Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do

The Top 10 things people can do that are extremely disgusting.

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41 Not Eat Chicken

Some people can't have chicken because it's bad for them! Plus, you're eating other living things by eating a chicken, living things that are abused, slaughtered, and cooked! That's disgusting. I hope to be a vegetarian some day...

What's wrong with that?!? I have a great grandma who's a vegetarian!

I'm sorry that's so disgusting to eat a dead animal...

What? Who would even add this? - Powerfulgirl10

42 Stick Your Hand In Your Underwear

Ok in the privacy of your own home maybe.. But still then its gross! And never do this in public or I am definitely judging you. I don't care what your excuse is sorry.

When my cousins and I were little (pre-potty trained) our great aunt and great uncle would try to touch and look at our privates and make dirty and weird jokes about them, especially during family gatherings. We are Asian. This is very common if you are Asian, but it’s also extremely inappropriate.

43 Poop In a Diaper

Hello. There are people with diaper fetishes out there. And they wear diapers 24/7 and refuse to use the toilet like everyone else. And they say they love the way it feels when they soil their diapers (yuck sick people). I wish they didn't exist (diapers are for babies or people with bladder and bowel problems).

Try it and then decide. I love diapers!

Babies do that. And some people have diaper fetishes. - Powerfulgirl10

Babies and toddlers do this

44 Make This Top Ten List


Of course

This sud b number 1

45 Have Sex In Public

You even got people doing it in the plane bathroom. I know from experience, and believe me, it's not pretty when you hear the people doing the do in there. - SansTheComic

Why would somebody do that? - RockFashionista

Straight outta a joshler fanfiction

46 Love Teen Titans Go

Eww, that is plain disgusting!

What is the matter with you people?
Teen titans is a good show.
It doesn't mean people are disgusting if they like it

47 Be Homophobic

F whoever put this on here I'm bi you prat. - PatrickStar3

48 Fart and Waft the Smell Towards Your Face
49 Eat Your Own Phlegm
50 Kiss Rebecca Black
51 Perform Fellatio
52 Pretend Too Be An Alien

I don't understand this one


53 Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie

Dumb ways to die reference - BattleForDreamIslandLists

Two weeks old? Really? - Turkeyasylum

54 Watch 'The Splinter' SpongeBob Episode

I've watched it once that was enough - PatrickStar3

Worst Season 6 episode! - Powerfulgirl10


2 words: childhood ruined. - SansTheComic

55 Swallow One's Own Sperm

I don't even wanna know... - Powerfulgirl10

Own?...what?! - Ananya

Just why

56 Spit In Someone Else's Mouth

This is gross, should be in top 10

57 Give Yourself a Dutch Oven
58 Spit In Public Areas
59 Leave Their Retainer In Disgusting Places

At school this kid dropped his retainer on the dirty floor and put it back in his mouth. - Popsicles

It is gross and stupid.

60 Watch Pokemon

The pokemon games are very fun, but the pokemon anime is horrible. - GriffinDoge

Really? Pokemon is popular. Who added this? - Powerfulgirl10

Hey! - Popsicles

What the? - Neonco31

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