Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do


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61 Drink Blood

I've tasted blood before, but it came from my mouth, I SWEAR!

We don't find vampires nowadays...that's so unrealistic - Ananya

I suck the blood when I get paper cuts, am I weird?


62 Munging
63 Masturbate
64 Look up someone's skirt V 2 Comments
65 Eat Each Other's Vomit

I'm glad I haven't even touched a drop of vomit with my tongue. - Powerfulgirl10

Yes but my father did it


66 Go to a Justin Bieber concert and enjoy themselves

Why would someone do that JB is evil

67 Watch hentai

I didn't know what this was.

I thought it was the name of a show.

I typed in the word and…

you don't wanna know

68 Be Homophobic
69 Lick other people's feet
70 Pick Your Bellybutton
71 Blow Your Nose Without a Tissue
72 Have Bad Breath

My little brother has bad breath and he doesn't really care about it, but I think it's disgusting. - GriffinDoge

Brush your teeth for God's sake - Ananya

73 Have Rotten Teeth
74 Pee In the Shower

I never do this. - Powerfulgirl10

What's the problem with this?

It's gross and other people are going to use the same shower, especially your own family. - GriffinDoge

I do this like all the time

Then you're dumb, and gross...

75 Squeeze Water Out of Elephant Feces and Drink It

Wow. The creativity on this list is kind of concerning. - SansTheComic

As seen on Man vs Wild

76 Fart In a Jar

You got this from Sanjay and Craig, didn't you?

V 1 Comment
77 Pick the Crap Out from Under Your Nails and Eat It

I used to wait tables in a diner, and another waitress did this. Good reason to cook!

I almost just threw up! - NicholasYellow

I bite my nails, but I clean them out everyday… but just eating the stuff from underneath is SICK. Bleugh! XP

78 Throw Poop at People

It's gross as hell.

79 Make Perverted Jokes

Why do you think that's funny if you keep doing it every second

It's not even sexy or funny. I hate these jokes. - Powerfulgirl10

80 Love One Direction

If you agree with this, you do everything on this list. I've seen you do all of them, and I know you throw a lot of your own poop

I like One Direction, it's not bas bad as Justin BARFER.

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