast2005

I dislike sex but we wouldn't exist without it - ElSherlock

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13 Like Justin Bieber

This is a pretty warped thing to do - even in the comfort and privacy of your own home! - Britgirl

I agree. He has the manner skills of a 2 year old, and is 100 times more famous, so that means we get to hear about it - SilviaCat

This is the lowest I've EVER seen Justin Bieber on a list - kaitlynrad11

He's one of many people who should just kill themselves... Or if he wants some redeeming qualities he could give all of his money away to charity, and then blow his brains out.

I hate justin bieber. so he can go suq madiq.

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14 Pick Their Nose

I hate when people say "Eww" when's someone picks their nose! Just because someone picks their nose doesn't mean they're gonna get boogers out! It can be like if they're scratching their nose because its itchy!

Seriously, I don't do this, but what IS wrong with it?

That is for babies

GET A TISSUE! - Catacorn

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15 Walk Around With Their Junk Hanging Out

Ew its just so disgusting! I how can anyone do that? In the public? I find it ABSURD

I agree it is disgusting people want to sleep great in the the night not have nightmares

No one does that in public

They should join a naturist club.

EWW! Nobody wants to see that! The thought of it makes me sick... - Powerfulgirl10

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16 Shake What They Have Too Much Of

Wats wrong with that...its k in Africa mwana...shake yo booty...

Hey just because you don’t have a booty doesn’t mean I can’t shake what god gave me bitch...🙏🏽🙏🏽 - Jada

17 Talk About Things They Know Nothing About

That annoys me so much.

I said "rape" once, and my sister keeps saying it yet she has no idea what it means. She and our neighbor were play-fighting, and she yelled, "HELP! I'M GETTING RAPED! " - Popsicles

Kinikyi...itima...i have to talk abt them mwaana

18 Scratch Themselves in Places that Don't Need to Be Scratched

EVERYWHERE, as the parent says, scratching will make it more itchy. - MaxAurelius

Cannot unthink

19 Stick Their Finger in Their Ear

If you need to scratch it, it's totally understandable.

Sticking your finger in your ear is not disgusting

It would be gross if you licked your finger afterward...

20 Fart In Your Face

This is for the person who said about baked bean torture: How could you be so cruel? You disgust me! I don't like you! That girl has feelings too! I Know how she must feel because I get picked on at school too!

There is this thing in our school called fart torturing all the boys gang up on a kid after eating baked beans you duct tape them aim your butt to their face and start farting. Almost everyday this girl is a victim. One day she started begging for mercy, and all the boys ate 5 cans of baked beans each and did it but she choked on the fart. Now, we have 5 cans of baked beans every meal and fart on her lol

These stories... - WonkeyDude98

That happened to me once.
I went to my boyfriend's house and suddenly he
Grabbed me and he sat on my face and my nose
And mouth was shoved into his butt. He started
Farting and I couldn't breathe and I begged him then
I fainted. And I start begging again and he hasn't wiped
His ass properly there was brown stuff on my face...

21 Film Dead Bodies and Upload It on YouTube

Logan paul 100%

22 Name Your Son Keith

Can someone please explain to me what the big deal is about Keith? Did Keith Lemon scare everyone away from the name? Was there a mass murdering cannibal named Keith Keithson? Please help me understand!

Keith! I can't believe you are a boy!

So gross it shouldn't be on list - Plantera

Really? Keith keithson the Keith is the weird

23 Squirt Milk Out of Their Eye

How can this be possible...? I've seen it on T.V. once... - Powerfulgirl10

This honestly amazes me. - SansTheComic


Why is sex even on this list?
Laugh out loud ok whatever. - MoldySock

24 Engage in Bestiality


25 Chew With Their Mouth Open

When I see people doing disgusts me a lot...I just turn my face away - Ananya

I hate that I end up just shutting people's mouths for the

God, everyone at lunch in my school does this. - Popsicles

My brother does this ew!

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26 Murder
27 Masturbating To Ponies

How is this possible? - Neonco31

These are cloppers and they are disgusting - Mranonymously

Are you sure you don’t mean PORNIES?

28 Join Isis

Isis must die.

At least this is cooler

Why would you do this? - Userguy44

Legend wait for it dary

29 Men Who Have Sex with Men

I hate these kinds of people who refer to gay and lesbians as "disgusting" and "inhuman." They just make me sick. Gay and lesbians have nothing less than straights. We are equal. - SansTheComic

I like to masturbate

Homophobic much - Jada

My opinion:

It is wrong to be gay

But it is also wrong to hate those who are gay

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30 Dance Like John Travolta

Who's him?

31 Duck Lips When You Take a Picture

They are dumb and retarded. End of story.

Foolish...dumbass thingy - Ananya


32 Go to a Justin Bieber concert and enjoy themselves

I went to a justin bieber concert and enjoyed myself like sure he may be a total douchebag but I like his music and that's what matters

33 Not Shower

I shower every night, so I'm not gross. But showers is DISGUSTING AS HECK!

I shower twice a day.
And not showering sounds gross in my opinion - MLPFan

People who don’t take showers but still baths are clean... - Skullkid755

34 Pee on a Toilet Seat

It's disgusting when you gotta go bad, but when you sit on the toilet it's covered in piss.

My school doesn't even have toilet seat covers, so you have to sit on the bare, wet porcelain... - NicholasYellow

That's why I don't actually sit on the seat when I use public bathrooms. - Powerfulgirl10

This was a daily problem for me in high school. - railfan99

35 Look at Other People's Private Parts

When me and my cousins were babies and toddlers and every time we attended a party all the guests would crowd around us and stare at our butts and private parts whenever we were getting our diaper changed. It was awkward,

Some People do do it though. - PatrickStar3

Disgusting bee hiveyr. you should be hung

How is this gross maybe it’s just me but I find the human fascinating and cool and I have no problem with looking at vagins or Penises it’s natural also this is some people’s jobs to look at vagina all day it’s called a Gynecologist it’s not gross. - Jada

36 Put on too Much Glitter

You think that disgusting? That, my friend is creepy because Nicki Minja, Lady Gaga and Snooki smear themselves with glitter all around their face and body! Do you think you wanna date a tramp like that?

Yup...that's ugly - Ananya

Thats for you little girls!

37 Ask You to Smell Their Finger

I totes absolutes hate when people do that.

I remember...Murr ( Impractical Jokers ) was told to take someone's fingers in his mouth and he said " tasted like subway "..EWW - Ananya

38 Not Eat Chicken

Some people can't have chicken because it's bad for them! Plus, you're eating other living things by eating a chicken, living things that are abused, slaughtered, and cooked! That's disgusting. I hope to be a vegetarian some day...

What's wrong with that?!? I have a great grandma who's a vegetarian!

What? Who would even add this? - Powerfulgirl10

I'm sorry that's so disgusting to eat a dead animal...

39 Make Out With a Goat

Sounds like something an ISIS terrorist would do

Please don't tell me people have actually done this... - Popsicles

Why would you even say som
Thing like that

40 Poop In a Diaper

Hello. There are people with diaper fetishes out there. And they wear diapers 24/7 and refuse to use the toilet like everyone else. And they say they love the way it feels when they soil their diapers (yuck sick people). I wish they didn't exist (diapers are for babies or people with bladder and bowel problems).

Try it and then decide. I love diapers!

Some adults do it because they have medical issues that they have no control over.

Babies and toddlers do this

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41 Have Sex In Public

You even got people doing it in the plane bathroom. I know from experience, and believe me, it's not pretty when you hear the people doing the do in there. - SansTheComic

Why would somebody do that? - RockFashionista

Straight outta a joshler fanfiction

42 Drink Blood

I tasted blood when my tooth came out, and that doesn't happen anymore! It stopped when I was 9 or 10! It's disgusting and makes my stomach hurt thinking about it - Puppytart

I've tasted blood before, but it came from my mouth, I SWEAR!

We don't find vampires nowadays...that's so unrealistic - Ananya

I suck the blood when I get paper cuts, am I weird?

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43 Picking/Eating your Scabs

That's disgusting. - Powerfulgirl10

Oh. - SansTheComic

44 Love Teen Titans Go

I love this show - Jada

Eww, that is plain disgusting!

What is the matter with you people?
Teen titans is a good show.
It doesn't mean people are disgusting if they like it

45 Be Homophobic

F whoever put this on here I'm bi you prat. - PatrickStar3

46 Try to Be Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris jokes/facts were everywhere my campout

47 Fart and Waft the Smell Towards Your Face
48 Stick Your Hand In Your Underwear

Ok in the privacy of your own home maybe.. But still then its gross! And never do this in public or I am definitely judging you. I don't care what your excuse is sorry.

When my cousins and I were little (pre-potty trained) our great aunt and great uncle would try to touch and look at our privates and make dirty and weird jokes about them, especially during family gatherings. We are Asian. This is very common if you are Asian, but it’s also extremely inappropriate.

49 Make This Top Ten List


Of course

This sud b number 1

50 Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie

Dumb ways to die reference - BattleForDreamIslandLists

Two weeks old? Really? - Turkeyasylum

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