Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do

The Top 10 things people can do that are extremely disgusting.

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21 Name Your Son Keith

Can someone please explain to me what the big deal is about Keith? Did Keith Lemon scare everyone away from the name? Was there a mass murdering cannibal named Keith Keithson? Please help me understand!

Keith! I can't believe you are a boy!

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22 Squirt Milk Out of Their Eye

How can this be possible...? I've seen it on T.V. once... - Powerfulgirl10

This honestly amazes me. - SansTheComic


Why is sex even on this list?
Laugh out loud ok whatever. - MoldySock

23 Dance Like John Travolta

Who's him?

24 Duck Lips When You Take a Picture

They are dumb and retarded. End of story.

Foolish...dumbass thingy - Ananya


25 Murder
26 Not Shower

I shower every night, so I'm not gross. But showers is DISGUSTING AS HECK!

I shower twice a day.
And not showering sounds gross in my opinion - MLPFan

People who don’t take showers but still baths are clean... - Skullkid755

27 Engage in Bestiality


28 Chew With Their Mouth Open

When I see people doing disgusts me a lot...I just turn my face away - Ananya

I hate that I end up just shutting people's mouths for the

God, everyone at lunch in my school does this. - Popsicles

My brother does this ew!

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29 Pee on a Toilet Seat

It's disgusting when you gotta go bad, but when you sit on the toilet it's covered in piss.

My school doesn't even have toilet seat covers, so you have to sit on the bare, wet porcelain... - NicholasYellow

That's why I don't actually sit on the seat when I use public bathrooms. - Powerfulgirl10

This was a daily problem for me in high school. - railfan99

30 Go to a Justin Bieber concert and enjoy themselves

I went to a justin bieber concert and enjoyed myself like sure he may be a total douchebag but I like his music and that's what matters

31 Men Who Have Sex with Men

I hate these kinds of people who refer to gay and lesbians as "disgusting" and "inhuman." They just make me sick. Gay and lesbians have nothing less than straights. We are equal. - SansTheComic

Th eone who put this here is more disgusting - Brxtney

My opinion:

It is wrong to be gay

But it is also wrong to hate those who are gay

32 Put on too Much Glitter

You think that disgusting? That, my friend is creepy because Nicki Minja, Lady Gaga and Snooki smear themselves with glitter all around their face and body! Do you think you wanna date a tramp like that?

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33 Ask You to Smell Their Finger

I totes absolutes hate when people do that.

I remember...Murr ( Impractical Jokers ) was told to take someone's fingers in his mouth and he said " tasted like subway "..EWW - Ananya

34 Make Out With a Goat

Sounds like something an ISIS terrorist would do

Please don't tell me people have actually done this... - Popsicles

Why would you even say som
Thing like that

35 Drink Blood

I tasted blood when my tooth came out, and that doesn't happen anymore! It stopped when I was 9 or 10! It's disgusting and makes my stomach hurt thinking about it - Puppytart

I've tasted blood before, but it came from my mouth, I SWEAR!

We don't find vampires nowadays...that's so unrealistic - Ananya

I suck the blood when I get paper cuts, am I weird?

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36 Picking/Eating your Scabs

That's disgusting. - Powerfulgirl10

Oh. - SansTheComic

37 Masturbating To Ponies

How is this possible? - Neonco31

38 Join Isis

Isis must die.

At least this is cooler

39 Look at Other People's Private Parts

Some People do do it though. - PatrickStar3

Disgusting bee hiveyr. you should be hung

40 Try to Be Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris jokes/facts were everywhere my campout

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